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minute (adj.) feer veg, myn-; (n.) minnid; mynimmeeaght; (v.) screeu sheese

Inexact matches:

minute account (n.) mynchoontey

minute book (n.) lioar vynimmeeaghtyn

minute fraction (n.) sleig

minute hand (n.) spaag ny minnidyn, spaag vooar, snaid vooar

lioar vynimmeeaghtyn (f.) minute book

mynimmeeaght (f.) minute

spaag vooar (f.) minute hand

up-to-the-minute (adj.) jerrinagh; s'jerree

mynchoontey detailed account, minute account

spaag ny minnidyn (f.) minute hand

sleig (f.) fragment, minute fraction, morsel, small bit

snaid vooar (f.) bodkin, dragonfly, minute hand

minnid (f.) minute: Ta mee er ve freayll arrey ort rish jeih minnid. DF

screeu sheese (as letter) take down; minute, write down: Dy screeu sheese e smooinaghtyn. DF

feer veg miniscule, minute, pigmy, teeny-weeny, tiny, very little: ta feer veg er ny hoiaghey jeed. Bible

myn- (pref.) diminutive, lesser, little, minced, miniature, minor, minute, petty: T'eh jeeaghyn dy vel ny Sostnee as ny Yernee boirit mychione ceau argid er myn-chengaghyn (Yernish ayns Nerin!) Carn; filings; elaborate, exhaustive: Myn-choontey jeh'n skeeal. DF; niggling, trifling

s'jerree See stierree aftermost, end, latest, last, up-to-the-minute: Mish y chied er as y fer s'jerree Bible

with you lhiat; lieriu, lhiu; (emph.) lieriuish, lhiuish; mayrt: Will you stay here, till I can go out with you? - Jean oo tannaghtyn aynshoh, dys oddym goll magh mayrt? JJK idiom; meriu, mêriu: I shall be with you in a minute - Bee'm meriu ayns minnid. JJK idiom; (emph.) mayrts, mayrt's; (emph.) meriuish; er nyn son eu: I do not use any ceremony with you - Cha nel mee shassoo er cliaghtey er nyn son eu. JJK idiom

jerrinagh 1 absolute, belated, closing, concluding, conclusive, end, eventual, final, finalist, foregoing, hindmost, last, latter, rearmost, ultimate, up-to-the-minute, utmost a: ayns traa jerrinagh yn reeriaght oc Bible; 2 (of fruit) late


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