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moon moddee toadstool

moon (n.) ben rein ny hoie, giallagh, goll sheear, ray, re; eayst: The moon is setting - Ta'n eayst goll er e dreeym. DF idiom; luan, lune

moon micturate, urine: Vel feme ayd jannoo moon? MasJ

Inexact matches:

crescent moon (n.) eayst cheyl, eayst eairkagh

full moon (n.) lane-eayst, mullagh eayst

half moon (n.) lieh-eayst

Harvest Moon (n.) Rehollys Vooar yn Ouyir, Eayst yn Ouyir

mock moon (n.) far-eayst

moon about (v.) (to); (dy) rouail mygeayrt

moon carrot (n.) carradje varrey

moon jellyfish (n.) gluddyr vreck, lubban breck

moon probe (n.) ronsag eayst

new moon (n.) eayst noa

November Moon (n.) Rehollys Vooar Cooyl Cleigh, Rehollys Vooar Cooyl Thie

October Moon (n.) Rehollys Vooar ny Gabbil

Saturday's moon (n.) eayst Harn

waxing moon (n.) eayst vishee

brasneyder moon diuretic

gorley moon (yn) gravel

jannoo moon micturate, micturition, piddle, piddling: Vel feme ayd jannoo moon? MasJ

moon folley haematuria; murrain

sollan moon sal ammoniac

between moon and sunlight eddyr y daa hollys

eclipse of the moon (n.) dooid ny heayst

last quarter of moon (n.) kerroo s'jerree ny heayst

quarter of moon (n.) kerroo eayst, lieh-eayst

set of the moon lhie ny heayst

micturate (v.) jannoo moon, mooin, mooiney, moon, mooney

lieh-eayst (f.) demilune, half moon; quarter of moon

diuretic (n.) brasneyder moon, moon-vrasnagh

haematuria (n.) moon folley

micturition (n.) jannoo moon; mooney

murrain (n.) moon folley; murran

piddle (v.) jannoo moon

piddling (v.) jannoo moon

toadstool (n.) moon moddee

eayst cheyl (f.) crescent moon

eayst eairkagh (f.) crescent moon

eayst Harn (f.) Saturday's moon

eayst vishee (f.) waxing moon

far-eayst (f.) mock moon

gluddyr vreck moon jellyfish

lane-eayst (f.) full moon

luan (fattened) lamb; loin; moon

lubban breck moon jellyfish

mullagh eayst full moon

re moon; re

ronsag eayst (f.) moon probe

moon-eye eayst-hooill cabbil

moon-eyed (adj.) eayst hooillagh

moon-worship (n.) ooashley ny heayst

urine (n.) feayl, mooin, moon, mooyn

ben rein ny hoie (f.) moon

eayst hooillagh moon-eyed

eayst-hooill cabbil (f.) moon-eye

Eayst yn Ouyir (f.) Harvest Moon

lune slander; moon [L. oratio]

moon-vrasnagh diuretic

ooashley ny heayst moon-worship

sal ammoniac (n.) cloraid ammoyniu, sollan moon

carradje varrey (f.) moon carrot, sea carrot

dooid ny heayst (=Ir. dubhad na gealishe) eclipse of the moon

eddyr y daa hollys between moon and sunlight

kerroo eayst (f.) First Quarter, quarter of moon

kerroo s'jerree ny heayst last quarter of moon

lhie ny heayst set of the moon

Rehollys Vooar Cooyl Cleigh (f.) November Moon

Rehollys Vooar Cooyl Thie (f.) November Moon

Rehollys Vooar ny Gabbil (f.) October Moon

Rehollys Vooar yn Ouyir (f.) Harvest Moon

crescent2 (of moon) eairkagh: Crescent moon - Eayst cheyl DF idiom

goll sheear go back, moon, sun; (of wind) wester; (stars) wester; (of ship) west

circle4 (sun or moon) bwoaillee: There is a circle round the moon - Ta bwoaillee er yn eayst. DF idiom

gravel1 (v.) cur garvel er, cur shillee er; (n.) garvel; geinnagh gharroo, shillee; treicknane; (yn) gorley moon

shall not give cha der: and the moon shall not give her light - as cha der yn eayst e soilshey Bible

shineth hoilshys; soilshean: Behold even to the moon, and it shineth not - Cur-jee my-ner eer yn eayst hene, as cha vel ee soilshean Bible

wane2 (v.) (moon) baarnaghey: The moon is on the wane - Ta'n eayst baarnaghey. DF idiom; goll ergooyl

eayst (=Ir. éasca, Sc.G. easga) (f.) 1 moon a: Hass y ghrian, as yn eayst ayns nyn ynnyd Bible; 2 lunar [O.Ir. ésca]

eayst noa new moon: Sheid-jee yn cayrn dy ard ec yn eayst noa Bible

giallagh (f.) 1 bleach, moon; 2 (v.) would grant a: Dy giallagh eh dooinyn, dy beagh shin er nyn livrey veih laueyn nyn noidyn Bible

ray See re, COMPARE eayst moon: cha der yn eayst magh e ray-sollys Bible [O.Ir. ]

rouail mygeayrt (dy); (to) moon about, wander: Shoh myr bynney lhieu dy rouail mygeayrt, cha gow ny cassyn oc fea Bible

full1 blubbagh, lhean; er croo; lane: Full of pep - Lane dy vree. DF idiom; lhieent: Keep the sail full - Freill ny shiauill lhieent. DF idiom; ec y vullagh: The moon is at the full - Ta'n eayst lane. DF idiom


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