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mess broagey; brock: This is a deuce of a mess - Ta shoh brock agglagh. DF idiom; brockey; commeeys; jannoo brock; roagh; sallaghey

mess (=Ir., Sc.G. meas) pl. messyn fruit, issue: y chied-vess jeh mess dy chooilley villey Bible [O.Ir. mes]

Inexact matches:

mess about (v.) cloie mygeayrt

mess jacket (n.) jaggad vee

mess kettle (n.) stainney bee

mess maker (n.) brockeyder

mess tin (n.) stainney vee

mess up (n.) brock; (v.) jannoo brock, milley, murtaghey

unholy mess (n.) brock yn jouyll

berreen mess (f.) slabcake

billey mess fruit tree

creckeyder mess fruiterer

delleyder mess fruiterer

garey mess orchard

gymmyrkey mess fructiferous, fructification, fructify: As y fooilliagh t'er scapail jeh thie Yudah, nee foast fraue 'ghoaill sheese, as gymmyrkey mess seose. Bible

gyn mess fruitless

jyst mess fruit dish

mess chirmit dried fruit

mess claghagh stone fruit

mess glass green fruit

mess glassey green fruit

mess muigey bog St. John's wort

mess skianagh key

Mess Stainnit Canned Fruit

mess stainnit tinned fruit

pye mess (f.) tart

sallaid mess fruit salad

Scobbaghyn Mess Fruit Snacking

ymmyrkey mess fruit: V'eh soit ayns thalloo menoyr liorish ushtaghyn mooarey, dy chur magh banglaneyn, as dy ymmyrkey mess, as dy ve ny villey-feeyney aalin. Bible

billey mess boalley wall fruit

binjean lesh mess (f.) yoghurt fruity

jinlag-melloon lesh mess melon cocktail

mess yn darragh acorn

Soo Mess Beayn Long Life Fruit Juice

fruit (n.) mess: This fruit is beginning to rot - Ta'n mess shoh goaill toshiaght dy loau. JJK idiom; troar; (v.) ymmyrkey mess

fruiterer (n.) delleyder mess, messeyder; creckeyder mess

green fruit (n.) mess glass; mess glassey

Canned Fruit (n.) Mess Stainnit

dried fruit (n.) mess chirmit

fructification (n.) gymmyrkey mess

fructify (v.) gymmyrkey mess

fruit dish (n.) jyst mess

fruitless (adj.) fardailagh, gyn mess

fruit salad (n.) sallaid mess

Fruit Snacking (npl.) Scobbaghyn Mess

fruit tree (n.) billey mess

slabcake (n.) berreen mess

stone fruit (n.) mess claghagh

tinned fruit (n.) mess stainnit

broagey mess, muddle

brock (=Ir. broc) botch, bungle, cock-up, fiasco, hash, mess, mess up, muddle, refuse, remains, slip up, wastage: Nee ish jannoo brock jeh. DF; (rubbish) waste; badger

jaggad vee (f.) mess jacket

jannoo brock mess, mess up: T'eh ny spotcheyr agglagh, as t'eh dy kinjagh jannoo spotch jeh chengey erbee as dy mennick jannoo brock jeu! Dhoor

roagh (f.) disarray, mess, untidiness

stainney bee mess kettle

stainney vee mess tin

fruit-bearing mess-hoyrtagh

fruit juice (n.) soo-mess

melon cocktail (n.) jinlag-melloon lesh mess

wall fruit (n.) billey mess boalley

yoghurt fruity (n.) binjean lesh mess

brock yn jouyll unholy mess

mess-hoyrtagh fruit-bearing

soo-mess fruit juice

acorn (n.) cro darree; mess yn darragh

bog St. John's wort (n.) mess muigey

fructiferous (adj.) gymmyrkey mess, messoil; yeeillagh; bishaghey

Long Life Fruit Juice (n.) Soo Mess Beayn

tart (adj.) gyere, sharroo; (n.) pye mess, sooan; strumpag

brockeyder botcher, bungler, messer, mess maker, muddler

cloie mygeayrt mess about; play around

brockey bungle, mess, muck, muddle; (as food) waste: Ny jean brockey dty vee. DF

dy-chooilley every: y chied-vess jeh mess dy chooilley villey Bible

sallaghey dirty, mess; soiling: Ta'n shamyr shoh sallaghey dy tappee. DF; befoul

voghe (interrog.) would find: haink eh, dy yeeaghyn voghe eh mess erbee er Bible

bringing forth ymmyrkys: and given to a nation bringing forth the fruits thereof - as er ny choyrt da ashoon ymmyrkys magh yn mess echey Bible

