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molley 1 (v.) baffle, bamboozle, beguile, bluff, cajole, captivate, deceive, disappoint, foil, fool, fox, gull, impose, trick a: t'eh molley adsyn ta cummal er y thalloo Bible; 2 (n.) bafflement, deceit, deception, disappointment, imposition, let down: Ta molley aynjee. DF; 3 cheated

Inexact matches:

brock molley honey badger; ratel

collane molley honeysac

druight molley honeydew

gyn molley undeceived, unflattering

shellan molley honey bee

shirragh molley honey buzzard

Close ny Molley Close of the Honey

Croit ny Molley Honey Croft

cur molley da applaud

lus ny molley (f.) honeysuckle, melissa

mee ny molley (f.) honeymoon

molley gys yn speyr vaunt

molley lesh argid buy over

molteyryn deceivers: Agh nee drogh gheiney as molteyryn gaase ny smessey as ny smessey, molley, as er nyn molley Bible

bafflement (n.) lhiettrimys; molley

bamboozle (v.) molley

beguile (v.) breigey; molley

cajole (v.) breigey, molley

deception (n.) molley, molteyrys

disappoint (v.) molley

disappointment (n.) contaart; molley

honey badger (n.) brock molley

honey buzzard (n.) shirragh molley

honeysac (n.) collane molley

melissa (n.) lus ny molley

ratel (n.) brock molley

undeceived gyn molley; neuvollit

unflattering (adj.) gyn molley, neuvrynneragh

gull (n.) foillan, foilleig, fooilleig; (v.) molley

Honey Croft (n.) Croit ny Molley

baffle (v.) cur dellid er, molley; (n.) skian

buy over molley lesh argid; sollaghey laue

captivate (v.) cur druiaght er, kimmey, molley

Close of the Honey (n.) Close ny Molley

foil (n.) brat chooylloo; cliwe crammanagh; scroggyl; (v.) tarmestey; molley

honey bee (n.) shellan molley, shellan thie

honeydew1 (n.) druight molley; mill-chay; tombaacey millish

honeymoon (n.) mee ny molley, mee phoosee

honeysuckle (n.) lus ny molley, lus y chellan, ullaagagh

impose (v.) cur er, cur fo jaghee, cur fo keesh, curmaghey, curmal, molley

vaunt (n.) boggys; (v.) jannoo boggys ass, molley gys yn speyr

applaud (v.) bwoalley bassyn, cur molley da; moylley: I applaud his work - Ta mee moylley yn obbyr echey. DF idiom

bluff1 baggyrtys: Call his bluff - Cur ersyn dy chooilleeney e vaggyrtys. DF idiom; baggyrtys follym; lhean 'sy toshiaght, rinn ughtee; (v.) molley, baggyrt

cheated mollit; molley: The man of whom I bought the horse has cheated me - Yn dooinney voishyn chionnee mee y cabbyl shoh t'eh er volley mee. JJK idiom

deceit (n.) cluigid, croutys, foall, grooish-volley, kialg, kialgeyrys, molley, molteyraght, molteyrys; foalsaght: It is my opinion that it was greatly by deceit - Er lhiam pene dy by vooar lesh foalsaght eh. DF idiom

deceive (v.) foalsaghey; foalserey; grooish-volley; moll: Deceive the deceiver if you can - Moll y molteyr my oddys oo. DF idiom; molley

fool (n.) bleb, kymmagh, moal-hushtagh, ommidan; ommydan: The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God - Tan ommydan er ghra ayns e chree: Cha vel Jee ayn Bible; spoagee; (v.) cloie yn ommidan, molley

fox1 shynnagh: It's a poor fox that has but one hole - She shynnagh boght nagh vel ny smoo na un towl echey. JJK idiom; (n.) fynney shynnee, fer shliawin; (v.) molley; lhiggey, lhiggey er

imposition (n.) cur er, errey, molley; obbyr cherree: If you don't know your Euclid, you'll have an imposition - Mannagh nhione dhyt dty Euclid, bee obbyr-cherree ayd. JJK idiom

let down (v.) cuirr: To let down a fishing net - Dy chuirr. DF idiom; cur fo; lhig neose; lhig sheese; lhiggal; lhiggey; tayrn neose; lhieggey neose; (n.) molley

gyn peccah sinless: My ta shin gra dy vel shin gyn peccah, ta shin molley shin hene, as cha vel yn irriney ain. Bible

jannoo moylley mooar magnify: erson ghyyl ayd aydsyn loyrt rish chiangaghyn, as janu molley muar dy iih. PB1610

meeyiastalys uncharitableness: Vei dygh ully gelliyd kri, vei moyrn, molley fardaylagh as krauiyght fayllsy, vei tru, myskid, as ganlys, as dygh ully viaskylys. PB1610

trick1 (n.) cleays, click, clink, garrey, geayshteig, spring; (v.) molley; shayll: Trick at the wheel - Shayll ec yn stiur. DF idiom; cluic: Take a trick with the king - Cluic y ghoaill lesh yn ree. DF idiom; sponnag: The first trick is allowed - Ta'n chied sponnag lowit. DF idiom; crout: Shabby trick - Crout ghraney. DF idiom; cluke

gloyraghey dy mooar magnify: SHENNYFA marish angelyn as ayrdangelyn, as marish chessaght neau ully, ta shuin molley as gloyraghy gy muar t'enyms gloroil, gybragh dy dy vollys as gra, kasserick, kasserick, kasserick, hiarn jih yn Sabaoth ta neau as talu layn dy dy gloyr PB1610


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