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mergey pl. mergaghyn banner, flag, standard: Soie-jee seose mergey ayns y cheer, sheid-jee trumpet trumpet mastey ny ashoonyn Bible; rust: Tan airh as argid eu mergit; as been mergey oc feanish nyn eu Bible

Inexact matches:

gyn mergey rustless

jeeneyder mergey rust preventer

Mergey Bane White Ensign

Mergey Gorrym Blue Ensign

Mergey Jiarg Red Ensign

mergey phrash (f.) verdigris

mergey shleiy banderole

mergey traghtee red ensign

sarjant mergey colour sergeant

jeen noi mergey rustproof

banderole (n.) mergey shleiy

banner (n.) banneyr, brattagh, mergey

Blue Ensign (n.) Mergey Gorrym

colour sergeant (n.) sarjant mergey

Red Ensign (n.) Mergey Jiarg

red ensign (n.) mergey traghtee

rustless (adj.) gyn mergey, neuvergagh

rust preventer (n.) jeeneyder mergey

rustproof (adj.) jeen noi mergey

verdigris (n.) glassar; mergey phrash

White Ensign (n.) Mergey Bane

rust (v.) mergaghey; mergys; (n.) merger, mergey, smooirane ruy

flag1 (n.) brattagh: Don't you see the Danish flag? - Nagh vel shiu fakin yn brattagh Danagh? JJK idiom; cullee; mergey; (v.) lhaggaghey

noi echey against him: Tra hig yn noid shagh myr thooilley, nee Spyrryd y Chiarn troggal seose mergey noi echey. Bible

standard cadjin: Standard Manx - Yn Ghaelg chadjinit. DF idiom; brastyl; bun-towshan: The gold standard - Buntowshan yn airh. DF idiom; bun-towshanagh; keim; mergey; soiechiontys; stundayrt: To come off the gold standard - Dy irree ass stundayrt yn airh. DF idiom; towshan; towshanagh


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