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moreover (adv.) agh foast, as red elley, erskyn ooilley, foast, foastagh, harrish shen, lurg ooilley, marish shen as ooilley, myrchaagh, red elley jeh, tooilley elley, tooilley foast; ny-sodjey; sodjey; sodjey na shen; (ny) sodjey; (ny) sodjey na shen; marish shen

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tooilley elley moreover

tooilley foast moreover

marish shen as ooilley moreover, therewithal

agh foast moreover: agh foast cha jean-yms uss y yarrood Bible

lurg ooilley lastly, moreover, notwithstanding: As lurg ooilley ny t'er jeet orrin Bible

taught (v.) ynsit: Moreover, by them is thy servant taught - Lioroosyn myrgeddin ta dty harvaant ynsit Bible; dynsee: and taught it the children of Israel - as dynsee eh eh da cloan Israel Bible

as red elley furthermore, moreover: As red elley ta scanshoil, t'eh jeeaghyn dy vel ny paitchyn goaill soylley jeh'n "ghamman". Carn

erskyn ooilley besides, chiefly, moreover: harrish as erskyn ooilley ny ta mee er chiarail Bible

foast (=Ir. fós) besides, even, furthermore, hereafter, moreover, notwithstanding, still, thus far, too, yet: As duirree eh foast shiaght laa elley Bible

foastagh (=Ir. fós) moreover, still, yet: Foastagh, ta sidooryn currit gys Nerin dy yannoo cragh Carn

harrish shen furthermore, moreover; over that: cur harrish shen coodagh dy chraitnyn broc Bible; beyond that: Harrish shen ny va lowal da DF

marish shen moreover, therewith: Marish shen, doardee eh genney er y cheer Bible; apart from that, besides

myrchaagh also, in like manner, likewise, moreover, withal: as eisht tayrn er-gerrey myrchaagh mastey yn pobble. Bible

ny-sodjey further, furthermore, moreover: Shen-y-fa vrie ad jehn Chiarn ny sodjey, darragh y dooinney kionfenish. Bible

sodjey1 farthest, longest, anymore, any more, farther, further, furthermore, longer, moreover, no more: gys ny ardjyn sodjey magh jeh'n aer. Bible; utmost

sodjey2 (ny) anymore, any more, farther, furthermore, longer, moreover, no more: nee sluight Israel myrgeddin failleil nagh bee ad ny-sodjey ny ashoon kiongoyrt rhym son dy bragh. Bible

sodjey na shen (ny) further, moreover: as ny sodjey na shen, t'eh er chur lesh Ashoonee stiagh ayns y chiamble, as er vee-ooashlaghey yn ynnyd casherick shoh. Bible


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