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merchant (n.) marchan: the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man, seeking goodly pearls - ta reeriaght niau dy ve soylit rish marchan va shirrey pearlyn costal Bible; traghtalagh

Inexact matches:

coal merchant (n.) marchan geayil

corn merchant (n.) grineyder, marchan arroo

fur merchant (n.) marchan sheh

grain merchant (n.) marchan grine

hide merchant (n.) marchan sheh

merchant navy (n.) lhuingys hraghtee, lhuingys varchantagh

merchant prince (n.) marchan lajer

merchant seaman (n.) marchantagh; marrinagh

merchant service (n.) lhuingys varchantagh

merchant ship (n.) lhong hraghtee; saagh traghtee

merchant shipping (npl.) lhongyn marchantagh, lhuingys dellal, lhuingys hraghtee

oil merchant (n.) delleyder ooill

rag merchant (n.) marchan shenn eaddeeyn

tea merchant (n.) marchan tey

wine merchant (n.) creckeyder feeyney, marchan feeyney

Merchant Shipping Act (n.) (Amendment); (Lhiasaghey) Slattys Lhuingys-Ghellal

scrap metal merchant (n.) delleyder shenn yiarn, kionneyder prashey

lhuingys hraghtee (f.) merchant navy, merchant shipping

lhuingys varchantagh (f.) merchant navy, merchant service

marchan sheh fur merchant, hide merchant

delleyder ooill oil merchant

grineyder corn merchant

lhongyn marchantagh merchant shipping

lhuingys dellal (f.) merchant shipping

marchan arroo corn merchant

marchan feeyney wine merchant

marchan grine grain merchant

marchan lajer merchant prince

marchantagh mercantile, merchant seaman

marchan tey tea merchant

saagh traghtee merchant ship

creckeyder feeyney vintner, wine merchant

kionneyder prashey scrap metal merchant

marchan geayil coalman, coal merchant

marchan shenn eaddeeyn rag merchant

Slattys Lhuingys-Ghellal (Lhiasaghey); (Amendment) Merchant Shipping Act

traghtalagh merchant, trader, tradesman; dealed

delleyder shenn yiarn scrap metal merchant

lhong hraghtee (f.) freighter, merchantman, merchant ship, tramp steamer

Jew (n.) Ew: This merchant is a Jew - She Ew yn marchan shoh. JJK idiom

marchan pl. marchanyn pl. marchannyn merchant: ta reeriaght niau dy ve soylit rish marchan va shirrey pearlyn costal Bible

marrinagh pl. marrinee deckhand, mariner, merchant seaman, sailor, seafarer, seafaring, seaman: As va John Quilliam, y marrinagh Manninagh ayns flod Nelson Carn


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