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miandagh desirable; desirous: ny lhig dty aigney ve miandagh er e vee blaystal Bible; fanciful; lustful: As ren earrooyn elley jeh ny joarreeyn va ny mast' oc gaase miandagh Bible; covert: Son saynt argid fraue dy chooilley olk: dan chooid cheddin choud as va paart miandagh er bible; fond of: Vel shiu miandagh er bainney? JJK; selfish; addict, craver

Inexact matches:

dy miandagh hanker, longingly

miandagh er minded: Ny bee miandagh er e yien mie, son te bee molteyragh. Bible

craver (n.) crowaltagh, gueeder, miandagh

desirable (adj.) miandagh, yeearreeoil

desirous (adj.) dooilloil, miandagh

selfish (adj.) pitteogagh, sondagh, miandagh

addict (n.) cleaynagh, deyrsnagh, miandagh; (v.) cleaynaghey

fond of miandagh: Are you fond of milk? - Vel shiu miandagh er bainney? JJK idiom; currit da: He is fond of reading - T'eh currit da'n lhaihderys. DF idiom; feer vooar rish: They are very fond of each other - T'ad feer vooar rish y cheilley. DF idiom

longingly (adv.) dy foddeeagh; dy miandagh

fanciful (adj.) fillosheragh; sheiltynagh; teaymagh, miandagh, smooinaghtagh

hanker (v.) goaill foddeeaght ny yei, mianey; (adv.) dy miandagh

minded aignagh; miandagh er; ayns smooinaghtyn

covert (n.) aaght, mooinney, fastee; (adj.) follit; gyn yss; keillit; miandagh

lustful (adj.) cannooagh; er cannoo; glieemianagh; miandagh; sayntagh; sayntoil; sayntoilagh

spoyrt (=Ir. spórt) pl. spoyrtyn fun, sport: Va ny Britaanee as Kernowee miandagh dy heet dys Mannin rish Blein y Spoyrt dy ghleckey nyn'oi reesht. Carn


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