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meoir pl. meoiryn (of estate) agent; bailiff, curator, custodian, ganger, keeper, manager, mayor, prefect, steward, supervisor, taskmaster: Va'n anchoodaghey jeant liorish Meoir y valley, Bill Kennedy, as Bob McMillan, veih Honda. BS

Inexact matches:

meoir agglish apparitor, beadle

Meoir Briwnys Judicial Officer

meoir cayrn trumpet major

meoir cheulinney touch judge

meoir colaashtey beadle

meoir custym customs officer

meoir drummey drum major

meoir feiys gamekeeper

meoir keylley forester, verderer, wood keeper

meoir lhuingey chief steward

meoir shapp shop walker

meoir shee (=Ir. maor síthe) constable, cop, copper, policeman: Va guilley goit ec ny meoir-shee er-yn-oyr dy row eh gymmyrkey bombarde, lhig ad y raad da my verragh eh gialdyn daue dyn cloie er. Carn

meoir-shee boodeeys community policeman

meoir slayntoilys sanitary inspector

meoir sthock stockkeeper

meoir stoyr warehouseman

meoir streebee pimp

meoir thie chief butler, major domo

meoir traa timekeeper

meoir traghtey traffic policeman

E Onnor y Meoir His Worship the Mayor

meoir lhong chaggee master-at-arms

meoir ny goyin master of hounds

meoir shee bieauid speed cop

beadle (n.) meoir agglish, meoir colaashtey

agent2 (n.) (of estate) meoir

apparitor (n.) beedyl; meoir agglish

bailiff (n.) baylee; meoir

chief butler (n.) meoir thie

curator (n.) meoir

custodian (n.) freilleyder; meoir

gamekeeper (n.) meoir feiys

ganger (n.) meoir

Judicial Officer (n.) Meoir Briwnys

manager1 (n.) meoir; reireyder

master-at-arms (n.) meoir lhong chaggee

mayor (n.) meoir

pimp (n.) meoir streebee, steet

policeman (n.) meoir shee; poleen

prefect (n.) meoir

sanitary inspector (n.) meoir slayntoilys

shop walker (n.) meoir shapp

steward (n.) meoir, stiurt

stockkeeper (n.) meoir sthock

supervisor (n.) meoir; oaseir; stiureyder

taskmaster (n.) mainshtyr, meoir

timekeeper (n.) meoir traa

touch judge (n.) meoir cheulinney

traffic policeman (n.) meoir traghtey

trumpet major (n.) meoir cayrn

verderer (n.) meoir keylley

wood keeper (n.) meoir keylley

chief steward (n.) ard-veoir, meoir lhuingey

community policeman (n.) meoir-shee boodeeys

constable (n.) kiannoort, meoir shee, poleen

drum major (n.) drummey-veoir, meoir drummey

major general (n.) meoir-ghineraal

speed cop (n.) meoir shee bieauid

warehouseman (n.) guilley stoyr; meoir stoyr

meoir-ghineraal major general

cop (n.) bluggan snaa cughlinagh; meoir shee

customs officer (n.) meoir custym, ronseyder lhuingey

forester (n.) forrester, forster; keylljeyder; meoir keylley

His Worship the Mayor (n.) E Onnor y Meoir

major domo (n.) fer thie mooar, meoir thie

master of hounds (n.) meoir ny goyin

beat1 (v.) bwoalley; yeelt, custey; custhey; geddyn laue yn eaghtyr er: We beat them! - Hooar shin laue yn eaghtyr orroo! DF idiom; yeealley; (n.) ronney: Policeman on his beat - Meoir shee er yn ronney echey. DF idiom

copper1 cobbyr; cobbyragh; (n.) copuir: Copper is red - Ta copuir ruy. JJK idiom; meoir shee; poleen; copper

hounds (npl.) coyin: Master of hounds - Meoir ny goyin. DF idiom; coin: To run with the hare and hunt with the hounds - Roie marish y waagh as shelg marish ny coin. JJK idiom

keeper (n.) arreyder, fer coadee, gard, meoir, teayrtagh; fainey; freilleyder: Lighthouse keeper - Freilleyder thie soilshey. DF idiom

hyndaa er ash2 (dy); (to) turn round: Veeit sheshey Platt as yn meoir feiys oc, Murchadh MacRath, rhiu er y raad gys y cheyll as ren ben Platt guee orroo dy hyndaa er ash. NNS

drogh ellyn unmannerliness: Va'n meoir-shee, Gary Roberts, freggyrt rish baghteyrys veih'n oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed, John Houghton, dy vel rouyr drogh ellyn as meshtallys goll er as cha nel ny meoiryn-shee cur geill da. BS

feanishagh manifest: Ta meoir-shee er ninsh da bing mychione coloayrtys hug er feanishagh cummyssagh dy ve fo ourys dy row dunverys jeant echey. BS; (person) witness


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