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meenaghey (v.) define, explain, expound, tame: er ny lhieeney da gyn meenaghey dy vyghin, ayns cappan e yymmoose Bible; (n.) definition, exposition

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definition (n.) baght, geyrid, keeayllaght, meenaghey

exposition (n.) meenaghey; soilshaghey magh; taishbynys

tame1 (v.) beasaghey, meeinaghey, meenaghey; (adj.) neuvioyr, dree

define (v.) cur baght er, cur teorey rish, jannoo magh, meenaghey

expound (v.) cur magh er ard; meenaghey; cur bun er

seyraanaght citizenship: ta possan kynneeagh goll er meenaghey myr 'possan dy 'leih er ny veenaghey liorish daah'n chrackan, kynney, ashoonaght (goaill stiagh seyraanaght), ny bunyn kynneeagh, ny bunyn ashoonagh. Carn

Slattys Cooidjaght Chynneeagh Race Relations Act: Syn ynnyd jeh shen, ta reiltys yn RU meenaghey mynlught ashoonagh myr 'possan kynneeagh', geiyrt er Slattys Cooidjaght Chynneeagh ayns 1976. Carn

tayrn magh ass educe, extricate, extrication: Agh ny yei shen as ooilley, foddee meenaghey ennagh goll er tayrn magh ass y Co-chruinnaght Crauelagh. Carn

explain (v.) ceau soilshey er: I cannot explain it - Cha noddym ceau soilshey er. DF idiom; cur baght er; meenaghey; soilshaghey: I am going to explain to you the rule, which is the most difficult of all - Soilsheeym dhyt yn reill s'doillee jeh ooilley. JJK idiom


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