dried cheerit, shirkit, shyrgaghey; chirmit, chyrmit; hirmee, hyrmee; heer: They dried my shirt for me - Heer ad my lheiney dou. DF idiom; chirrym: Dried fruit - Mess chirrym. DF idiom

eating ee: Shameful leavings are worse than scandalous eating - Ta fooillagh naareydagh ny smessey na ee scammyltagh. JJK idiom; gee: I'm eating some fruit - Ta mee g'ee mess. JJK idiom

henceforth (adv.) maghey shoh; (ny) sodjey maghey shoh; (ny) jei shoh; veih shoh magh: May no fruit grow on thee from henceforth ever - Nar aase mess erbee orts veih shoh magh er son dy bragh. DF idiom

hereafter (adv.) foast; heese; lurg shoh; 'sy traa ry-heet; (ny) yei shoh; veih shoh magh: No man eat fruit of thee hereafter for ever - Nar ee dooinney erbee mess jeeds veih shoh magh er son dy bragh Bible; (n.) seihll ry-heet

husk (n.) bleayst: from the kernels even to the husk - veihn mess hene eer gys y vleayst. Bible; fynneig; lhiannag; coghyl, jeeas, lhiannag; (v.) crottal; (n., v.) skilley

issue1 behrt; cur magh, roie magh; ingan; mess; sheel; sheeltaght; sliught; toar; cooish: This is the main issue - Ta shoh yn chooish hoshee. DF idiom

key1 boltal; chiooney; ellan injil, sker; gleaysh: The key of C - Gleaysh C. DF idiom; mess skianagh; ogher: Don't lose your key - Ny caill nyn ogher. JJK idiom; (v.) cur ayns carr mie

orchard (n.) garey mess; messghart; ooylagh: I'm very fond of our orchard - Shynney mooar lhiam nyn ooylagh JJK idiom; orchard

rot loauaghey, loaughey: This fruit is beginning to rot - Ta'n mess shoh goaill toshiaght dy loau. JJK idiom; loauid; loauys; molkey; ommidys; ommidjys; trouise

size ardjid, thummyd, tummyd; cur glooid er; glooid; mooad, mooadys: These trees are remarkable for the size of their fruit - Ta ny biljyn shoh feeu tastey kyndagh rish mooad nyn mess. JJK idiom; thummid; towse

trees (npl.) biljyn: These trees are remarkable for the size of their fruit - Ta ny biljyn shoh feeu tastey kyndagh rish mooad nyn mess. JJK idiom

Abbyr-jee Say ye: Abbyr-jee rish y dooinney ynrick, Dy jig eshyn jeh dy mie ; son nee ad soylley y ghoaill jeh mess nyn yannoo. Bible

beaynee (n., f.) pl. beayneeyn harvester, mower, reaper: As ta'n beaynee geddyn faill, as chaglym mess gys y vea veayn Bible

billey pl. billaghyn bank bill: Billey y 'aagail gyn eeck DF; (proposed law) bill: Hug eh lesh stiagh billey ayns Y Chiare as Feed DF; pl. biljyn :1 big bush, tree: Ta mess y dooinney cairagh billey dy vea Bible [O.Ir. bile]

billey figgagh pl. biljyn-figgagh fig tree: Ga nagh der y billey figgagh magh e vlaa, as nagh bee mess er ny biljyn-feeyney Bible

commeeys 1 communion, connection, league, mess, participation, partnership a: cre ta commeeys y folliaght Bible; 2 (between people) relations

drogh vess bad fruit, evil fruit: Myr shen ta dagh billey mie tilgey mess mie: agh ta drogh-villey tilgey drogh vess Bible

drogh villey bad tree, corrupt tree: Son cha vel billey mie tilgey drogh vess: ny drogh villey tilgey mess mie Bible

gaggyrts claiming, impute: Kys ghow uss ort dy ee jeh mess y villey ta gaggyrts baase ort hene 's dty chynney ooilley? PC

