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Mooinjer Messrs

mooinjer (=Ir. muintir) (f.) (pl -yn) entourage, family, folk, folks, inhabitants, kin, kinsfolk, meiny, people, relations, tribe: chuir eh e gheiney-mooinjer dy ghoaill beaghey Bible; servant, servants; farmhand; households

Inexact matches:

deiney mooinjer kinsmen: My ta deiney mooinjer ain, she bannaght ad veih Jee; as my ta noidjyn ain, tad slattyn ayns e laue dy smaghtagh shin, er-nonney dy chur orrin ve kiarailagh jeh nyn raai CS; cousins; friends

fer mooinjer follower

lught mooinjer retinue

mooinjer aegey minors: As dooyrt Moses, Nee mayd goll lesh nyn mooinjer aegey as shenn Bible

mooinjer by-liesh owners

mooinjer eiyrtyssee (f.) following

mooinjer folley (f.) blood relation

mooinjer imlee humble: Ver y vooinjer imlee tastey da shoh, as bee ad gennal Bible

mooinjer rheynn-reihys constituents

mooinjer thielagh (f.) household

niart mooinjer great many people

nyn mooinjer our relations: Nee mayd goll lesh nyn mooinjer aegey as shenn Bible

caarjyn as mooinjer kith and kin

cheer ny mooinjer veggey (f.) fairyland

fer mooinjer failley hired servant: ta boghill y keragh mei toyrt y anym erson ny geragh. ta yn fermuinjer fally, as eshyin nagh ree yn boghill y keragh (nagh mu ta ny kirri lesh heyn) fakkin yn vadiallty chiit, as fagael ny geragh, as chee PB1610

mooinjer ny cheerey (f.) country folk: Er-lesh mooinjer ny cheerey Skeerey Maghal as paart dy chummaltee Balley Rhumsaa Dhoor

mooinjer ny Gaelgey (f.) Gaelic speaker

mooinjer ny keylley (f.) Wood folk

mooinjer ny king veggey (f.) fairies

mooinjer ny mraane (f.) distaff

mooinjer ry heet (f.) posterity

mooinjer y chorp (f.) chief mourners

mooinjer y valley (f.) home folks; townspeople

mooinjer y varroo (f.) bereaved, chief mourners

Mooinjer Vooarey Laksey, Skyll Lonan as Skyll Maghal Laxey, Lonan and Maughold Hall of Fame

chief mourners (npl.) mooinjer y chorp; mooinjer y varroo

blood relation (n.) mooinjer folley

constituents (npl.) mooinjer rheynn-reihys

entourage (n.) mooinjer

farmhand (n.) mooinjer, obbree hallooin

folks (npl.) mooinjer

kin kynney; mooinjer; caardys

kinsfolk (n.) mooinjer, kynnee

kinsmen (npl.) deiney mooinjer, fir-vooinjerey

meiny (n.) mooinjer

Messrs (npl.) Mooinjer; Mrn.

our relations (npl.) nyn mooinjer

retinue (n.) lught mooinjer

country folk (npl.) mooinjer ny cheerey

fairyland (n.) cheer ny mooinjer veggey

follower (n.) eiyrtyssagh, fer mooinjer, guilley

great many people niart mooinjer

home folks (npl.) mooinjer y valley

townspeople (n.) covaljee; mooinjer y valley

Wood folk (npl.) mooinjer ny keylley

bereaved (n.) mooinjer y varroo; (v.) spooillit, spooillit jeh

folk (n.) feallagh, kynney, mooinjer, pobble, theayagh

humble2 (npl.) (the); (ny) himlee; sleih imlee, mooinjer imlee

kith and kin (npl.) caarjyn as mooinjer

minors (npl.) sleih fo eash; sleih aegey; mooinjer aegey

irrit risen: Mooinjer irrit Ullee. DF

distaff cheu ny mraane; mooinjer ny mraane; quiggal; (the); (yn) whuiggal

Gaelic speaker (n.) Gaelgeyr; lught ny Gaelgey; mooinjer ny Gaelgey

hired servant (n.) fer failt, fer mooinjer failley, fer ny faillee, sharvaant failley

