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meainagh metal bearing, metallic, metalliferous; mineral: Reeriaght y stoo meainagh. DF; mine; miner; ore

Inexact matches:

baatey meainagh mine layer

geayl meainagh pit coal

jeshaghteyr meainagh mining engineer

keeshyn meainagh (f.) mineral dues

kiartyn meainagh mineral rights

plait meainagh metal plate

sheean meainagh clang

stoo meainagh miner, minerals

ushtey meainagh table water; mineral water

clang cling; clingeraght; sheean meainagh; (v.) jannoo sheean meainagh

miner (n.) meainagh, meaineyder, meaineydeyr, stoo meainagh

ore (n.) meain; meainagh: Ore poor in metal - Meainagh er beggan meain. DF idiom

metal bearing (adj.) meainagh

metallic (n., adj.) meainagh

metalliferous (adj.) meainagh

metal plate (n.) plait meainagh

mineral (adj.) meainagh

mineral dues (npl.) keeshyn meainagh

mineral rights (npl.) kiartyn meainagh

mining engineer (n.) jeshaghteyr meainagh

table water (n.) ushtey meainagh

mine layer (n.) baatey meainagh, meaineyder

minerals (npl.) stoo meainagh, stoo meainey

mineral water (n.) jough vioyral, ushtey meainagh

pit coal geayl meainagh; guilley meainey

engineer (v.) cur er bun; (n.) jeshaghteyr: Mining engineer - Jeshaghteyr meainagh. DF idiom

dues (npl.) feeaghyn: Dues and tolls - Feeaghyn as taillaghyn. DF idiom; keeshyn: Mineral dues - Keeshyn meainagh. DF idiom

floating er snaue: Floating mine - Meainagh er snaue. DF idiom; seyr; shiaulley: Floating his yacht on the pond - Shiaulley e vurling er y dubbey. DF idiom; skeaylt; snaue; so-ghleashagh

mine lhiams, lhiam's: It's mine, yours, his, hers, ours, yours, theirs - T'ee lhiams, lhiats, leshyn, lheeish, lhienyn, lhiuish, lhieusyn. JJK idiom; (n.) meain; meainagh; slogh; (v.) toghailt; ayms: Mine doesn't keep good time - Cha nel yn fer ayms cummal traa mie. JJK idiom; my


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