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meill (=Ir. meill) (f.) pl. meillyn beading, rim; (of tyre) bead; (of reapers) band; lip: Yeeagh yn eayst er y ven as mongey er e meill. Dhoor

Inexact matches:

jannoo meill pout, sulk, sulking

meill sinshley lower lip

meill syrjey upper lip

gee ny meill mouthing

band5 (n.) (of reapers) meail, meil, meill

bead3 (n.) (of tyre) meil, meill

beading (n.) beedyn; meil; meill

lip1 (n.) meil; meill; meillagh

lower lip (n.) meill sinshley

sulking jannoo meill

upper lip (n.) meill syrjey

cowslip (n.) meill-baa; oenyn

labio-dental (adj.) meill-eeacklagh

labiovelar (adj.) meill-choghooysagh

sulk (v.) jannoo meill; (n.) pooitch; smull

meill-baa (f.) cowslip

meill-choghooysagh labiovelar

meill-eeacklagh labio-dental

pout cur puiss er, jannoo meill; puiss; soodrey

rim beeal; feegan; kiarkyl; meil; meill; oirr; rimmey

mouthing (v.) coraaghey; gee ny meill; jannoo lane beeal jeh

brishey trooid breakthrough: Ta my chraueyn brishey trooid my chrackan as m'eill Bible

scoan scarce, scarcely: scoan nee my chraueyn lhiantyn gys m'eill Bible

craue (=Ir. cnámh, Sc.G. cnàimh) (f.) pl. craueyn 1 bone a: Shoh nish craue jeh my chraueyn, as feill jeh m'eill Bible; 2 wild garlic; 3 (v.) crow, whine [O.Ir. cnám]

frappal1 crack, crackle, crepitate, ring out, smack, to go pop: Ren eh frappal ny meill echey. DF

oaighyn catacombs: ny oaighyn fosley lhean nyn meill livrey's ny merriu t'oc ayns nyn dreishteil PC


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