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mooaralagh 1 (adj.) ambitious, arrogant, big-headed, conceited, dignified, haughty, imperious, insolent, majestic, ostentatious, presumptuous, proud, uppish a: ta'n cree surransagh ny share na'n chree mooaralagh Bible; 2 (n.) arrogant person, haughty person, uppish person; 3 (haughty) vain

Inexact matches:

dy mooaralagh roughly; disdainfully; proudly

frigaid mooaralagh magnificent frigate-bird

mooaralagh ass (dy ve); (to) pride oneself upon

shilley mooaralagh proud look: Bee shilley mooaralagh dooinney er ny injillaghey Bible

loayrt dy mooaralagh speak proudly: chamoo ver loayrt dy mooaralagh ayns laa e heaghyn Bible

arrogant (adj.) kione-ard; mooaralagh; sonnaasagh

arrogant person (n.) ard-wannalagh, mooaralagh

big-headed (adj.) corvianagh; mooar-chioneagh; mooaralagh

disdainfully (adv.) dy mooaralagh

haughty person (n.) mooaralagh

insolent (adj.) mooaralagh; neuyeeillagh

magnificent frigate-bird (n.) frigaid mooaralagh

ostentatious (adj.) erreayrtagh, mooaralagh

proud1 (adj.) moyrnagh: He is very proud of her - T'eh feer voynagh assjee. DF idiom; styrdal; (n.) mooaralagh: He is a proud one - She mooaralagh eh. DF idiom

roughly (adv.) dy garroo; dy mooaralagh: but made himself strange unto them, and spake roughly unto them - agh dymmyrk eh eh-hene myr joarree daue, as loayr eh dy mooaralagh roo Bible

uppish (adj.) mooaralagh

uppish person (n.) mooaralagh, stroinaasagh

vain2 (adj.) (haughty) mooaralagh; moyrnagh

ambitious (adj.) (n.) gloyrviandagh, mooaralagh, raadagh, sonaasagh

dignified (adj.) ard-cheimnagh, mooaralagh, ooasle, ooasley

majestic (adj.) ard-ooasle, mooaral, mooaralagh, mooaroil

speak proudly (v.) loayrt dy mooaralagh

haughty (adj.) ard-wannalagh; kione-ard; mooaralagh; sonaasagh; stroineeishagh; mooaralee; moyrnagh

imperious (adj.) ard-aignagh, ard-chreeagh, ard-vooaralagh, mooaralagh, sareydagh

pride oneself upon (v.) (to); (dy) ghoaill moyrn ass; (to); (dy ve) mooaralagh ass

proud look (n.) shilley mooaralagh, shilley moyrnagh

proudly (adv.) dy ard; dy mooaralagh; dy moyrnagh; dy roonagh

conceited (adj.) corvianagh: The less knowledge one has, the more conceited one is - Myr sloo yn fys t'ec fer, smoo corvian t'echey. JJK idiom; mooaralagh, sonnaasagh

despitefully nieunagh; dy olkyssagh: cruelly, disdainfully, and despitefully - dy dewil, dy mooaralagh, as dy olkyssagh Bible

presumptuous (adj.) ard-vooaralagh: You have been somewhat presumptuous - Ta shiu er ve cooid veg ard-vooaralagh. JJK idiom; daanagh, daaney, kione-ard, mooaralagh

ben chreeney (f.) (female) sage: Nish va ennym y dooinney Nabal, as ennym e ven, Abigail: as v'ee ben chreeney as tushtagh, as feer aalin: agh va'n dooinney creoi, mooaralagh, as tranlaasagh ayns e ghellal, as v'eh jeh kynney Chaleb. Bible

cha-surrym I will not suffer: Quoi-erbee myrgeddin techey shilley mooaralagh as cree ard: cha surr-ym eh Bible

dy moyrnagh proudly: Agh adsyn ta gymmyrkey ad hene dy moyrnagh, as dy mooaralagh, trooid drogh-ynsagh, nee tayrn scammylt er ooashley nyn gynney. Apoc

saaue pl. saaueyn saw: bee yn saaue mooaralagh rishyn ta dy hayrn eh? Bible


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