risen irrit: The risen people of Ulster - Mooinjer irrit Ullee. DF idiom

cousins (npl.) deiney mooinjer: Your cousins are very tall - Ta ny deiney-vooinjerey eu feer liauyr. JJK idiom; sleih mooinjerey; cosanyn

family (n.) chymsaght, clein, kynnee, kynney, lhiannoo, lhoirran, mooinjer, sleih, sluight; lught thie: My sister is the tallest of our family - Ta'n chuyr aym y nane s'lhiurey jeh'n lught-thie ain. JJK idiom

following (n.) mooinjer eiyrtyssee, sleih eiyrit; (v.) lhiantyn: Following close behind - Lhiantyn faggys ny yei. DF idiom

friends (npl.) caarjyn: It is well for us to be friends - S'mie dy vel shin nyn gaarjyn. JJK idiom; deiney mooinjer

household (n.) chaaghlagh, mooinjer thielagh, thieys; lught thie: And Joseph nourished his father, and his brethren, and all his father's household - As ren Joseph magh e ayr, as e vraaraghyn, as ooilley lught-thie e ayrey Bible

households (npl.) thieysyn; mooinjer; lught-thieyn: and the family which the Lord shall take shall come by households - as yn kynney neen Chiarn y ghoaill, hig ad cordail rish ny lught-thieyn oc Bible

inhabitants (npl.) cummaltee: There are in this village one thousand -seven hundred inhabitants - Ta un thousane shiaght keead dy chummaltee ayns y valley-beg shoh. JJK idiom; ynnydee; dream, fir vaghee, mooinjer, sleih

Laxey, Lonan and Maughold Hall of Fame (n.) Mooinjer Vooarey Laksey, Skyll Lonan as Skyll Maghal

relations1 (npl.) mooinjer: My friends and relations are coming tonight - Ta my chaarjyn as my vooinjer cheet noght. DF idiom; sleih

servant (n.) geaman, shirveishagh, stuirt, fer-mooinjerey, mooinjer; sharvaant: Your most humble servant - Yn sharvaant s'imlee eu. JJK idiom

servants (npl.) mooinjer; sharvaantyn: The servants go to church in turn - Ta ny sharvaantyn goll dys y cheeill ayns shayll. JJK idiom

tribe (n.) kynney, mooinjer, tribe; eggys: He has a whole tribe of children - Ta slane eggys dy chloan echey. DF idiom; clein: These children form part of the tribe - Ta ny paitchyn shoh jeh'n chlein. DF idiom

Ulster (n.) cooat Ultagh; Ullee: The risen people of Ulster - Mooinjer irrit Ullee. DF idiom [Ir. Ulaidh]

almorys ignorance: t'ad gra dy vel y Ghailck bentyn rish ny ferrishyn, ny mooinjer veggey, rish obbeeys as almorys jeh ny laghyn t'er n'gholl shaghey Coraa

chionnal mooar host: Va chionnal mooar jeh mooinjer as caarjyn Douglas as Joyce kionfenish 'sy cheeill Coraa

cotteyryn cottagers: va'n cragh er ve speeideilagh erskyn credjue ayns wheesh as v'eh er hayrn arrey y teihll er yn aght voght v'er mooinjer Lioas, as er croiteyryn as cotteyryn er fud ny Gaeltaght. NNS

cur bee da victual: Va mooinjer daue cummal sheese y raad voish Creneash as ish cur bee da kayt ny naboonyn eck chouds v'ad er ny laghyn seyrey oc. Dhoor

currit mow destroyed, ruined: Bee inneen Egypt currit mow, bee ee livreit gys laue mooinjer y twoaie. Bible; demolished; desolate

gerjaghey cheering, consoling: ta dooinney gerjaghey eddin e ghooinney-mooinjer Bible; cherish, cheer up, comfort, console; solace

goll er oai progress, progression: Foddee shin gra dy vel goll-er-oai mie jeant ec mooinjer Vannin. Carn

nagh jinnagh wouldn't: son va sheshaght dy hidooryn oardrit dy reaylley e chorp, nagh jinnagh e gheiney mooinjer lhieu ersooyl eh CS

nee mayd shall we: As dooyrt Moses, Nee mayd goll lesh nyn mooinjer aegey as shenn; lesh nyn mee as nyn inneenyn Bible

