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meain choodee (f.) sheeting

meain (f.) pl. meainyn metal, ore: Hug ad raaue dou ayns ny screeuyn dy row yn meain shoh sollit lesh goulraght, t'ee cur magh beggan dy ghoulyn alpha. Carn; mine

Inexact matches:

lheanaghey meain hammer down

meain airh (f.) goldmine

meain alkalaih (f.) alkali metal

meain argid (f.) silver-mine

meain chaghlaaee (f.) transition metal

meain chluig (f.) bell metal

meain chobbyr (f.) copper-mine

meain chray-alkalaihagh (f.) alkaline earth metal

meain gheayil (f.) coalmine, colliery

meain ghorrym (f.) zinc

meain ghunney (f.) gun metal

meain hollan (f.) salt-mine

meain leoaie (f.) lead-mine, lead mine

meain lhean (f.) sheet metal

meain sulfur (f.) sulphur-mine

meain Vabbit (f.) Babbitt metal

meain yiarn (f.) iron-mine

cur meain er metallize

Howe ny Meain Mine Headland

ore (n.) meain; meainagh: Ore poor in metal - Meainagh er beggan meain. DF idiom

alkali metal (n.) meain alkalaih

Babbitt metal (n.) meain Vabbit

bell metal (n.) meain chluig

coalmine (n.) meain gheayil

colliery (n.) meain gheayil

copper-mine (n.) meain chobbyr

goldmine (n.) meain airh

gun metal (n.) meain ghunney

iron-mine (n.) meain yiarn

lead mine (n.) meain leoaie

lead-mine (n.) meain leoaie

salt-mine (n.) meain hollan

sheeting (n.) meain choodee

sheet metal (n.) meain lhean

silver-mine (n.) meain argid

sulphur-mine (n.) meain sulfur

transition metal (n.) meain chaghlaaee

zinc (n.) meain ghorrym, shinc

alkaline earth metal (n.) meain chray-alkalaihagh

metallurgy (n.) meain-oayllys; meaineraght

Mine Headland (n.) Howe ny Meain

mineralogist (n.) meain-oaylee

meain-oaylee mineralogist

meain-oayllys (f.) metallurgy

hammer down (v.) broilley, bwoalley sheese, lheanaghey meain

metallize (v.) cur meain er; meainaghey; vulcaanaghey

acid (adj.) geayr, gort, sharroo; (n.) stoo gort: Treat metal with acid - Stoo gort y obbraghey er meain. DF idiom; geayrag

metal (n.) claghyn brisht, meain; (v.) macadamaghey; metal: Iron is heavy, lead is heavier, platinum is the heaviest metal - Ta yiarn trome, ta leoaie ny strimmey, ta platin yn metal s'trimmey. JJK idiom

goulraght (f.) radiation: Hug ad raaue dou ayns ny screeuyn dy row yn meain shoh sollit lesh goulraght, t'ee cur magh beggan dy ghoulyn alpha. Carn

lhaggan depression: Va meain ayns shen bleeantyn as bleeantyn er dy henney, agh huitt ram jeh veih my cheilley, ren faagail lhaggan mooar sy thalloo as cummey echey ta goll rish cughlin ta bun ry skyn. Carn; dimple

mine lhiams, lhiam's: It's mine, yours, his, hers, ours, yours, theirs - T'ee lhiams, lhiats, leshyn, lheeish, lhienyn, lhiuish, lhieusyn. JJK idiom; (n.) meain; meainagh; slogh; (v.) toghailt; ayms: Mine doesn't keep good time - Cha nel yn fer ayms cummal traa mie. JJK idiom; my


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