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men1 (npl.) deiney: Religion makes men better - Ta craueeaght jannoo deiney ny share. JJK idiom; fir; (ny) vir

men2 (of); (dy) gheiney: The army consists of ninety thousand and six hundred men - Ta kiare feed thousane as jeih as shey keead dy gheiney 'syn armee. JJK idiom

Inexact matches:

above men erskyn deiney

ancient men (npl.) shenn gheiney

black men (npl.) fir ghoo

blind men (npl.) doail

chosen men (npl.) reih deiney

dead men (npl.) merriu

deaf men (npl.) beuyr

fighting men (npl.) fir chaggee

men servants (npl.) fir vooinjerey

mighty men (npl.) treanee; deiney niartal: same became mighty men - haink yn sleih cheddin dy ve deiney niartal Bible; deiney pooaral: and the chief captains, and the mighty men - as ny ardc-haptanyn, as ny deiney pooaral Bible

old men (npl.) shenn gheiney: And king Rehoboam consulted with the old men - As ghow ree Rehoboam coyrle jeh ny shenn gheiney Bible

over men erskyn deiney; harrish deiney

scientific men (npl.) lught ny hoaylleeaght

seafaring men (npl.) deiney ny marrey: How art thou destroyed, that wast inhabited of seafaring men - Kys tou er dty choyrt naardey, oayl mooar deiney ny marrey Bible

strong men (npl.) deiney pooaral: A gracious woman retaineth honour: and strong men retain riches - Ta ben ghraysoil geddyn ooashley, as. deiney pooaral cosney berchys Bible; deiney trean: whose brethren were strong men - ny braaraghyn oc va deiney trean Bible; deiney lajer: And Meshelemiah had sons and brethren, strong men, eighteen - As va ec Meshelemiah mec as braaraghyn, deiney lajer hoght-jeig Bible

young men (npl.) deiney aegey

men of war (npl.) deiney-caggee: And the booty, being the rest of the prey which the men of war had caught - As y spooilley, ta shen, yn chooid elley jehn chragh va ny deiney-caggee er ghoaill Bible; sidooryn: And Eleazar the priest said unto the men of war which went to the battle - As dooyrt Eleazar y saggyrt rish ny sidooryn hie gys y chaggey Bible; treanee caggee: with mighty men, and with all men of war - lesh deiney niartal, as lesh ooilley ny treanee caggee Bible

deiney pooaral mighty men; strong men

shenn gheiney ancient men: ghow ree Rehoboam coyrle jeh ny shenn gheiney Bible; old men

deiney niartal mighty men

deiney trean strong men

erskyn deiney superhuman: My ta e ymmyrkey, dooie, meen, as bannee, s'maynrey e sheshey erskyn deiney elley. Apoc; above men, over men

fir chaggee fighting men

fir ghoo black men; negroes

lught ny hoaylleeaght scientific men

fir men: T'eh mastey ny fir share. DF

beuyr deaf men: t'eh cur chammah er ny beuyr dy chlashtyn Bible

deiney human; men, menfolk: vannee yn pobble ooilley ny deiney Bible; molest, molestation

deiney-caggee men of war: lhig da ooilley ny deiney-caggee tayrn er-gerrey Bible; warriors

doail blind men: ver-ym lhiam ny doail er raad nagh bione daue Bible

vir See fir (ny) gents, men: C'raad ta premmee ny vir? DF

army (n.) armee: The army consists of ninety thousand and six hundred men - Ta kiare feed thousane as jeih as shey keead dy gheiney 'syn armee. JJK idiom; sheshaght chaggee

band4 (n.) (of people) possan; sheshaght: they spied a band of men - honnick ad sheshaght dy gheiney Bible

blasphemers oltooanee: For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers - Son bee ooilley er nyn son oc hene, sayntoilee, boggyssee, mooaralee, oltooanee Bible

bushel (n.) tubbag; saagh: Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel - Chamoo ta sleih foaddey cainle, as dy choyrt ee fo saagh Bible

by her lioree: may strong men have been slain by her - shimmeyn fer trean ter ny ve stroit lioree Bible; (emph.) lioreeish

councils (npl.) coonceilyn: But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils -Agh bee-jee er nyn dwoaie roish deiney, son livrey-ee ad shiu seose gys ny coonceilyn Bible

disputings (npl.) pleadeilyn: Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds - Pleadeilyn camlâgagh deiney dy aignaghyn neu-ghlen Bible

fairer (adj.) aaley; (ny) saalin: Thou art fairer than the children of men - Tou ny saalin na cloan gheiney Bible

famished neeu: and their honourable men are famished - as ta ny deiney oc er ngholl neeusy ghortey Bible