gyn obbyr1 unemployed; without work: Yn ooir va roie j'ee hene cur magh e mess gyn obbyr laue, gyn greie dy obbragh lesh PC

heemayd we will see: boayl elley heemayd biljyn-ooyllagh croym, aarloo dy vrishey fo nyn mess cho trome PC

jallooyn stoamey goodly images: t'eh gymmyrkey mess da hene: rere earroo e vess, t'eh er vishaghey e altaryn; rere foays e halloo, t'ad er n'yannoo jallooyn stoamey. Bible

jeh troar of the seed: lhig eh ve jeh troar y vagheragh, ny jeh mess ny biljyn, te lesh y Chiarn Bible

jollys (f.) appetite, greed, rapaciousness, ravenousness, voraciousness: Bee jollys dooinney jeant-magh lesh mess e veeal Bible

menoyr goodly, luscious, mealy, mellow, rich: Billey-olive glass, aalin, as lesh mess menoyr Bible

murtaghey bungle, fumble, messing up, mess up: Va mee murtaghey 'sy dorraghys. DF; (with poor tool) work

Nar Do not: Nar ee dooinney erbee mess jeeds veih shoh magh er son dy bragh. Bible

obbyr laue (f.) handicraft, handwork, manual labour: Yn ooir va roie j'ee hene cur magh e mess gyn obbyr laue, gyn greie dy obbragh lesh PC

ooyllagh apple, apple-bearing: boayl elley heemayd biljyn-ooyllagh croym, aarloo dy vrishey fo nyn mess cho trome PC

orchard (pl -yn) orchard: er-gerrey da laadit lesh mess, lesh duilley as lesh blaa ec yn un cheayrt, maskey ny h-ooylyn elley trooid magh yn orchard cha vaik rieau e shilley. PC

orchardyn orchards: Ren mee dou hene garaghyn as orchardyn as hoie mee ayndoo dy chooilley cheint y villey mess Bible

pibbyr (=Ir. peubar) pepper: ayns ynnyd elley gum as spiceyn deyr, nutmeg, cloveyn, pibbyr, frankincense as myrrh, cassia, aloes, mace as cinnamon, dagh mess gaase er biljyn ny thammagyn PC

praddagyn worms: Nee oo garaghyn-feeyney y hoiaghey as lhiasaghey, agh cha jean oo edyr giu jeh'n feeyn, ny'n mess y haglym: son ver ny praddagyn mow ad. Bible

rass pl. rassyn, rassinyn seed, unknit, unravel, unstitch: Lhig dan thalloo gymmyrkey faiyr, yn losserey ceau rass, as y billey gymmyrkey mess Bible [O.Ir. ros]

roish y traa untimely: ve goll-rish mess ben ta er jeet roish y traa Bible

sett (f.) seed, seed potato, set: Ghow eh myrgeddin sett jeh mess y cheer, as phlant eh eh ayns magher messoil Bible

shocklaid (f.) chocolate: Va Cacambo twoaieagh er ghoaill kiarail dy lhieeney e phoagey lesh arran, shocklaid, yskid, mess, as boteil ny ghaa dy feeyn. CnyO

soylley (=Ir. sola) 1 embodiment, enjoyment, fruition, indulgence, matching a: nee ad soylley y ghoaill jeh mess nyn yannoo. Bible; 2 mind picture, mock up, pattern, possession

teih elect, select, single out; picking, plucking: Ta dooinney ny ghaa er ve bochillagh yn thammag as fer elley er ve teih yn mess. EF; option

toshee1 chief, commencing, fore, forward, front, precursory, pre-eminent, prefatory, preliminary, primary, senior, terminal; (gen.) of the beginning: va nyn ayraghyn dooys myr mess toshee yn villey-figgaghsy chied imbagh Bible; pack

vagheragh (y) of the field: As ooilley jagheen thallooin, lhig eh ve jeh troar y vagheragh, ny jeh mess ny biljyn, te lesh y Chiarn Bible

veih shoh magh ever, future, hence, henceforth: Nar ee dooinney erbee mess jeeds veih shoh magh er son dy bragh. Bible; hereafter

vel (interrog.) am, are: Vel mish ayns ynnyd Yee, ter vreaylley void mess y vreïn? Bible; are: Vel oo cheet dy sheeoil? Bible; Is: Vel eh dy mie mayrt? Bible

