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mighty (adj.) ard, mooar, niartal, pooaragh, pooaral, trean, treanagh, yindyssagh; (npl.) niartallee

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mighty deeds (npl.) obbraghyn niartal: in signs, and wonders, and mighty dedds - ayns cowraghyn as yindyssyn, as obbraghyn niartal Bible

mighty men (npl.) treanee; deiney niartal: same became mighty men - haink yn sleih cheddin dy ve deiney niartal Bible; deiney pooaral: and the chief captains, and the mighty men - as ny ardc-haptanyn, as ny deiney pooaral Bible

mighty works (npl.) obbraghyn yindyssagh: for if the mighty works had been done in Tyre and Sidon - son dy beagh ny obbraghyn yindyssagh er ve jeant ayns Tyre and Sidon Bible; obbraghyn mirrillagh: for all the mighty works that they had seen - son ooilley ny obbraghyn mirrillagh vad er nakin Bible; obbraghyn niartal: that even such mighty works are wrought by his hands - dy vel lheid ny obbraghyn niartal er nyn obbraghey liorish ny laueyn echey Bible

most mighty stroshee

flesh of the mighty (n.) feill ny treanee

obbraghyn niartal mighty works; mighty deeds

deiney niartal mighty men

obbraghyn mirrillagh mighty works

deiney pooaral mighty men; strong men

niartallee mighty: Ta dooinney schleioil cosney stiagh er ard-valley ny niartallee Bible

pooaral influential, high-powered, mighty, powerful, puissant: Ta dooinney creeney pooaral Bible

stroshee most mighty, mightiest: doardee eh ny deiney stroshee v'ayns e heshaght-chaggee Bible

treanagh 1 he-man, hero, mighty a: Hed y Chiarn magh myr treanagh Bible; 2 tyrant

feill ny treanee flesh of the mighty: Nee shiu gee feill ny treanee, as giu fuill princeyn y thallooin, eer feill reaghyn, as eayin, as dy ghoair, as dy ghew, ad shoh ooilley brawnyn Vashan. Bible

fondagh able, effectual, efficacious, efficient, of good standing, perfect, substantial, sufficient, valid: dooinney dy ghlare floaoil, as fondagh ayns ny scriptyryn. Bible; mighty; impregnable; firm, solid, stable

mooar (=Ir. mór) pl. mooarey See vooar big, capacious, chief, commodious, extensive, extravagant, familiar, grand, great, heavy, intense, intimate, loose-fitting, major, marked, mega, mighty, powerful, tall: bee'n aarkey mooar hene eu son cagliagh Bible; (promontory) bold; (Jur.) grievous; difficult; huge [O.Ir. mór]

niartal (=Ir. neartúil) cogent, forcible, mighty, potent, powerful, strong, strong bodied: v'ad shoh ooilley deiney niartal. Bible

obbraghyn yindyssagh marvellous acts; wondrous works; great works; marvellous works; wonderful works; mighty works

pooaragh influential, mighty, powerful: ny smooinee dy scapail my laue's fey laa, mish s'lhoys nish dty chumrail ayns mean dty hiyr dy hrial nee oo'n Jee ta ooilley-niartal pooaragh, ny nagh nee. PC

trean brave, doughty, firm, formidable, heavy, heroic, intensive, mighty, stark, stout, tyrannous, valiant, valorous: Ta shin deiney niartal, as trean son y chaggey Bible

treanee mighty men, tyrants: Nee shiu gee feill ny treanee, as giu fuill princeyn y thallooin Bible

yindyssagh (=Ir. iontach) 1 admirable, marvellous, mighty, prodigious, rare, surprising, terrific, wonderful, wondrous a: as myr shen nee'm taggloo jeh dt'obbraghyn yindyssagh. Bible; 2 (n.) wonderer

destruction (n.) stroialtys, stroie: it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction - nee eh shiu y stroie lesh stroialtys seiyjagh Bible; piatt: the hand of the Lord was against the city with a very great destruction - dy row lauen Chiarn noin ard-valley lesh piatt trome Bible; toyrt-mow: and shall destroy them with a mighty destruction - as ad y stroie lesh toyrt-mow niartal Bible; traartys: At destruction and famine thou shalt laugh - Er traartys as genney cha jean oo agh garaghtee Bible

flee1 (v.) chea: they shall flee, as fleeing from a sword - nee ad chea, myr veihn chliwe Bible; chea ersooyl: And he that is courageous among the mighty shall flee away - As nee yn dooinney dunnal mastey ny treanee chea ersooyl Bible; chea roish, chea voish; chea veih: I flee from the face of my mistress Sarai - Ta mee roie er chea veih eddin my venainshtyr Bible; (dy) chosney ersooyl; roie er-chea: ye shall flee when none pursueth you - nee shiu roie er-chea, tra nagh bee fer erbee er nyn eiyrts Bible; cosne roish: Therefore now flee thou to thy place - Shen-y-fa nish, cosne royd gys dtynnyd hene Bible; (impv) roie-jee: Flee, save your lives - Roie-jee er-chea, saue-jee nyn mioys Bible

greatness (n.) ardys, mooarid; modiyght; mooadys: For the greatness of thy mercy reacheth unto the heavens; mooads: according unto the greatness of thy mercy - cordail rish mooads dty vyghin Bible; pooar: his greatness, his mighty hand, and his stretched out arm - e phooar, e laue niartal, as e roih sheeynt magh Bible

men of war (npl.) deiney-caggee: And the booty, being the rest of the prey which the men of war had caught - As y spooilley, ta shen, yn chooid elley jehn chragh va ny deiney-caggee er ghoaill Bible; sidooryn: And Eleazar the priest said unto the men of war which went to the battle - As dooyrt Eleazar y saggyrt rish ny sidooryn hie gys y chaggey Bible; treanee caggee: with mighty men, and with all men of war - lesh deiney niartal, as lesh ooilley ny treanee caggee Bible

ard (=Ir. ard) (adj.) big, height, high; mighty: lesh ard phooar, as lesh laue niartal Bible; loud: dyllee mee lesh coraa ard. Bible; tall, towering: niartaghey lesh voallaghyn ard Bible; (n.) pl. ardjyn compass point, direction, pole; fell, high place, incline: er ny sleityn ard Bible; district, region, area: 'syn ard sodjey magh. Bible [L. arduus]


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