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mollaght (=Ir. mallacht) (f.) pl. mollaghtyn curse, cuss, damn, malediction: ver-ym mollaght ersyn ta guee mollaght ort's Bible; cursing

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fo mollaght accursed: Eshyn ta treigeil e ayr, t'eh myr lûnagh as eshyn ta cur corree er e voir, t'eh fo mollaght Yee. Apoc

guee mollaght swear: bee mollaght ersyn ta guee mollaght ort Bible

gwee mollaght accurse

mac mollaght cuss, devil, hell-hound; (of person) viper

Mollaght er (intj) Dammit

mollaght mynney damnation, execration: Sh'immey ta'n mollaght mynney hooar eh jeh ny eeasteyryn 'sy lhing echey. Coraa

cur fo mollaght anathematise, anathematize

cur mollaght er anathematise, anathematize, curse: Tar, er-y-fa shen, ta mee guee ort, cur mollaght er y pobble shoh er my hon. Bible

guee mollaght da curse;: eshyn ta guee mollaght da e ayr, ny e voir, bee eh son shickyrys, er ny choyrt gy baase. Bible

guee mollaght er curse: Chamoo ta mee er lhiggey da my veeal jannoo peccah, liorish gwee mollaght er e annym Bible

gwee mollaght er damn, imprecate: Tar, gwee mollaght er my hon er Jacob, as tar, cur-y-lane fo Israel Bible; wishing a curse on

Lane mollaght da (intj) Perdition seize him

Mollaght mynney ort (intj) Damnation on thee

mollaght ny hagglish (f.) anathema

curse (v.) cur fo vollaght, cur mollaght er, guee er, guee mollaght da, guee mollaght er, mollaghey; gwee, guee; (n.) mollaght: My seven swearings of a curse on you! - My hiaght mynney mollaght ort! DF idiom

anathematise (v.) cur fo mollaght; cur mollaght er

anathematize (v.) cur fo mollaght; cur mollaght er

cuss mac mollaght; mollaght

damn (v.) deyrey, gwee mollaght er; (n.) mollaght

damnation (n.) coayl, coayl anmey, deyrey, miolaghey, toyrt-mow; faagail mooie; mollaght mynney: Damnation on thee! - Mollaght mynney ort! DF idiom

accurse (v.) gwee mollaght

cursing guee er; gwee; guee; gweeaghyn: tHis delight was in cursing - Va e haitnys ayns gweeaghyn Bible; mollaght: Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing -Ass yn un veeal ta cheet bannaght as mollaght Bible

Dammit (intj) Mollaght er

execration (n.) ard-vollaght; mollaght mynney

imprecate (v.) gwee mollaght er

imprecation (n.) mynney; mollaght,; gweeaghyn

malediction (n.) ard-vollaght, mollaght

viper2 (n.) (of person) mac mollaght

wishing a curse on gwee mollaght er: by wishing a curse to his soul - liorish gwee mollaght er e annym Bible

mollaght, imprecation

accursed cursit: for they have even taken of the accursed thing - son tad er ghoaill jehn eer red cursit Bible; custey: keep yourselves from the accursed thing - freill-jee shiu hene veihn red custey Bible; mollaghtagh; fo mollaght: for he that is hanged is accursed of God - son teshyn ter ny chroghey fo mollaght veih Jee Bible

anathema ard-feoh; mollaght ny hagglish

hell-hound (n.) mac imshee, mac mollaght

Damnation on thee (intj) Mollaght mynney ort

Perdition seize him (intj) Lane mollaght da

swear breearrey; guee er; guee mollaght; guee mollaghtyn; loo; mynney

chlinnys heareth: tra chlinnys eh goan yn mollaght shoh Bible

gwee pl. gweeaghyn curse, cursing: bannee-jee adsyn ta gwee mollaght diu Bible

devil (v.) greddey lesh spiosyn; (n.) iurinagh, mac imshee, mac mollaght; jouyl: The devil is in it - Ta laue y jouyl ayn. DF idiom

shall abhor dwoaiyssee: him shall the people curse, nations shall abhor him - ersyn hig mollaght y theay, dwoaiyssee ashoonyn eh Bible

taunt ceau flout er, ceau floutyn, ceau floutyn er; conaasagh; conaasid; connysid; flout: to be a reproach and a proverb, a taunt and a curse - dy ve son oltooan, as an-ghoo as flout, as mollaght Bible; flouteragh; grinderaght

cheet stiagh check in, come in, enter, influx: Bee mollaght ort, tra t'ou cheet stiagh Bible; income, revenue

