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mooie (=Ir. amuigh) abroad, non-resident, offshore; exterior, external, extraneous, out, outboard, outdoors, outer, outward; without: v'eh mooie ayns ynnydyn faasagh Bible; outstanding, owing

Inexact matches:

broo mooie external pressure

cadley mooie sleep out

coodagh mooie outer cover

cooney mooie overseas aid

Corony Mooie Outer Mill Glen

cur mooie bed out

Curragh Mooie Outer Marsh

eaddagh mooie outer garments

Eary Mooie Outer Shieling

faagail mooie exclude, leave out: shenyfa quei erbi ta shassu ny-oi poer t'e shassu ny' oi ordyghey iih: agh aydsyn ta shassu nyoi, iieu ayd gau heyn fagael mui. PB1610; condemn; damnation, condemnation

faagit mooie indicted by grand jury: myr deiney faagit mooie son baase Bible

Faaie Mooie Outer Flat

garmad mooie top garment

giattyn mooie outer gates

gooyn mooie mantua

greeishyn mooie (f.) external staircase, perron

jeight mooie locked out, shut out

Lhaggagh Mooie Outer Hollow

Liargee Mooie Outer Slope

lieh-chooylee mooie fly half

lieh mooie outwards

Magher Mooie Outer Field

Magheryn Mooie Outer Fields

markiagh mooie outrider

obbree mooie outside worker, outworker

oirr mooie outer edge: As hug eh jeih loobyn as da-eed rish oirr mooie ny curtanyn, raad v'ad dy heet dy cheilley Bible

Pairk Mooie Outer Pasture

pohlldal mooie overseas aid

Reeast Mooie Outer Waste

shassoo mooie stand without: ta dty voir as dty vraaraghyn nyn shassoo mooie, shirrey loayrt rhyt. Bible

sodjey mooie outermost: ta ny ardjyn sodjey mooie jeh'n theihll er vakin saualtys y Jee ain Bible

tannee mooie stay out

thie mooie outhouse

ushylagh mooie exoskeleton

ynnyd mooie location

beeal ny cleayshey mooie concha

Bee Greddit Mooie BBQ

cheu-mooie jeh'n churriglym extra-curricular

eean y ghob jiarg mooie frosty

er cheu mooie objective; without: Agh hass Peddyr ec y dorrys er cheu mooie Bible

er y cheu mooie externally, outwardly; outward: Yn soiaghey magh eu ayns nyn goamrey ny lhig da ve shen er y cheu-mooie jeh fee yn folt Bible

er ynnyd mooie on location

lhie mooie jeh (dy); (to) bear off: Dy lhie mooie jeh'n thalloo. DF

mooie fo'n aer alfresco, open-air: Dy chloie mooie fo'n aer. DF

mooie fo'n speyr open-air

mooie ry cheilley at variance

tannaghtyn cheu mooie jeh sit out

ynnyd argidoil mooie offshore financial centre

Feailley Valley Chashtal Lhongey Mooie sy Phairk Castletown Festival Picnic in the Park

sheshaght-ghellal veih cheu-mooie jeh'n Ellan (f.) non-resident company

open-air mooie fo'n aer; mooie fo'n speyr

overseas aid (n.) cooney mooie; pohlldal mooie

outer (n.) mooie: The outer gates - Ny giattyn mooie. DF idiom

exterior (n., adj.) cheumooie: On the exterior - Er y cheu mooie. DF idiom; çheu-astan; mooie

owing lhiastyn; lhiastynagh; mooie: All the money owing to me - Ooilley'n argid ta mooie aym. DF idiom

BBQ (n.) Bee Greddit Mooie

condemnation (n.) deyrey; faagail mooie

exoskeleton (n.) ushylagh mooie

external (adj.) mooie

external pressure (n.) broo mooie

external staircase (n.) greeishyn mooie

extraneous (adj.) mooie; neughooie

fly half (n.) lieh-chooylee mooie

frosty (adj.) feayr; eean y ghob jiarg mooie: It's frosty today - Ta eean y ghob jiarg mooie jiu. DF idiom; rioeeagh: Frosty weather - Emshir rioeeagh. DF idiom

