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moal (=Ir. mall) backward, belated, decrepit, deliberate, deplorable, dim, disappointing, dull, enfeebled, feeble, flimsy, gradual, ill, laggard, listless, meagre, overdue, pithless, poor, poorly, scraggy, slack, slow, sorry, tardy, tawdry, unimpressive, uninspired, unpunctual, unsatisfactory: Bee eer yn aegid moal as deinagh Bible; (of fruit) late; (as faith) weak; (of thing) wretched [O.Ir. mael]

Inexact matches:

cruinnys moal low-resolution

dy moal beggarly, deliberately, faintly, poorly, slowly: tra va shin er hiaulley dy moal ymmodee laghyn Bible

leshtal moal poor excuse, sorry excuse

moal kercheenagh mean

traa moal dead season, dull season, off season

dy moal as dy shickyr slowly and surely

goll dy moal backpedal, drag, drag on: Ga dy vel cooishyn er ve goll dy moal bentyn rish coadey'n chymmyltaght sy Vritaan, ta 22 ynnyd mwyljyn-geayee ayns shen ry hoi giennaghtyn lectraghys. Carn

goll roish dy moal creep on

jannoo dy moal chooishagh skimp

lane moal as rea andante

moal 'sy chione brainsick, feeble-minded

poorly (adj., adv.) dy moal, moal

dull1 dree; dromm; jannoo moandagh; leodaghey; moal: The dull season - Yn traa moal. DF idiom; mooghey; neughloassey

slow1 moal: He is slow on the uptake - T'eh moal dy hoiggal reddyn. DF idiom; moaldey

lhuss-ny-moal-moirrey mallow: Ren ad lhuss-ny-moal-moirrey y yiarey sheese liorish ny tammagyn Bible

