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meeyl (=Ir. míol, Sc.G. mial) (f.) pl. meeylyn gnat, insect, midge: Foddee dy row druight er, ny praddag ny meeyl ghlass. Dhoor; louse [O.Ir. míol]

Inexact matches:

meeyl cheylley (f.) wood louse

meeyl cheyrragh (f.) (sheep tick) ked; sheep louse

meeyl chirkey (f.) chicken louse

meeyl chrackan (f.) ringworm

meeyl chraitnagh (f.) bat louse

meeyl chrauee (f.) praying mantis

meeyl chreen (f.) ringworm, sow bug, woodworm

meeyl farnee (f.) alderfly

meeyl fouyir (f.) harvest bug

meeyl ghailley (f.) roundworm

meeyl gheinnee (f.) sandfly

meeyl ghlass (f.) aphis, greenfly: Foddee dy row druight er, ny praddag ny meeyl ghlass. Dhoor

meeyl ghuillag (f.) leaf insect

meeyl goord (f.) squash beetle

meeyl hellanagh (f.) bee louse

meeyl lhiabbagh bedbug

meeyl mooar (f.) whale

meeyl phoanrey (f.) beanplant louse

meeyl Spaainagh (f.) Spanish fly

meeyl vaaigagh (f.) crab louse

meeyl voalley (f.) wall louse

meeyl voddee (f.) dog louse

baatey meeyl mooar whaleboat, whaler

lus ny meeyl (f.) cockscomb

meeyl ny dubbaghyn (f.) water spider

meeyl ny gabbil (f.) horse louse

meeyl ny giark (f.) chicken louse

meeyl ny lossreeyn (f.) plant louse

meeyl ny muick (f.) sow louse

shelgeyr meeyl mooar whale-boat, whaler

shelgyr meeyl mooar whaleboat

chicken louse (n.) meeyl chirkey, meeyl ny giark

ringworm (n.) chenney Jee, chingey jee, meeyl chrackan, meeyl chreen

whaleboat (n.) baatey meeyl mooar, baatey muc marrey, shelgyr meeyl mooar

whaler (n.) baatey meeyl mooar, baatey muc marrey, shelgeyr meeyl mooar

alderfly (n.) meeyl farnee

aphis (n.) meeyl ghlass

bat louse (n.) meeyl chraitnagh

beanplant louse (n.) meeyl phoanrey

bedbug (n.) meeyl lhiabbagh

bee louse (n.) meeyl hellanagh

dog louse (n.) meeyl voddee

gnat (n.) meeyl, quill

greenfly (n.) meeyl ghlass

harvest bug meeyl fouyir

insect (n.) shey-chassagh, beishteig, meeyl

leaf insect (n.) meeyl ghuillag

louse (n.) dreeym-lheeah, meeyl

roundworm (n.) meeyl ghailley

sandfly (n.) meeyl gheinnee

sow bug (n.) meeyl chreen

Spanish fly (n.) meeyl Spaainagh

squash beetle (n.) meeyl goord

wall louse (n.) meeyl voalley

whale-boat shelgeyr meeyl mooar

woodworm (n.) meeyl chreen

crab louse (n.) meeyl vaaigagh, thollag

horse louse (n.) meeyl ny gabbil

insectivorous (adj.) beishteig-eeagh, meeyl-eeagh

midge (n.) crooag skianagh, meeyl, quill

plant louse (n.) meeyl ny lossreeyn

meeyl-eeagh insectivorous

cockscomb (n.) keyjeen, lus ny meeyl, lus y chellee

ked (n.) (sheep tick) carthan keyrragh, crouan keyrragh, meeyl cheyrragh

praying mantis (n.) fadeyrag, mantys crauee, meeyl chrauee, padjerey

sheep louse (n.) carthan keyrragh, crouan, meeyl cheyrragh

sow louse (n.) meeyl ny muick; sar

water spider (n.) meeyl ny dubbaghyn, sneeuane ushtey

whale (n.) meeyl mooar, muc varrey, whale; (v.) shelg yn vuc varrey

wood louse (n.) collagh saggyrt, meeyl cheylley, muc ny ferrishyn

praddag (f.) pl. praddagyn caterpillar, cutworm: Foddee dy row druight er, ny praddag ny meeyl ghlass. Dhoor


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