locked out (v.) jeight mooie

mantua (n.) gooyn mooie

non-resident mooie, neuvaghee

outer cover coodagh mooie

outer edge (n.) oirr mooie

Outer Field (n.) Magher Mooie

Outer Fields (npl.) Magheryn Mooie

Outer Flat (n.) Faaie Mooie

outer garments (npl.) eaddagh mooie

outer gates (npl.) giattyn mooie

Outer Hollow (n.) Lhaggagh Mooie

Outer Marsh (n.) Curragh Mooie

Outer Pasture (n.) Pairk Mooie

Outer Shieling (n.) Eary Mooie

Outer Slope (n.) Liargee Mooie

Outer Waste (n.) Reeast Mooie

outrider (n.) markiagh mooie

outside worker (n.) obbree mooie

outward (adj., adv.) cadjin-foshlit; er y cheu mooie; magh: The outward and homeward voyages - Yn turrys magh as yn turrys dy valley. DF idiom; mooie

outwards (adv.) magh; lieh mooie

outworker (n.) obbree mooie

perron (n.) greeishyn mooie

sleep out cadley mooie

stand without (v.) shassoo mooie: it is a time of much rain, and we are not able to stand without - tan emshyr feer fliugh, as cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie Bible

stay out tannee mooie

top garment (n.) garmad mooie

externally (adj.) er y cheu mooie

extra-curricular (adj.) cheu-mooie jeh'n churriglym

foreign-produced mooie-jeant

location1 (n.) boayl, ynnyd, ynnyd mooie

on location er ynnyd mooie

out ass: Out of the frying pan into the fire - Ass y phanney ayns yn aile. JJK idiom; magh: I shall go out before he comes back - He'm magh my jig eh er-ash. JJK idiom; mooie: It's not quite out - Cha nel eh dy-slane mooie. JJK idiom

outdoors (n., adv.) fo'n aer; magh; mooie

Outer Mill Glen (n.) Corony Mooie

outermost (adj.) sodjey magh; sodjey mooie

outhouse (n.) boalane; bwaane; thie mooie

outpatient (n.) mooie-hurransagh, surransagh-mooie

outstanding (adj.) ard-yindyssagh, gyn eeck, mooie

outwardly (adv.) er y cheu mooie

outwit (v.) mooie-cheeaylley

outwitting (v.) mooie-cheeaylley

lhongey-mooie picnic

mooie-cheeaylley outwit, outwitting

mooie-chreeys melancholy

mooie-hurransagh outpatient

mooie-jeant foreign-produced

surransagh-mooie outpatient

alfresco (adj., adv.) cheumooie; fo'n speyr; mooie fo'n aer

at variance (adj.) fud y cheilley; mooie ry cheilley

bear off (v.) (to); (dy) lhie mooie jeh; ymmyrkey ersooyl

bed out (v.) cur mooie, soiaghey magh

concha (n.) beeal ny cleayshey mooie, cruinnaghan

condemn (v.) deyrey, jannoo beg jeh; faagail mooie; (y) gheyrey

indicted by grand jury faagit mooie

objective cassagh; dean; er cheu mooie

offshore financial centre (n.) ynnyd argidoil mooie

outboard (adj.) cheumooie; harrish boayrd; magh; mooie

shut out (v.) jeigh magh; jeight mooie

Castletown Festival Picnic in the Park (n.) Feailley Valley Chashtal Lhongey Mooie sy Phairk

exclude (v.) dooin magh; dooney magh; faagail mooie; giarrey magh; jiooldey

gates (npl.) dorryssyn; giattyn: The outer gates - Ny giattyn mooie. DF idiom

leave out (v.) faagail ass yn earroo, faagail magh, faagail mooie, jarrood

non-resident company sheshaght-ghellal veih cheu-mooie jeh'n Ellan

offshore (adj., adv.) er yn aarkey vooar, harrish y cheayn, mooie

sit out (v.) tannaghtyn cheu mooie jeh, tannee gys yn jerrey jeh

fow (=Ir. faigh) find; get: Fow aarloo dty obbyr mooie Bible

sauaillagh (n.) rescuer; (adj.) salvable, saving: Va baatey sauaillagh Phurt le Moirrey mooie riyr DF

yoin I should find: tra yoin oo mooie, yinnin oo y phaagey Bible

abroad (adv.) ass y cheer: He went abroad - Hie eh ass y cheer. DF idiom; gy lhean, dy lhean; mooie; er lheead

cinema (n.) kinemey, scannaneaght; thie jalloo: Line up for the cinema - Famman y yannoo cheu mooie jeh'n thie jalloo. DF idiom; thie scannane; thie-fillym

damnation (n.) coayl, coayl anmey, deyrey, miolaghey, toyrt-mow; faagail mooie; mollaght mynney: Damnation on thee! - Mollaght mynney ort! DF idiom

