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minnid (f.) minute: Ta mee er ve freayll arrey ort rish jeih minnid. DF

Inexact matches:

minute (adj.) feer veg, myn-; (n.) minnid; mynimmeeaght; (v.) screeu sheese

nod (interrog.) can: Nod oo cur minnid ny ghaa dou? DF

expecting (v.) ayns y chorneil; torragh; trome; jerkal rish: I'm expecting them every moment - Ta mee jerkal roo dagh minnid. JJK idiom

gaddee poacher, purloiner, stealer: Haghyr shoh mysh jeih minnid lurg hoght syn 'astyr, as hie yn gaddee roish lesh argid veih'n tayrnag-argid. BS; (f.) lewd woman, wanton woman; strumpet

Giat Keppel Keppel Gate: Haghyr shen ec Giat Keppel mysh feed minnid gys kiare fastyr jea - haink eh er dooinney va cur shilley er yn Ellan. BS

jannoo turrys ply, make a journey: Va'n ventyr Americaanagh Space Ship One, ny Lhong Spoar Nane, speeideilagh as ee jannoo turrys tree minnid ayns spoar ren cosney moylley mooar. BS

Keppel Champion's Mountain: Haghyr shen ec Giat Keppel mysh feed minnid gys kiare fastyr jea - haink eh er dooinney va cur shilley er yn Ellan. BS; Kappi's Mountain

halt1 (v.) cur stadd er, cur sthap er; shassoo: It came to a halt - Ren eh shassoo. DF idiom; scuirr: They called a halt - Ren ad scuirr. DF idiom; (n.) hault; croobagh; stadd: Ten minutes' halt - Stadd jeih minnid. DF idiom

with you lhiat; lieriu, lhiu; (emph.) lieriuish, lhiuish; mayrt: Will you stay here, till I can go out with you? - Jean oo tannaghtyn aynshoh, dys oddym goll magh mayrt? JJK idiom; meriu, mêriu: I shall be with you in a minute - Bee'm meriu ayns minnid. JJK idiom; (emph.) mayrts, mayrt's; (emph.) meriuish; er nyn son eu: I do not use any ceremony with you - Cha nel mee shassoo er cliaghtey er nyn son eu. JJK idiom


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