gold airh: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; oar

hundred (n.) keead: A hundred men were taken prisoners - Va keead dooinney goit myr prysoonee. JJK idiom

judgment seats (npl.) stuill-vriwnys: Do not rich men oppress you, and draw you before the judgment seats? - Nagh vel ny berchee jannoo tranlaase erriu, as tayrn shiu fenish stuill-vriwnys ? Bible

make1 jannoo: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; jantys; keint; kiartaghey; slanaghey; (y) yannoo: He can do that without me - Foddee eh shen y yannoo m'egooish. JJK idiom

marvellous acts (npl.) obbraghyn yindyssagh: So that men shall speak of the might of thy marvellous acts - Myr shen dy jean sleih loayrt jeh niart dtobbraghyn yindyssagh Bible

mingle (v.) covestey, mestey; seiy: they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men - nee ad seiy ad hene fud sluight deiney Bible

officers (npl.) oaseiryn; offishearyn; stiurtyn; fir oik: The officers and the men - Ny fir oik as ny fir. DF idiom

old women (npl.) cailleeyn; shenn vraane: There shall yet old men and old women dwell in the streets of Jerusalem - Nee shenn gheiney, as shenn vraane foast cummal ayns straïdyn Yerusalem Bible

preserver (n.) fer freayll, freaylleyder, freilleyder; saualtagh: O thou preserver of men - O uss Saualtagh deiney Bible

punishment (n.) cooilleeney, kerragh, pennys, reealley; kerraghey: On the great men will come exemplary punishment - Er ny ard gheiney hig ard cherraghey. DF idiom

quit (v.) faagail, scughey; ymmyrk: Quit you like men - Ymmyrk shiu hene myr deiney. DF idiom; feayshlit: then we will be quit of thine oath - eisht vees shinyn feayshlit veihn loo Bible

rowed jastanagh; roait; gymmyrt: Nevertheless the men rowed hard to bring it to the land Ny-yeih, ren ny deiney gymmyrt dy doccaragh, dy chosney yn thalloo Bible; ymmyrtit

scarce (adj., adv.) chiark; tiark: Good men are only scarce - Cha nel ny deiney mie agh tiark. DF idiom; goan, goaun, goun; neuhonnyssagh; scoan, s'coan

shall drive eiyree: And they shall drive thee from men - As eiyree ad magh oo veih deiney Bible

shepherds (npl.) bochillyn: And the men are shepherds, - As she bochillyn ny deiney Bible

slaves (npl.) raanteenyn; slaveyn: wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and slaves, and souls of men - curnaght, as ollagh, as kirree, as cabbil, as fainee, as slaveyn, as anmeenyn deiney Bible; sleabyn

stand with shassoo lesh; shassoo marish: these are the names of the men that shall stand with you - shoh enmyn ny deiney nee shassoo mêriu Bible

suborned (v.) daill: Then they suborned men, which said, We have heard him speak blasphemous words - Eisht daill ad deiney dy ghra, Ta shin er chlashtyn eh shoh loayrt goan-mollaghtagh Bible

taken1 goit: A hundred men were taken prisoners - Va keead dooinney goit myr prysoonee. JJK idiom; gowit

thence (adv.) veih shid, veih'n traa shen; veih shen: And the men rose up from thence - As hrog ny deiney orroo veih shen Bible

those (pron) ad shen: Those are the errors to which men are most prone - Ad shen ny marranyn hug ta deiney smoo croymmey. JJK idiom; ad shid

walked shooillit; shooylt; hooyl; hooill; huill: And Abner and his men walked all that night through - As huill Abner as e gheiney fud-ny-hoie shen Bible

warriors (npl.) fir-chaggee; deiney-caggee: an hundred and fourscore thousand chosen men, which were warriors - keead as kiare-feed thousane reih deiney-caggee

deiney aegey young men: nee ny deiney aegey eu ashlishyn y akin, as ny shenn gheiney eu dreamallyn y ghreamal Bible

deiney lajer strong men: Eisht ren ny deiney lajer oc scughey nyn gampyn er y laa shen Apoc

fir vooinjerey men servants: deie eh er jees jeh ny fir vooinjerey echey as er sidoor crauee jeusyn va dy kinjagh mygeayrt-y-mysh Bible

gheiney2 (dy); (of) men: kiongoyrt rish thie Yee, haggil huggey ass Israel sheshaght feer vooar dy gheiney, as mraane Bible

harrish deiney over men: Shegin dasyn ta reill harrish deiney ve cairagh, reill ayns aggle Yee Bible

merriu dead men, departed souls: as sheid ennal ayns ny merriu shoh Bible; (the) dead; departed

reih deiney chosen men: As haink noi Gibeah jeih thousane reih deiney ass ooilley Israel Bible