I should find yoin: when I should find thee without - tra yoin oo mooie Bible

lifeboat (n.) baatey lhuingey, baatey sauchys; baatey sauaillagh: Port St Mary lifeboat was out last night - Va baatey sauaillagh Phurt le Moirrey mooie riyr. DF idiom

picnic (v.) ee fo'n aer, picnical; (n.) lhongey fo'n speyr, picnic; lhongey-mooie

quite (adv.) dy bollagh; dy slane; ooilley-cooidjagh: It's not quite out - Cha nel eh dy-slane mooie. JJK idiom

riding markiaghey; markiaght: He has a horse for riding - Ta cabbyl chum markiaght echey. DF idiom; markiagh: I was out riding - Va mee mooie markiagh. DF idiom

abyl (=Ir. ábalta) able: cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie Bible; able-bodied, adroit, businesslike, capable, powerful, slick, smart: mysh shey cheead thousane coshee va deiney abyl, cheu-mooie jeh cloan. Bible

bleaysteyder detonator, shot firer: dooyrt nane dy row bleaysteyderyn echey as va fer elley faagit mooie er y fa dy row bleaysteyderyn echey. Carn

bleaysteyderyn bombs: dooyrt nane dy row bleaysteyderyn echey as va fer elley faagit mooie er y fa dy row bleaysteyderyn echey. Carn

brahder betrayer, detector, informer, traitor: Foddee lhott ver ny lheihys lesh shelliu, as lurg trodjey hig coardail: agh ta brahder folliaghtyn faagit mooie. Apoc

cagliaghyn borders: As dy vow'n cooilleeneyder-folley eh, cheu-mooie jeh cagliaghyn yn ard-valley dy hauchys Bible

chour (ny) for him: nish va Haman er jeet gys y chooyrt mooie jeh thie yn ree, dy loayrt rish y ree, son Mordecai dy ve croghit er y chriy v'eh er chiarail ny chour. Bible

Cooney Creestee Christian Aid: Y Stiureyder jeh Cooney Creestee, y Dr Daleep Mukarji, t'eh gra yn un red as George Waft, Oltey jeh'n Choonseil Slattyssagh, y Caairliagh jeh Bing Cooney Mooie yn Ellan BS

cooneyder adjutant, assistant, help: son cha row couyr erbee faagit sthie ny mooie, ny cooneyder son Israel Bible

doagan firebrand, torch: Va Mnr Jumbo ny hassoo cheu-mooie jeh'n thie echey, cummal doagan. Dhoor

Europey (f.) (Yn); (The) Continent; Europe: Er-lhiams nagh vel monney sleih fei-ny-Europey smooinaghtyn dy vel ardveenid erbee cheu mooie jeh nyn jeeraghyn hene Carn

faggys da (=Ir. fogas) almost, close, contiguous, handy, near, nearby, neighbouring: faagit mooie, as faggys da mollaght Bible; close to [OIr. ocus]

feer fliugh sodden, very wet: Agh ta'n pobble ymmodee, as ta'n emshyr feer fliugh, as cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie Bible

ferrish pl. ferrishyn elf, fairy: "Jee bannee mee," dooyrt eh, "she ny ferrishyn va mooie riyr as she ferrish mie va my yeih." GB; naughty child; hand-steel

fir-obbee sorcerers, wizards: Son cheu-mooie ta moddee, as fir-obbee, as maarderee, as dunveryn Bible

freayll arrey er 1 chaperon; 2 tend a: Nish vayns y cheer cheddin bochilley mooie er y vagher freayll arrey er nyn shioltaneynsyn oie Bible; 3 watch a: nee leopard freayll arrey er ny ard-valjyn oc Bible

freayll sheese keep down: agh ta fys ain er un red, bee curnaght voish ny cheernyn mooie lieeney stiagh orrin, as freayll sheese price yn arroo myr boallagh eh. Dhoor

gansee jersey, jumper, pullover, sweater: Ta cheu-sthie y gansee cheu-mooie MasJ

gimmagh (=Ir. giomach) lobster: Gimmagh, breck as raun. DF; cry out: tra v'eh mooie cheayll eh red ennagh lesh coraa vooar gimmagh syn oie, ''Ga-how." GB

