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mooaralys (f.) ambition, arrogance, boastfulness, dignity, haughtiness, ostentation, pomp, uppishness, vainness, vanity: Ta dwoaie aym er mooaralys Yacob Bible; lordliness

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gyn mooaralys unpretentious

boastfulness (n.) boggys; boggysaght; mooaralys

ostentation (n.) erreayrt; mooaralys

uppishness (n.) mooaralys

arrogance (n.) ard-wannalys; kione-ardys; mooaralys; sonnaase

lordliness (n.) chiarnid; chiarnoilid; chiarnoilys; mooaralys

vainness (n.) fardailys, fardail, stroinneeishaght, mooaralys

pomp (n.) mooaralys, moyrn, ard-voyrn, stayd, staydoilaght, staydoilys

unpretentious (adj.) fastagh, feeudagh, gyn mooaralys, gyn ro-aggyrtys, neuvooaralagh

haughtiness (n.) ard-oaie; ard-wannalys; kione-ardys; mooaralaght; mooaralys; sonaase; stroineeishid; sturd

currit sheese downed; brought down: bee mooaralys deiney currit sheese dy injil Bible

moyrnee (the) proud: t'eh er skeayley ny moyrnee ayns mooaralys nyn greeaghyn. Bible

ambition (n.) gloyrvian: My soul, your ambition, his humour - M'annym, dty ghloyr-vian, e aittys. JJK idiom; mooaralys, sonaase

shall spoil spooillee: and they shall spoil the pomp of Egypt - as spooillee ad mooaralys Egypt Bible

vanity (n.) corvian, fardalagh, fardailys, fardalys, mooaralaght, mooaralys; fardail: All is vanity - Ta dagh ooilley nhee fardail. DF idiom

cooyl-chassid (f.) backbite, slander, traducement: er-aggle dy bee ny vud eu anvea, troo, jymmoose, streeu, cooyl-chassid, tutleraght, mooaralys, irree-magh Bible

tutleraght (f.) gossiping, natter, nattering, slander, talebearing, talkativeness, tittle-tattle: er-aggle dy bee ny vud eu anvea, troo, jymmoose, streeu, cooyl-chassid, tutleraght, mooaralys, irree-magh Bible

dignity (n.) ard-cheim, foays; mooaralys: Beneath your dignity - Fo dty vooaralys. DF idiom; ooashlys; ooashley: What honour and dignity hath been done to Mordecai for this? - Lesh cren ooashley as onnor ta Mordecai er ny ve cooilleenit son shoh? Bible


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