sidooryn garrison, men of war, soldiery, troops: As er-y-chooyl ghow eh sidooryn as captanyn-keead, as roie eh sheese huc: as tra honnick ad yn ard-chaptan as ny sidooryn, scuirr ad dy woalley Paul. Bible

treanee mighty men, tyrants: Nee shiu gee feill ny treanee, as giu fuill princeyn y thallooin Bible

treanee caggee men of war: lesh cabbil as fainee, lesh deiney niartal, as lesh ooilley ny treanee caggee Bible

approved coontit mie jeh; lowit; jeh goo mie: acceptable to God, and approved of men - ayns foayr rish Jee, as jeh goo mie mastey deiney Bible; soiaghey jeh: a man approved of God among you - dooinney ren Jee soiaghey jeh nyn mast' eu Bible

assemble1 (v.) chaglym: they assemble themselves for corn and wine - tad chaglym cooidjagh son arroo as feeyn Bible; co-chruinnaghey; cur ry-cheilley; mustyral; tayrn cooidjagh: Assemble me the men of Judah - Tayrn cooidjagh hyms deiney Yudah Bible; chaglym cooidjagh; chaggle: Assemble yourselves and come - Chaggle jee shiu hene as tar-jee Bible

binding (n.) boandey; (adj.) boandagh; kianglagh; tartagh; (v.) kiangley: we were binding sheaves in the field - va shin kiangley bunneeyn sy vagher Bible; kianley: binding and delivering into prisons both men and women - kianley as livrey gys pryssoonyn chammah deiney as mraane Bible

booty (n.) cragh: And their camels shall be a booty - As bee ny camelyn oc son cragh Bible; griu; spooilley: And the booty, being the rest of the prey which the men of war had caught - As y spooilley, ta shen, yn chooid elley jehn chragh va ny deiney- caggee er ghoaill Bible; griu-vaarlee

cannot cha nod: Gold and silver cannot make men happy - Cha nod airh as argid jannoo deiney maynrey. JJK idiom; cha vod: He who doesn't respect his father cannot be a good man - Eshyn nagh vel cur arrym da e ayr, cha vod eh ve ny ghooinney mie. JJK idiom

carnal (adj.) callinagh: but I am carnal, sold under sin - agh ta mish callinagh creckit fo peccah Bible; foalley: are ye not carnal, and walk as men? - nagh vel shiu foalley, as gimmeeaght myr deiney? Bible; seihltagh: is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things? - nee madyr mooar eh my nee mayd buinn ny nheeghyn seihltagh eu? Bible

chasten (v.) kerraghey, smaghtey, custey; smaghtee: neither chasten me in thy displeasure - chamoo smaghtee mee ayns dty yymmoose Bible; smaghtagh: I will chasten him with the rod of men - neems smaghtagh eh lesh slatt gheiney Bible; smaghtaghey: neither chasten me in thy heavy displeasure - chamoo jean my smaghtaghey ayns dty yymmoose hrome

commanded doardee: And I commanded Joshua at that time - As doardee mee Joshua ec y traa shen Bible; goardail: And the congregation sent thither twelve thousand men of the valiantest, and commanded them - As hug y cheshaght nyn daa housane jeig jeh ny deiney sdunnal, goardail daue; haree: They commanded - Haree ad. DF idiom; oardit: and I did in the morning as I was commanded - as ren meesy voghrey myr ve oardit dou Bible; oardrit; hug currym er: And he commanded them - As hug eh currym orroo Bible

craftiness (n.) cluigid, clugeid, cluigys, crout, croutid; croutys: He taketh the wise in their own craftiness - Teh goaill yn vooinjer chreeney ayns y chroutys oc hene Bible; kialg; kialgys; (npl.) croutyn: by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness - liorish kialgyn deiney, as ny croutyn cluicagh Bible

engagement (n.) co-chaggey; currym; failley; gialdynys; goaill greme; naishtey; cah: Two thousand five hundred and thirty-four men were killed in this engagement - Va daa housane queig keead as tree jeig as feed dy gheiney er nyn marroo ayns y chah shoh. JJK idiom

even now nish hene; eer nish: My daughter is even now dead - Ta minneen eer nish paartail Bible; eer ec y traa shoh: even now there be come to me from mount Ephraim two young men - eer ec y traa shoh ter jeet hyms veih slieau Ephraim daa ghooinney aegey Bible; eer foast: But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou wilt ask of God - Agh ta fys aym, eer foast, cre-erbee nee oo y yeearree er Jee Bible; dy jarroo nish: even now are there many antichrists - dy jarroo nish ta ymmodee anchreesteenyn ayn Bible