glackanyn brakes: Haink daa ghleashtan ren scuirr cheu-mooie lesh glackanyn ren screeagh. SF

gollish exudation, perspire, sweat, sweating: ayns traa cooie va shin goaill bine dy lhune losserey cheu mooie thie-thooit 'sy valley beg Cregneash son va chiass mie ayn as va shin gollish lurg yn laboraght ain. MB

goll stiagh ayn enter, penetrate: Cha vel nhee erbee veih cheu-mooie jeh dooinney, oddys goll stiagh ayn Bible

louraanee lepers: As va kiare louraanee cheu-mooie jeh giat yn ard-valley Bible

obbyr laa (f.) day labour: Agh ta'n pobble ymmodee, as ta'n emshyr feer fliugh, as cha vel shin abyl shassoo mooie, chamoo ta shoh obbyr laa ny jees, son ta shin ymmodee t'er ny ve kyndagh 'sy chooish shoh. Bible

oirr (=Ir. oir) (m., f.) pl. oirryn border, brim, brink, butt, edge, edging, end, ledge, margin, rim, verge: hug eh jeih loobyn as da-eed rish oirr mooie ny curtanyn Bible [L. ora]

pick (=Ir. pic) (f.) asphalt; pitch: slaa eh cheu-sthie as cheu-mooie lesh pick. Bible

plank plank: va plankyn chiu er eddin y phorch er cheu-mooie Bible

plankyn planks: va plankyn chiu er eddin y phorch er cheu-mooie Bible

prentit printed: Ta'n chied lioaran veg padjeryn, prentit ayns Baarle, as jeant ymmyd jeh dy-lhean cheu mooie yn aspickys. Coraa

pyshagey miaow: Ny s'anmagh er yn oie shen, cheayl ad kayt pyshagey çheu-mooie jeh'n dorrys dooint. CL

rouailtagh itinerant, nomad, ranger, roamer, rover, stroller, wanderer: As hooar yn chenn rouailtagh, ny-cheayrtyn, oaie ny s'cooie: Cha nee ayns lhiaght fo-halloo ve, agh heese 'syn aarkey mooie. Coraa; roaming, wandering, roving; nomadic

sanmagh (ny) later: Ny sanmagh er yn oie shen, cheayl ad kayt pyshagey çheu-mooie jehn dorrys dooint.

shual prosecute, sue: Vrish nane jeu shoh e raane, va nane er ny heyrey lesh coardailys y lught- shual, dooyrt nane dy row bleaysteyderyn echey as va fer elley faagit mooie er y fa dy row bleaysteyderyn echey. Carn

Skyll Vreeshey Bride: Ta'n aghin noi 'n Rheynn Arraghey as ad cur kied tarchuirreyder y hroggal queig kilomeadar mooie veih'n clyst-marrey ec Skyll Vreeshey. BS

skyoll (f.) abundance, flourish, large quantity, lot; shoal: Hooar ad skyoll dy skeddan riyr mooie jeh'n Gheaylin. DF

sleaydit dragged, drawn, dredged, sledged, trailed: sleaydit as tilgit magh cheu-mooie jeh giattyn Yerusalem Bible

Syrian Syrian: cha row fer jeu er ny ghlenney, cheu-mooie jeh Naaman yn Syrian Bible

trait beached, neaped: Geayll oo jehn lhong va trait laa chaiee mooie jeh kione Yerby? Dhoor

voalley 1 wall a: nee voalley yn ard-valley tuittym sheese kiart Bible; 2 battlement a: Tra tou troggal thie noa, eisht nee oo voalley rish oirr mooie y chione Bible

helper (n.) cooneyder: for there was not any shut up, nor any left, nor any helper for Israel - son cha row couyr erbee faagit sthie ny mooie, ny cooneyder son Israel Bible; fer coonee: for thou art the helper of the friendless - son uss yn fer-coonee ocsyn ta gyn caarjyn Bible; fer cooyl duirn

lot lab, lansh; cronchor, cronney; cuht; ronney, cron; lot: The whole bag of tricks - Yn clane job-lot. DF idiom; ram: He has a lot of money - Ta ram argid echey. DF idiom; mooarane: The engine consumes a lot of oil - Ta'n greie ceau mooarane ooill. DF idiom; lane: There is a lot lost between the hand and the mouth - Ta lane caillit eddyr y laue as y veeal. DF idiom; skyoll: They got a lot of herring last night off the Shoulder - Hooar ad skyoll dy skeddan riyr mooie jeh'n Gheaylin. DF idiom