backpedal (v.) goll dy moal

belated (adj.) anmagh; jerrinagh; moal

brainsick (adj.) moal 'sy chione

dead season (n.) traa moal

disappointing contaartagh; moal; molleydagh

dull season (n.) traa moal

flimsy (adj.) feiosagh, moal, thanney

gradual (adj.) keimagh, moal

laggard (n.) faagailagh; moal

late2 (adj.) (of fruit) jerrinagh, moal

listless (adj.) moal; neuvioyr

low-resolution cruinnys moal

off season (n.) traa moal

pithless (adj.) moal

poor excuse (n.) leshtal moal

sorry (adj.) arryssagh, groamagh, moal

sorry excuse (n.) leshtal moal

tardy (adj.) anmagh, moal

tawdry (adj.) moal

weak5 (adj.) (as faith) moal

wretched2 (adj.) (of thing) moal, treih

andante lane moal as rea

delayed action moal-obbragh

feeble-minded lhag-inchynagh; moal 'sy chione

halfwit (n.) giare-cheeayllagh, moal-hustagh

half-witted (adj.) meecheeayllagh, moal-hushtagh, giare-cheeayllagh

idiotic (adj.) moal-hushtagh, ommidjagh, thootagh

skimp (v.) jannoo dy moal chooishagh

slapdash (adj., adv.) moal-chooishagh

slow-acting moal-obbragh

slow march (n.) moal-ghleashagh

slow motion (n.) moal-ghleashaght

slow-speaking moal-loayrtagh

slow-witted (adj.) moal-inchynagh, tromlagh

tardigrade (n.) moal-cheimagh

unimpressive (adj.) gyn tuarym, moal, neuhuarymagh

unpunctual (adj.) anmagh, meehraaoil, moal, neuhraaoil

moal-cheimagh tardigrade

moal-chooishagh slapdash

moal-drommagh saddle-backed

moal-foyragh blunt

moal-ghleashagh slow march

moal-ghleashaght (f.) slow motion

moal-hushtagh fool, half-witted, idiot, idiotic, imbecile

moal-hushtid idiotism

moal-hustagh halfwit

moal-inchynagh slow-witted

moal-loayrtagh slow-speaking

moal-obbragh delayed action, slow-acting

backward (adj.) gour nyn drommey, jei-cheeayllagh, moal

creep on (v.) goll roish dy moal, snaue roish

decrepit (adj.) anheiltagh, moal, shirgit; er troggloo

deliberate goaill coyrle; jioinagh; kiarit; moal; shlearagh

deplorable (adj.) boght; brainagh; moal, treih, treih-hrimshagh

drag on (v.) goll dy dree; goll dy moal

faintly (adv.) beggan; beggan beg; dy faase; dy moal

idiotism (n.) lag-hushtid, moal-hushtid, thootid; bolvanid

mallow (n.) lus ny moyl mooarey, lhuss-ny-moal-moirrey

overdue (adj.) anmagh, harrish yn traa, moal

saddle-backed jeeigit 'sy ghreeym; jeelt-drommagh; moal-drommagh

scraggy (adj.) craueagh, garroo, lhome, moal, neurea, thanney

slowly and surely (adv.) dy moal as dy shickyr

uninspired (adj.) dree; gyn greesaghey; gyn vree; moal

unsatisfactory (adj.) gyn liooaraght, loghtagh, meehaiagh, moal, neuchooie

beggarly (adj.) dy boght; dy femoil; dy moal; femoil; gortagh; gyn y vie

deliberately (adv.) dy jioinagh, dy moal, dy shlearagh, jeh yoin, jeh yioin, lesh traa

dim (v.) cur kay er, jannoo dullyr, lhaggaghey; (adj.) dullyr, dullyragh, lhag, moal

dull4 (adj.) (of pain) marroo: The dull season - Yn traa moal. DF idiom

slack bog, lag; lhaggagh; lhaggid; lhiggey lesh hene; melley; moal; myngheayl

C'hon (interrog.) Why: c'hon daag oo mish cho moal, fadane myr baagh? PC

deinagh fatiguing, irksome, laborious; weary: Bee eer yn aegid moal as deinagh Bible

drag carriads kiare cabbil; gobbragh lhieen screebee; gobbragh sleayd varrey; goll dy dree; goll dy moal; lhiettrimys; sleayd screebee; sleaydey; sthroogey; tayrn: Drag it here - Tayrn eh dys shoh. DF idiom

enfeebled annooinit: We will kill him when he becomes enfeebled - Varrmayd eh tra gannooinys eh. DF idiom; moal

feeble (adj.) anlheiltagh: His mother is very feeble - Ta'n voir echey feer anlheiltagh. JJK idiom; annoon, faase, gyn vree, lhag, moal, treih

imbecile (adj.) anlheiltagh, jei-hushtagh, meecheeayllagh, moal-hushtagh, ommidjagh; (n.) ommidan: You imbecile! - Uss ommidan! DF idiom

meagre (adj.) goan, gortagh, lhome, melley, moal, moaldey, thanney; beggan: There was only a meagre attendance at the meeting - Cha row agh beggan sleih ec y chaglym. DF idiom

mean (adj.) boght, cribbijagh, meeooasle, moal kercheenagh, mooidjeenagh, neufeoiltagh, neughiastyllagh, peajeogagh, toiggal; (v.) meanal; cheet er: That is what you mean! - Shen t'ou cheet er! DF idiom; soulaghey

slowly (adv.) dy moal: if you speak slowly and clearly I can understand you - My loayrys shiu dy-moal as dy-baghtal foddym toiggal shiu JJK idiom

snail (n.) crammag: He goes at a snail's pace - T'eh cha moal as crammag. DF idiom; lhummag, strammag, shelleeid

conningyn rabbits, conies: Cha vel ny conningyn agh sheeloghe moal er y thalloo, agh t'ad feer chreeney Bible

cosoylit likened: Va Mannin jeeaghyn moal agglagh cosoylit rish ny cheeraghyn elley ec "Scrif-Celt 85". Carn

eash (=Ir. aois) (f.) aeon, age, century, eon; oldness, old age: Nish va sooillyn Israel moal lesh eash Bible; seniority

eerey (f.) pl. eeraghyn furrow length, plough length: as eisht geddyn greim er y cheeaght as geiyrt er seose yn eerey cha moal as crammag snaue seose y boalley. Dhoor; swirl

