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mooadaghey aggravation, amplify, augment, develop, developing, enlarge, escalate, escalation, exaggerate, exaggeration, exaggerator, expand, expansion, extend, extension, gain, grow, increase, increment, magnification, magnify, maximize, mount, multiplication, multiply, swell: Jean mooadaghey ynnyd dty chabbane Bible

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mooadaghey daa cheayrt double

mooadaghey dy croutagh gazump

mooadaghey tree filley treble, triple

increase1 aavooadaghey, ardjaghey, bishaghey, cur seose, sheeyney; brash; mooadys; mooadaghey: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow - as eshyn ta mooadaghey tushtey, teh mooadaghey deinys DF idiom

aggravation (n.) brasnaghey; mooadaghey; tromaghey

amplify (v.) mooadaghey

enlarge (v.) att, bolgey, mooadaghey

escalate (v.) mooadaghey

escalation (n.) mooadaghey

exaggeration (n.) mooadaghey

exaggerator (n.) daahder, mooadaghey

gazump (v.) mooadaghey dy croutagh

increment (n.) mooadaghey

magnification (n.) mooadaghey

maximize (v.) mooadaghey

augment (v.) cur hug; mooadaghey; trosheyder

expand (v.) bishaghey; lheanaghey; mooadaghey; sheeyney magh

expansion (n.) bishaghey; lheanaghey; mooadaghey; sheeyney magh

extension1 (n.) fo-linney, lhiuraghey, lheanaghey, mooadaghey, sheeyney-hraa, sheeyntaght, sheeyntagh

multiplication (n.) bishaghey; filltaghey; mooadaghey; yl-raghey; ymmodaghey

triple mooadaghey tree filley; tree filley

magnify (v.) aavooadaghey, mooadaghey, gloyraghey dy mooar, jannoo moylley mooar

develop (v.) bishaghey, aase, fosley, gaase, giennaghtyn, imman, lhiasaghey, mooadaghey; anchoodaghey: Let's watch it develop in the darkroom - Lhig dooin jeeaghyn er yn anchoodaghey echey 'sy chamyr ghorraghey DF idiom

developing (v.) gaase: He developing nicely - T'eh gaase dy mie. DF idiom; giennaghtyn; lhiasaghey; mooadaghey

exaggerate (v.) cloie fodjeeaght: Don't let us exaggerate - Ny lhig dooin cloie fodjeeaght. JJK idiom; mooadaghey

extend (v.) cur roshtyn er; lheanaghey; mooadaghey; niartaghey; reirey; sheeyn magh; sheeyney magh; skeaylley magh

gain1 cheet er e hoshiaght; cosney: To gain weight - Dy chosney trimmid. DF idiom; mooadaghey; vondeish

grow (v.) aase: It's beginning to grow late - Te g'aase anmagh. JJK idiom; cuirr; mooadaghey

multiply (v.) bishaghey: Be fruitful, and multiply - Bee-jee messoil as jean-jee bishaghey Bible; mooadaghey; sheelaghey; yl-raghey; ymmodaghey; (to); (dy) vishaghey; thooilliu

swell (v.) att, bolgey, gatt, lhoau, puissal, puissey; mooadaghey: Swell the crowd - Yn theay y vooadaghey. DF idiom; (n.) bock, fashanagh; faarkey; sogh

treble mooadaghey tree filley; trebbyl; tree illit: Treble offence - Comys tree illit. DF idiom; tree keayrtyn: He earns treble my salary - T'eh cosney tree keayrtyn yn faill aym. DF idiom

co-eiraght (f.) co-heirship, parcenary, common heritage: Donald Gelling, yn Ard- shirveishagh ain, t'eh jerkal dy jean y cheayrt mooadaghey yn co- obbraghey eddyr daa ashoon as ram co-eiraght oc. BS

cohoyrtagh contributive, contributor: Y Stiureyder jeh Studeyrys Eear-Cheim ec Laare Studeyrys Manninagh, Fenella Bazin, ta ish gra dy jean ny shlee na feed cohoyrtagh mooadaghey fys mychione shennaghys Vannin. BS

coloinyn colonies: T'ad shirrey er goair scapit, goaill toshiaght er mooadaghey nyn coloinyn, as jannoo cummaght sidooragh. Carn

cummaght (f.) influence, might, potency, power, province, puissance: T'ad shirrey er goair scapit, goaill toghiaght er mooadaghey nyn coloinyn, as jannoo cummaght sidooragh. Carn

Rank (=Ir. Frainc) (Yn) France: Sy Rank neesht, ta'n reiltys dy bollagh ayns foayr jeh mooadaghey ny stashoonyn chesh-veanagh sy cheer. Carn

scapit avoided, escaped: T'ad shirrey er goair scapit, goaill toghiaght er mooadaghey nyn coloinyn Bible

ymmydit used: Ta Jellicoe smooinaghtyn dy lhisagh yn slattys shoh ve ymmydit noi atchimeyryn eddyr ashoonagh er y fa dy vel ymagglaghey eddyr-ashoonagh mooadaghey ayns Sostyn nish. Carn

double daa cheayrt: Double as long as this - Daa cheayrt cha liauyr as shoh. DF idiom; dooblaghey: Double up paper - Pabyr y ghooblaghey. DF idiom; doopley; dooble: At the double - Dooble-happee. DF idiom; doobley; dooblit: Double lock - Glass dooblit. DF idiom; (to); (dy) gholl mygeayrt; filley; kink; lappal; mooadaghey daa cheayrt; daa wheesh, ghaa wheesh: I am double your age - Ta mee daa wheesh yn eash ayd. DF idiom; lhannoon; scaan

mount (n.) cabbyl, slieau; crongan, cronk; shasstan; slieau: The Sermon on the Mount - Yn Sharmane er y Clieau. DF idiom; (v.) drappal; festal; goll er mooin: To mount a horse - Dy gholl er mooin cabbyl. DF idiom; goll seose, cur seose; lheim er mooin; lheimyragh er mooin; mooadaghey; soie

prios mooar high price: V'eh jerkal dy beagh yn mooadaghey-prios mooar dy liooar da costyssyn-troarey brash eddyr nish as jerrey yn gheurey, agh cha dod eh ve shickyr mychione shen. BS


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