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minded aignagh; miandagh er; ayns smooinaghtyn

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absent-minded person (n.) meehastagh, shagh-smooinaghtagh

double minded aigney ghooble

pure minded glen-chreeagh

worldly minded persons (npl.) cloan ny cruinney, cloan y theihll

meehastagh absent-minded, absent-minded person, heedless, inattentive; (of landlord) absentee

shagh-smooinaghtagh absent-minded, absent-minded person

glen-chreeagh pure-minded, pure minded

absent-minded (adj.) meehastagh, shagh-smooinaghtagh

broad-minded (adj.) lhean-aignagh

fair-minded (adj.) coar; neuchleaynt

feeble-minded lhag-inchynagh; moal 'sy chione

high-minded (adj.) mooar-aggindagh, ard-aggindagh, ard-aignagh

keen-minded keayney; shleeuit

large-minded (adj.) lhean-aignagh

narrow-minded (adj.) coon; keyl-aignagh

noble-minded (adj.) ard-chreeoil

open-minded (adj.) neuchleaynt; seyraggindagh

petty-minded mynchooishagh

pure-minded glen-chreeagh

right-minded (adj.) jeih-aignagh

serious-minded (adj.) trome-chooishaght

small-minded (adj.) beg-aignagh

strong-minded (adj.) bree-aignagh

weak-minded (adj.) lag-hushtagh, lag-inchynagh, mettey

ard-aggindagh high-minded

ard-aignagh high-minded, imperious, lofty

ard-chreeoil noble-minded

beg-aignagh small-minded

bree-aignagh strong-minded

jeih-aignagh patron, right-minded, right-thinking

keyl-aignagh narrow-minded, strait-laced, tight-laced

lhean-aignagh broad-minded, large-minded

mooar-aggindagh high-minded

seyraggindagh open-minded

lag-inchynagh weak in head, weak-minded

lhag-inchynagh deficient, dozy, feeble-minded; (of mind) dense

moal 'sy chione brainsick, feeble-minded

neuchleaynt candid, dispassionate, fair-minded, open-minded, unprejudiced

lag-hushtagh idiot, ignorant, retarded person, weak in head, weak-minded

mynchooishagh meticulous, particular, punctilious, scrupulous; pernickety, petty-minded

aignagh mental, minded: eshyn ta aignagh fosley y gheddyn, bee eh er ny osley da. Bible; willing: bee ad aignagh baase y gheddyn Bible

aigney ghooble double minded: Ta dooinney dy aigney ghooble neuhickyr ayns ooilley e raaidyn. Bible

ayns smooinaghtyn minded: Son quoi'n dooinney ta toiggal ny reddyn ta ayns smooinaghtyn dooinney, agh spyrryd y dooinney hene? Bible

cloan ny cruinney (f.) mankind, worldly minded persons: Shen ta ny bodjallyn deayrtey as shilley neose dy palchey er cloan ny cruinney. Bible

cloan y theihll (f.) mankind, worldly minded persons: As dreggyr Yeesey as dooyrt eh roo, Ta cloan y theihll shoh poosey, as er nyn goyrt ayns poosey Bible

coon (=Ir. cúng) confined, narrow, narrow-minded, poky, strait, tight-fitting: hass eh ayns ynnyd coon Bible; incapacious

miandagh er minded: Ny bee miandagh er e yien mie, son te bee molteyragh. Bible

trome-chooishaght (f.) graveness, serious-minded, seriousness: Ta cosoylaght trome-chooishaght er jeet er y chooish. DF

coar (=Ir. cóir) (f.) 1 crane a: Myr eean coar, ny gollan-geayee Bible; 2 (for rope) twister; 3 (adj.) acquiescent, affable, approachable, decent, easy-going, fair-minded, indulgent, inoffensive, kindly, nice, obliging, over, easygoing: Dooinney coar DF; 4 benign; 5 civil [O.Ir. corr]

keayney (=Ir. caoine) 1 weep, weeping a: hrog ee seose e coraa, as ren ee keayney. Bible; 2 cry, crying, greet, keening, lament, lamentation, lamenting, mourn, mourning, wail, wailing:; 3 deplore; 4 keen-minded

mettey boneless, faint-hearted, shaky, supine, weak-minded, yellow: cha bee oo ny smoo enmyssit seyr as mettey Bible; delicate, prim, soft, tender: Yn ven seyr as mettey ny mast' eu nagh jinnagh e cass y choyrt er y laare son moyrn as mettey-ys Bible; frivolous

shleeuit 1 keen, keen-minded, wide-awake: myr ree shleeuit son caggey Bible; 2 ground, sharpened, whetted a: ta cliwe shleeuit, as myrgeddin er ny ghlenney Bible


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