fer-obbree labourer: cre voish oddins geddyn argid dy liooar dy chionnaghey garran, jeelt as reddyn elley ass faill moal ec fer-obbree gollrhym-pene, my wooinney boght? Dhoor

gollrhym-pene like mee: cre voish oddins geddyn argid dy liooar dy chionnaghey garran, jeelt as reddyn elley ass faill moal ec fer-obbree gollrhym-pene, my wooinney boght? Dhoor

guint injured, pained, racked, stung, wounded: Ta mee moal, as guint dy trome Bible

guint dy trome seriously wounded, sore smitten: Ta mee moal, as guint dy trome: ta mee er yllaghey son eer angaish my chree. Bible

kiartagh adjustment, settlement; pl. kiartaghyn job; (v.) turneth: Ta Damascus er n'aase moal, as kiartagh ee hene son chea

laa banshey wedding day: She red moal agglagh mannagh oddyms goll fiddleraght son naboo er y laa banshey echey. Coraa

mwyllin (=Ir. muileann) (f.) pl. mwyljyn factory, mill: tra vees feiyr ny claghyn mwyllin er n'aase moal Bible

neuwooiagh averse, discontented, disinclined, recalcitrant, reluctant, unpleased, unwilling: Cha vel y Chiarn moal mychione e ghialdynys, (myr ta paart dy gheiney coontey meillid) agh jeh surranse-foddey dooinyn, neuwooiagh dy jinnagh unnane erbee cherraghtyn, agh dy darragh-ooilley gys arrys. Bible

scoillaragh academical: Va mee mysh mee smooinaghtyn myr shen, agh haink eh dy ve baghtal dou dy moal dy vel Shorys cummal ayns seihll elley, as shen seihll scoillaragh. Dhoor

ve arryltagh be willing: lhig da dy chooilley ghooinney ve arryltagh dy chlashtyn, lhiastey dy loayrt, moal gys corree Bible; volunteer

blunt1 angheyre; broillit; moal-foyragh; moandagh: He has a blunt scythe - Ta yiarn moandagh echey. DF idiom; neuvirragh; (v.) broilley, goaill yn foyr jeh, moalaghey

bushes (npl.) tammagyn: Who cut up mallows by the bushes - Ren ad lhuss-ny-moal-moirrey y yiarey sheese liorish ny tammagyn Bible

fool (n.) bleb, kymmagh, moal-hushtagh, ommidan; ommydan: The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God - Tan ommydan er ghra ayns e chree: Cha vel Jee ayn Bible; spoagee; (v.) cloie yn ommidan, molley

idiot (n.) bleb, bolvane, lag-hushtagh, meecheeayllagh, moal-hushtagh, ommidan: He's a perfect idiot ! - T'eh ny slane ommidan! DF idiom; thoot

ill (adj., adv.) aslane, aslayntagh, doghanagh, doogh, lag, moal, sie; drogh: It's an ill wind that blows nobody good - She drogh gheay nagh sheid mie da pagh ennagh. JJK idiom; ching: She is dangerously ill - T'ee ching dy-danjeyragh. JJK idiom; olk: He speaks ill of nobody - Cha nel eh loayrt dy-olk mysh pagh erbee. JJK idiom

poor boght: As poor as a church mouse - Cha boght as lugh killagh. JJK idiom; boghtey: The poor little things! - Ny cretooryn boghtey! DF idiom; moal, ymmyrchagh; moalley; (npl.) (the) boghtyn: He's very charitable towards the poor - T'eh feer feoilt gys ny boghtyn. JJK idiom; boghtynid

understand1 (v.) toiggal: If you speak slowly and distinctly I can understand you - My loayrys shiu dy-moal as dy-baghtal foddym toiggal shiu JJK idiom; toig

lonragh bright, effulgent, glistening, glowing: Moal-inchynagh va'n oaie echey as neeal glass er, as yn folt echey slaait sheese lesh shelliu lonragh ennagh GB


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