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mooin 1 about us a: hie ad dy chraidey mooin; 2 urine, micturate: Ta paart dy phaitchyn ayns Lunnin ta foast jannoo mooin sy lhiabbee er y fa dy row nyn ayraghyn as moiraghyn goit ayns mean ny hoi ec ny meoiryn-shee. Carn

Inexact matches:

er mooin mounted, piggyback, succession, upon: hug eh lesh eh er mooin chabbyl trooid straidyn yn ard-valley Bible

jannoo mooin piss, pissing, urinate, urinating: Ta paart dy phaitchyn ayns Lunnin ta foast jannoo mooin sy lhiabbee er y fa dy row nyn ayraghyn as moiraghyn goit ayns mean ny hoi ec ny meoiryn-shee. Carn

mooin cabbyl leapfrog: Dy chloie mooin cabbyl. DF

mooin chabbil marshwort

pioban mooin catheter

thie mooin urinal

yannoo mooin (dy); (to) make water, piss

cragh er mooin cragh disaster on disaster, double catastrophe

er mooin cabbyl on horseback: Jeirkee er mooin cabbyl. DF

er mooin y cheilley helter-skelter, pell-mell: Ta ny bleeantyn cheet er mooin y cheilley. DF

goll er mooin mount, mounting

jeirkee er mooin cabbyl newly rich

lheim er mooin mount

lheimyragh er mooin mount

markiagh er mooin piggy-back

mooin y cheilley thick and fast, upon each other: Ta ny bleeantyn cheet er mooin y cheilley. DF

mount (n.) cabbyl, slieau; crongan, cronk; shasstan; slieau: The Sermon on the Mount - Yn Sharmane er y Clieau. DF idiom; (v.) drappal; festal; goll er mooin: To mount a horse - Dy gholl er mooin cabbyl. DF idiom; goll seose, cur seose; lheim er mooin; lheimyragh er mooin; mooadaghey; soie

piss1 (n.) feayl, mooyn, shynnee; (v.) jannoo mooin, jannoo mooyn, mooyney; (to); (dy) yannoo mooin

mounted (v.) er mooin: They are mounted on one another - T'ad er mooin y cheilley. DF idiom

make water (v.) (to); (dy) jannoo mooin

marshwort (n.) mooin chabbil

on horseback er mooin cabbyl: and brought him on horseback through the street of the city - as hug eh lesh eh er mooin chabbyl trooid straidyn yn ard-valley Bible

piggyback er mooin

piss2 (v.) (to); (dy) jannoo mooin

urinating (v.) jannoo mooin; mooiney

about us mooin; mygeayrt-y-mooin: Now shall this company lick up all that are round about us - Nish neen cheshaght shoh sliee seose ooilley ny ta mygeayrt-y-mooin Bible

catheter (n.) pioban mooin, teaumane mooiney

leapfrog (n.) lheimyraght ghrommey, mooin cabbyl

pell-mell (adj., adv.) er mooin y cheilley

pissing (v.) jannoo mooin, jannoo mooyn

succession (n.) cheet, eiraght; (ny) yei y cheilley: Two years in succession - Daa vlein ny yei y cheilley DF idiom; eiyrtyssaght; er mooin: They had a succession of victories - Va barriaght er mooin barriaght oc. DF idiom; er shayll y cheilley: In rapid succession - Dy chionn er shayll y cheilley. DF idiom

urinate (v.) jannoo mooin, mooiney, mooney

urine (n.) feayl, mooin, moon, mooyn

mygeayrt-y-mooin about us

disaster on disaster cragh er mooin cragh

double catastrophe (n.) cragh er mooin cragh

helter-skelter er mooin y cheilley; lane shilleyree; toor-skyrraghtyn

micturate (v.) jannoo moon, mooin, mooiney, moon, mooney

mounting (v.) goll er mooin; goll seose; soiaghey; soie

newly rich jeirkee er mooin cabbyl

piggy-back markiagh drommey; markiagh er mooin

thick and fast mooin y cheilley

upon each other mooin y cheilley

urinal (n.) boayl mooiney, feaylagh, thie mooin

catastrophe (n.) cragh: Catastrophe on catastrophe - Cragh er mooin cragh. DF idiom

disaster (n.) cragh: Disaster on disaster - Cragh er mooin cragh. DF idiom; craght, drogh-haghyrt, traartys

upon (prep.) er: He relies upon that - T'eh croghey er shen. JJK idiom; er mooin; dar

brisht stiagh baptized with fire: scolt ad hene lesh lhieggey er nyn mooin, ad broojit fo; nyn armyn creoi cur guin, torchagh as pian, myr v'ad brisht stiagh ayndoo lesh trimmid wooar PC

glish (f.) stream; (npl.) locks: Haink paart jeu er mooin cabbyl gymmyrkey nyn shenn gunnyn glish aileagh. Carn

gyn scapail unescaped: bwooishal ny cruink as sleityn roie v'ad fo ve er nyn mooin reesht, 's gyn scapail voue bio. PC

maidjey raue oar: Myr shen beign dooin goaill maidjey raue ayns ny laueyn ain as gymmyrt daa veeilley dys y phurt, baatyn beg as y baatey sauailagh mygeayrt y mooin. GK

reeast moor, upland, wasteland: Chur ad shiaght sheghyn glassey As shiaght kiapan keylley (kiapan fuyghagh) As shiaght trieyn jeh thalloo-reeast Er mooin shleayst Finn. Coraa

scolt pl. scoltaghyn cleft, rent; split: heaum ad dagh errey v'orroo sheese er laare, as scolt ad hene lesh lhieggey er nyn mooin PC

lhieenagh abounding, exuberant, pervasive; would fill: verragh ad daa vhurlin er-mooin y chabbil as lhieenagh ad ad lesh moain as harragh ad dy valley er cassan elley Dhoor


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