cur y lane fo challenge, dare, defy: Tar, gwee mollaght er my hon er Jacob, as tar, cur-y-lane fo Israel Bible

dooblagh duplicate: She, my hiaght mynney mollaght er ughtar yn liggar t'eh dooney my hooillyn as dooblagh yn raad GB

dwoaiyssee shall abhor: Eshyn jirrys rish y vee-chrauee, T'ou uss cairagh ; ersyn hig mollaght y theay, dwoaiyssee ashoonyn eh. Bible

faggys da (=Ir. fogas) almost, close, contiguous, handy, near, nearby, neighbouring: faagit mooie, as faggys da mollaght Bible; close to [OIr. ocus]

flout pl. floutyn affront, aspersion, gibe, invective, rebuff, rebuttal, reproach, scorn, slander, snub, stigma, taunt, vituperation: dy ve son oltooan, as an-ghoo as flout, as mollaght Bible; scoff

goll ass y raad deviate: Fakin nish dy vel ooilley fo mollaght (myr ta'n phadeyr David gymmyrkey feanish) ta goll ass y raad as er-shaghryn veih annaghyn Yee PB1765

goltooaney upbraid: Cha jean oo goltooaney ny briwnyn ny guee mollaght da reilltagh dty phobble. Bible

imman ersooyl dispel, drive away: Tar nish, gwee mollaght orroo er my hon ; foddee dy voddym barriaght y gheddyn orroo, as ad y imman ersooyl. Bible

lhiggey my hraa dawdler, delayer, indolent person, lingerer, procrastinator: Eisht ersooyl 'traa dy liooar' as 'lhiggey my hraa' Nhegim dauesyn ve mollaght ny Hellen dy bra ? Dhoor

lioar (=Ir. leabhar) (f.) pl. lioaryn book, folio, tome, volume: Gow-jee'n lioar shoh jeh'n leigh Bible; indeed, yes: lioar, ta mee hannah er chur mollaght orroo, er-yn-oyr nagh vel shiu goaill eh gys nyn gree. Bible [L. liber]

mollaghtagh (=Ir. mallachtach) accursed, blasphemous, damnable, damned, maledictory: as mollaghtagh t'eshyn ta gwee mollaght dhyt Bible; vile

reilltagh ruler: Cha jean oo goltooaney ny briwnyn ny guee mollaght da reilltagh dty phobble Bible

roit neeu starved: hig eh gy-kione, tra vees ad roit neeu lesh accyrys, dy bee ad ayns lheid yn angaish dy jean ad gwee mollaght er nyn ree as nyn Yee, as jeeaghyn seose. Bible

stoyr asset; deposit, depot, fund, hoard, repertory, repository, stock, supply; store: Bee mollaght er dty vaskad, as dty stoyr Bible; storage; still room, storehouse, storeroom

shall leave faagee: And ye shall leave your name for a curse unto my chosen - As faagee shiu nyn ennym son mollaght da my vooinjer reiht Bible; faagys: They shall eat, and shall leave thereof - Nee ad gee, as faagys ad fooilliagh jeh. Bible

trusteth treishtys: and whoso trusteth in the Lord, happy is he - as quoi-erbee treishtys ayns y Chiarn, smaynrey teh Bible; coyrt barrant er: He that trusteth in his riches shall fall - Tuittee eshyn ta coyrt e varrant er e verchys Bible; cur barrant er: Cursed be the man that trusteth in man - Dy row mollaght ersyn ta cur e varrant er dooinney Bible; treishteil: be merciful unto me, for my soul trusteth in thee - bee myghinagh dou, son ta mannym treishteil aynyd Bible

ard-vollaght (f.) blasphemy, execration, malediction: bee ad dy feer stroit liorish y chliwe, as y ghortey; yiow ad ooilley baase, beg as mooar, lesh y chliwe as y ghortey: as bee ad son ard-vollaght, as son atchim, as son mollaght-mynney, as son oltooan. Bible

er y chione ahead; on the head: Eshyn ta keiltyn e stoyr arroo, nee yn pobble gwee mollaght er: agh bee bannaght er y chione echeysyn ta dy chreck eh. Bible; on the end: As jean un cherub er y derrey chione as cherub er y chione elley Bible

mynney 1 chop, mincing, swear a: bwoaillee oo ymmodee pobble ayns peeshyn mynney Bible; 2 imprecation, oath: son atchim, as son mollaght-mynney Bible; 3 swear-word, swearword


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