melancholy ailley; chingys ny trommys; dooghid; douyrid; gorley doo; groamid; grooid; grouwid; lhieenys doo; lionn doo; mellid chree; merginagh; merginaght; mooie-chreeys; sheer-hreih; sogh-chreeagh; trome-yien; trommys

rests (npl.) lhiaghtyn: for without in the wall of the house he made narrowed rests round about - son cheu-mooie ayns voalleyn thie ren eh lhiaghtyn coon ooilley mygeayrt, Bible

without1 (prep.) gyn eie er; fegooish: It is better to go to bed without supper than to rise in debt - Share goll dy lhie fegooish shibber na g'irree ayns lhiastynys. JJK idiom; dyn, gyn: She went away without seeing anybody - Hie ee roee dyn jeeaghyn pagh erbee. JJK idiom; cheumooie, mooie: This church isn't very striking outside - Cha nel y cheeill shoh feer yindyssagh cheumooie. JJK idiom

ard-oaseiryn chief officers: Cheu-mooie jeh ard-oaseiryn Solomon va harrish yn obbyr, three thousaneyn as three cheead, va reill harrish yn pobble va laboraghsyn obbyr Bible

bink (f.) pl. binkyn COMPARE beck bench, base: Eisht hie eh cheu-mooie gys y bink, as hrog eh yn clagh va ny choodey. Coraa

boayl glen 1 clearing in forest; 2 clean place a: ver eh lesh magh y leoie cheu-mooie jehn champ, gys boayl glen. Bible

cheumooie jeh besides, save, except for: nagh row baatey erbee elley ayns shen, cheu-mooie jeh'n un vaatey shen va ny ostyllyn er n'ghoaill Bible

Daa Raad Two Roads: As hie ad rhymboo, as hooar ad y lhiy kianlt cheu-mooie jeh'n dorrys, ayns boayl va daa raad cheet dy cheilley: as deayshil ad ee. Bible

feill y dow flesh of the bullock: Agh feill y dow, as e heh, as e eoylley, nee oo lostey lesh aile cheu-mooie jeh'n champ; te ny oural-peccah. Bible

geginaghey urge, urging: Whilleen as ta shirrey dy hoilshaghey ad-hene er cheu-mooie liorish cowrey ny foalley, t'ad geginaghey shiu dy ve er ny ghiarey-chymmylt Bible

gollroo like them: Uss ynrycan oddys ad 'chionnagh reesht, gow'n eill oc ort hene, as nyn nooghys neesht, dy bee-oo gollroo dty ghooinney ayns dagh nhee cheu-mooie jeh peccah, nagh vod ve ayns Jee. PC

lane dy attended with; filled with: Smerg diu scrudeyryn as Phariseeyn, chrauee-oalsey: son ta shiu glenney yn cappan as y claare er cheu-mooie, agh cheu sthie t'ad lane dy hranlaase as dy neu-heeltys. Bible; fraught

lhiaghtyn beds: Hed eshyn roish ayns shee: bee ad ec fea ayns nyn lhiaghtyn Bible; couches; rests: son cheu-mooie ayns voalleyn thie ren eh lhiaghtyn coon ooilley mygeayrt Bible; sepulchres: d'oanluck ad eh ayns ard-valley Ghavid: agh cha nee ayns ny lhiaghtyn reeoil. Bible

roomyn rooms: Trog dhyt arg jeh fuygh Gopher: roomyn nee oo y yannoo ayns yn arg, as slaa eh cheu-sthie as cheu-mooie lesh pick. Bible

sollaghey as kionnaghey bribery and corruption: cur er sleih çheu-mooie jeh'n Ellan vees lhaih cur-magh y Chommeeys Celtiagh dy chredjal dy vel prowalys jeh sollaghey as kionnaghey er ny eddyn, as cha nel shen kiart. BS

sonsheraght (v.) speak under breath, susurrate, whisper; (f.) whispering: aghterbee, choud's va shin nyn shassoo ayns shen cheayll shin sonsheraght cheet veih cheu-mooie y chenn thie-chabbyl va eddyr y thie-cheirdey Louis Corkill, ny ghaaue-dhoo, as yn oik Yimmy Clague, marchan-geayllyn. Coraa


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