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meanagh (=Ir. meánach) central, centre, centric, centrical, intermediate, medial, median, medium, medium sized, mid, middlemost, middle sized: hoie ad ayns y yiat meanagh Bible

Inexact matches:

Balley Meanagh Balleymena, Middle Farm

boalley meanagh partition wall

breeockle meanagh central vowel

Burroo Meanagh Middle Round Hill

ceaghley meanagh medial mutation

Close Meanagh Middle Enclosure

Cronk Meanagh Middle Hill

Curragh Meanagh Middle Marsh

Doolish Meanagh Douglas Central

Faaie Meanagh Middle Flat

fer meanagh intermediary, mediator: gial shoo o aer myghinagh ta shuin gui oyrts, tryid Iesy khriyst nan ierr meynagh as ghiani shuin riist. PB1610

freeney meanagh centre pin

Garee Meanagh Middle Shrubbery

Heashyn Meanagh (Ny) Middle Ages

Kerroo Meanagh Middle Quarter

kiarkyl meanagh magpie

Liargee Meanagh Middle Slope

lieh-chooylee meanagh centre half

Magher Meanagh Middle Field

maidjey meanagh middle oar

Moanee Meanagh Middle Turbary

sampleyr meanagh average sample

Shooylaghan Meanagh Central Promenade

stashoon meanagh central station

Thie Meanagh Middle House

towse meanagh average

traa meanagh standard time

ynnyd meanagh mid point

ard valley meanagh metropolis

kione y chiauill meanagh mainsheet

meanagh y gheuree midwinter

sy çharrym meanagh in the mid term

average sample (n.) sampleyr meanagh

Balleymena (n.) Balley Meanagh

central (n., adj.) meanagh

Central Promenade Shooylaghan Meanagh

central station (n.) stashoon meanagh

central vowel (n.) breeockle meanagh

centre half (n.) lieh-chooylee meanagh

centre pin (n.) freeney meanagh

centric (adj.) laaragh, meanagh

centrical (adj.) laaragh; meanagh

Douglas Central (n.) Doolish Meanagh

intermediate (n., adj.) meanagh

medial (adj.) meanagh

medial mutation (n.) ceaghley meanagh

median (n.) mean-linney; (v.) meanagh

medium sized (adj.) lieh-vooar, meanagh

mid (adj.) meanagh

Middle Farm (n.) Balley Meanagh

Middle Field (n.) Magher Meanagh

Middle Flat (n.) Faaie Meanagh

Middle House (n.) Thie Meanagh

Middle Marsh (n.) Curragh Meanagh

middle oar (n.) maidjey meanagh

Middle Quarter (n.) Kerroo Meanagh

Middle Shrubbery (n.) Garee Meanagh

middle sized (adj.) meanagh

Middle Turbary (n.) Moanee Meanagh

mid point (n.) ynnyd meanagh

partition wall (n.) boalley meanagh

intermediary (n.) fer meanagh; eddyr-ghoaillagh; eddyr-ghoaillee

magpie (n.) kiarkyl meanagh; madje; pieanat

medium1 cossylagh, meanagh; mean; saase

metropolis (n.) ard valley meanagh, moir-valley

middlemost (adj.) mean: the building was straitened more than the lowest and the middlemost from the ground - van buildal goit stiagh ny smoo na van ayrn sinshley as y mean veihn thalloo Bible; meanagh: galleries were higher than these, than the lower, and than the middlemost of the building - va ny gallereeyn ny syrjey na ad shoh, nan chamyr sinjil ny meanagh yn vuildal Bible

Middle Round Hill (n.) Burroo Meanagh

in the mid term sy çharrym meanagh

mediator (n.) sheealtagh, fer eddyr ayd, mediatur, fer meanagh

Middle Ages (npl.) (Ny) Heashyn Meanagh; (Ny) Mean Eashyn

Middle Enclosure (n.) Close Meanagh, Close Mean

Middle Hill (n.) Tholt Mean, Cronk Mean, Cronk Meanagh

Middle Slope (n.) Liargee Veanagh, Liargee Meanagh

standard time (n.) traa cadjinit, traa meanagh

mainsheet (n.) kione y chiauill meanagh, scoid yn shiauill mooar

midwinter (n.) ard gheurey; doolagh ny bleeaney; meanagh y gheuree

average mean: We will strike an average - Trogmayd mean. DF idiom; towse meanagh; troggal mean er

centre cree, laare, ynnyd; mean: The centre of the table - Mean y voayrd. DF idiom; boayl: Shopping centre - Boayl shappal. DF idiom; laaragh, meanagh

barr pl. barryn bar: As nee barr meanagh ny buird roshtyn veih kione dy kione. Bible

er lheead broad, in breadth, in width, wide: van chiamyr meanagh shey cubityn er lheead Bible; abroad

er y gherrid lately, recently: Va fo-reihys ayns Divlyn Meanagh er y gherrid. Carn

gallereeyn galleries: Nish va ny shamyryn syrjey ny scooney: son va ny gallereeyn ny syrjey na ad shoh, nan chamyr sinjil ny meanagh yn vuildal Bible

haree commanded: Haree Ian Mac Phaidin ny sidooryn Goaldagh sy Hiar Meanagh dy jeeragh lurg y chaggey sy ghulf sy vlein nuy cheead jeig, kiare feed as nane-jeig. BS

mayrnaght (f.) duration, remainder, survival: Jannoo shickyr mayrnaght jeh'n chengey as cultoor Gaelgagh ayns Oirr ny Gaeil Meanagh. Dhoor

Medall (Sheading) Middle: Agh nish ta nane as daeed sy cheead (41%) dy voteyryn ny smoo na'n earroo meanagh shen ayns Medall, as tree-jeig as feed sy cheead (33%) ny smoo ayns Garff. BS

Oirr ny Gaeil Argyll: Jannoo shickyr mayrnaght jeh'n chengey as cultoor Gaelgagh ayns Oirr ny Gaeil Meanagh. Dhoor

tempreilys (of air) temperature: She jeih keim va'n tempreilys laaoil meanagh sy vee - mysh lieh-cheim ny s'inshley na'n mean harrish traa foddey. BS

tempreilyssyn temperatures: Tempreilyssyn-marrey meanagh son y clane vlein as son ny meeghyn- souree, v'ad ny shlee na ny meanyn son y cheead blein s'jerree. BS


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