lay up (v.) cur ny haaue; cur stiagh; stoyral; tashtey; tayrn ass yn aarkey; (impv) tasht-jee; stoyr-jee: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven - Agh stoyr-jee seose berchys diu hene ayns niau Bible; tasht seose: and lay up his words in thine heart - as tasht seose e ghoan ayns dty chree Bible; stoyrey seose: Wise men lay up knowledge - Ta deiney creeney stoyrey seose creenaght Bible

palsy (n.) chingys craaee: my servant lieth at home sick of the palsy - ta my er-mooinjerey ny lhie ching ec y thie jehn chingys-craaee Bible; chingys neulheiltagh, neulheiltys; chingys; palsee: men brought in a bed a man which was taken with a palsy - hug sleih lhieu ayns lhiabbee dooinney va ching jehn palsee bible

pilots (npl.) pilotyn: the mariners, and all the pilots of the sea - ny shiolteyryn, as ooilley pilotyn ny marrey Bible; deiney-stiuree: thy wise men, O Tyrus, that were in thee, were thy pilots - va ny deiney schleïoil ayd hene dty gheiney-stiuree, O Tyrus Bible

race (n.) area, arey, clash, race, stroo; dooghys, reis; ratch, ratçh: Leading car in a race - Gleashtan toshee ayns ratch. DF idiom; roie: His race is run - Ta'n roie echey roit. DF idiom; kynney: The human race - Yn kynney deiney. DF idiom; sluight: He comes from a long race of seafaring men - Marrinnee va'n sluight echey er dy rieau. DF idiom; fraue; (v.) ratchal, roie ratch

rose up (v.) dirree: And rose up, and thrust him out of the city - As dirree ad, as deiyr ad eh magh ass yn ard-valley Bible; hrog: And the men rose up from thence - As hrog ny deiney orroo veih shen Bible; dirree seose: thou hast overthrown them that rose up against thee - tou er choyrt fo-chosh adsyn dirree seose dtoi Bible

since the beginning er-dyn hoshiaght: For since the beginning of the world men have not heard - Son er-dyn toshiaght y theihll cha vel deiney er chlashtyn Bible; er-dy hoshiaght: such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time - lheid as nagh row er-dy hoshiaght y theihll gys y traa tayn nish Bible

slay (v.) cur gy baase, marroo; marr: Slay my two sons, if I bring him not to thee - Marr my ghaa vac, mannagh derym Bible; mar: Bring these men home, and slay - Cur lhiat ny deiney shoh thie as mar-jee Bible; stroie; (n.) sling fidderagh

tribute mayl, tack; moylley, onnor; keeshyn; fo keesh: and became a servant unto tribute - as haink eh dy ve ny harvaant fo keesh Bible; keesh: And levy a tribute unto the Lord of the men of war - As trog keesh dan Chiarn jeh ny deiney, hie magh gys y chaggey Bible

understood ry hoiggal; toiggit: known and read of all men - toiggit as lhait liorish dy chooilley ghooinney Bible; hoig: And they understood that the ark of the Lord was come into the camp - As hoig ad dy row arg y Chiarn er jeet gys y champ Bible

victuals (n.) cooid-veaghee; beaghey: Take victuals with you for the journey - Gow-jee beaghey mêriu son y jurnah Bible; bee: And the men took of their victuals - As ghow ny ard-gheiney jehn bee oc Bible; oltaghey-bea: And he enquired of the Lord for him, and gave him victuals - As ren eh briaght jehn Chiarn er e hon: as hug eh oltaghey-bea da Bible

wont (n.) oash; (v.) boallagh: quicken me, according as thou art wont - cur bree ayn-ym myr boallagh oo Bible; bollagh: They were wont to speak in old time - Bollagh ad grasy chenn earish Bible; cliaghtey: was I ever wont to do so unto thee? - row mee rieau cliaghtey dy yannoo myr shoh dhyt? Bible; oallagh: and to all the places where David himself and his men were wont to haunt - as gys dy chooilley ynnyd va David as e gheiney oayllagh dy haaghey bible; oayllagh rish

you would wish bailliu: What would ye that I should do for you? - Cre bailliu mee dy yannoo er nyn son? Bible; bailt: What wilt thou that I should do unto thee? - Cre bailt mee dy yannoo er dty hon? Bible; (emph.) bailliuish: Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, - Shen-y-fa dy chooilley nhee cre erbee bailliuish deiney dy yannoo riuish Bible

deiney ny marrey seafaring men: 17 As troggee ad seose accan treih er dty hon, as jir ad rhyt, Kys t'ou er dty choyrt naardey, oayl mooar deiney ny marrey, yn ard-valley ooasle, va lajer ayns yn aarkey, ish as ny cummaltee eck hug nyn dappey vouesyn ooilley va taaghey huic. Bible


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