ymmyrkey magh bear out, carry out: dy jarroo rishyn ta troggit veih ny merriu, dy voddagh shin mess y ymmyrkey magh da Jee. Bible

ymmyrkys bringing forth: Dy bee reeriaght Yee er ny ghoaill veueish, as er ny choyrt da ashoon ymmyrkys magh yn mess echey Bible; behaviourism

goodly (adj.) menoyr: A green olive tree, fair, and of goodly fruit - Billey-olive glass, aalin, as lesh mess menoyr Bible; menoyragh, mie, mieyssagh; ooasle: I have a goodly heritage - ta aym eiraght ooasle Bible; stoamey: And Joseph was a goodly person - as va Joseph ny phersoon stoamey, as feer aalin. Bible; aalin: and when she saw him that he was a goodly child - as tra honnick ee dy row eh ny lhiannoo aalin Bible

of the seed jeh cloan: What man soever of the seed of Aaron is a leper - Dooinney erbee jeh cloan Aaron ta ny lourane Bible; jeh sluight: If Mordecai be of the seed of the Jews - My ta Mordecai jeh sluight ny Hewnyn Bible; jeh troar: whether of the seed of the land, or of the fruit of the tree - lhig eh ve jeh troar y vagheragh, ny jeh mess ny biljyn Bible

on you erriu; (emph.) erriuish; ort: I shan't call on you again, until you invite me - Cha derym shilley ort reesht derrey chuirrys oo mee. JJK idiom; (emph.) orts: May no fruit grow on you ! - Nar aase mess erbee orts! DF idiom; ort-hene

plentifully (adv.) dy palchey: The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully - Ren thalloo dooinney berchagh dy row mess y chur magh dy palchey Bible; dy slane: and how hast thou plentifully declared the thing as it is? - as kys tou dy slane er hoilshaghey yn chooish myr te? Bible

span1 goll harrish; oor; reaish, reish: a span shall be the length thereof, and a span shall be the breadth thereof - bee eh reaish er lhiurid, as reaish er lheead Bible; reaysh: Shall the women eat their fruit, and children of a span long? - jean ny mraane gee mess nyn gorp hene, as cloan jeh lhiurid reaysh? Bivle; seihll: Our mortal span - Yn seihll ain. DF idiom; tammylt; towse ayns reishyn

eunyssyn y vea pleasures of life: As shen huitt mastey drineyn, yn vooinjer, tra t'ad er chlashtyn, ta goll magh as ta plooghit lesh kiarail as berchys, as eunyssyn y vea shoh, as cha vel ad gymmyrkey magh mess gys lhieeney vie. Bible

foddee (=Ir. b'fhéidir) can, mayhap, maybe, perchance, perhaps, possibly, probably: Foddee dy der Joseph dwoaie dooin Bible; may: Jeh mess ooilley biljyn y gharey foddee oo dy arryltagh gee Bible; peradventure: Foddee nagh been ven booiagh cheet marym gys y cheer shoh Bible; able

lhiassit alleged: Ta ny screeunyn bentyn rish haglym lhiassit eddyr yn Ard-scrudeyr as yn Ard-veoir- shee, lurg da'n eear-Ard-shirveishagh, Richard Corkill, v'er ny ghoaill ec ny meoiryn-shee. BS; contrived: Ta'n mess soilshaghey kys va'n billey lhiassit: myr shen ta raa cooishagh veih cree yn dooinney. Apoc; preserved; potted

milley (=Ir. mile) (v.) See mhilley botch, corrupt, debauch, deflower, despoil, disfigure, impair, mar, marring, mess up, muff, murder, ruin, spoil, spoiling, tarnish, vandalism: T'eh milley yn laa. DF; (as work) blemish; corruption, disfigurement, despoliation, impairment; (as vision) blur; (n.) pl. millaghyn thousand: milley as keead thousane dy gheiney Bible [Lat. mille]

nar 1 albeit, even though; 2 when: NAR va ymmydi pobyl chiaggilt kuyjaght, as v'ayd er jiit huggesyn magh as ny hayrd valchyn ully, loyr eshin liorish koghaslys. PB1610; 3 do not a: Nar aase mess erbee orts veih shoh magh er son dy bragh Bible; 4 our


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