Skeerey Maghal Maughold: Er-lesh mooinjer ny cheerey Skeerey Maghal as paart dy chummaltee Balley Rhumsaa dy nee Rachel Looney va keayrt dy row baghey marish yn dooinney eckish, Yuan, ayns skeerey maghal Dhoor

soilsheeney advertise: Agh, mannagh vod Mooinjer Veggey baarail tooilley argid son moylley as soilsheeney yn chooish eck, ynsaghey ny obbreeyn eck as croo stoo ynsee Gaelgagh er lheh cha jean obbyr Vooinjer Veggey bishaghey dy mie. Dhoor

tree feed sixty, threescore: Ec kione yn imbagh souree va ny smoo na tree feed paitchyn cheet gys Mooinjer Veggey, as kiare possanyn ain ayns Braddan, Balley Sallagh, Jorby as Purt Chiarn. Dhoor

vooinjer See mooinjer (yn); (the) family circle: Bannit ta'n vooinjer vyghinagh: son bee myghin er ny hoilshaghey daue. Bible

bloodthirsty (adj.) fuilltagh: depart from me, ye bloodthirsty - immee-jee ass menish, shiuish gheiney fuilltagh. Bible; fuillaghtagh; (npl.) deiney folley: The bloodthirsty hate the upright - Ta deiney folley as dwoaie oc er sleih ynrick Bible; mooinjer folley: nor my life with the bloodthirsty - ny my vioys marish y vooinjer folley Bible; (v.) paagh lurg fuill: and save me from the bloodthirsty - as saue mee veih ny deiney ta paagh lurg fuill Bible; jioogh son fuill

fairies (npl.) ad hene: He saw the fairies at the bridge - Honnick eh ad hene ec y droghad. DF idiom; cloan ny moyrn; ferrishyn: The fairies haunt that glen - Ta ferrishyn goaill 'sy ghlion shen. DF idiom; mooinjer ny king veggey; sleih beggey; (yn) vooinjer veggey

owners (npl.) shellooderyn; mooinjer by-liesh: the owners thereof said unto them, Why loose ye the colt? - dooyrt y vooinjer by-liesh eh roo, Cren-fa ta shiu feaysley yn lhiy? Bible; orroosyn by-liesh: or have caused the owners thereof to lose their l - ny er chur orroosyn by-liesh ve dy choayl nyn mioys Bible; mainshteryn: and what good is there to the owners thereof - as cren vondeish tec mainshteryn Bible

people (n.) ashoon; feallagh; feallee; kynney; mooinjer; pobble; sleih: I'm sure few people can have slept - Ta mee shickyr nagh vod monney sleih er chadley. JJK idiom; ashoonee; (v.) cur cummaltee ayn, cur sleih ayn; persoonyn: This bed has been slept in by many notable people - Ta ymmodee persoonyn ardghooagh chadley 'sy lhiabbee shoh. JJK idiom

posterity (n.) mooinjer ry heet; sliught; sheeloghe: That neither they nor any of their posterity should - Nagh b'lhiass edyr daue hene ny da veg jeh nyn heeloghe. DF idiom; sluight: He left a large posterity behind - Daag eh sluight mooar ny yei. DF idiom

laueys alacrity, elbow grease, skilfulness: Foddee sleih smooinaght dy heet er nyn doshiaght liorish y laueys oc hene, liorish cooney deiney-mooinjer, liorish ny daag nyn ayraghyn daue, agh cha jean ad shoh ooilley mie fegooish bannaght Yee CS; (speed) industry

ro vooar too big: Er y fa dy vel Mooinjer Veggey er n'aase ro vooar dooin ta gobbragh nastee da dy reayll rick er ta shalee noa ec y ving dy chur er bun startey slane-traa son oaseir vees cur cooney as ynsaghey Dhoor; too large


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