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mea fat, luxuriant, rich, thick: bee yn joan jeant mea lesh meeaylys. Bible; juicy; plump; productive

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coll mea chenopodium, goosefoot

lossan mea (f.) phosphorescence

luddan mea phosphorescence: T'eh cur er luddan-mea dy hoilshean ny yeï Bible

thalloo mea rich soil

coll mea jiarg red goosefoot

mea lesh meeaylys fat with fatness: bee yn thalloo oc er ny lhieeney harrish lesh fuill, as yn joan jeant mea lesh meeaylys. Bible

mea lesh riurid fat with fatness: Ta cliwe y Chiarn lane lesh foill; te mea lesh riurid, as lesh faill eayin as goair Bible

She nyn mea (intj) You're welcome: She nyn mea diu ooilley. DF

She nyn mea diu ooilley (intj) Hullo everybody

Ta X bannaghey nyn mea Welcome to X

fat with fatness mea lesh riurid: it is made fat with fatness - te mea lesh riurid Bible; mea lesh meeaylys: and their dust made fat with fatness - as yn joan jeant mea lesh meeaylys Bible

phosphorescence (n.) lossan; lossan mea; luddan mea; sheelmarnee

chenopodium (n.) coll mea

rich soil (n.) thalloo mea

goosefoot (n.) coll maa, coll mea

luxuriant (adj.) maa; mea; rank; soylleysagh

plump beeit; cullagh; mea; roauyr

red goosefoot (n.) coll mea jiarg

You're welcome (intj) She nyn mea

Hullo everybody (intj) She nyn mea diu ooilley

juicy (adj.) lane soo, sooagh, soolagh; mea, taaishlagh

productive (adj.) bishee, breyagh, jeeillagh, troaragh; messoil; mea

rich1 berchagh, berçhagh: You're as rich as I - Ta shiuish cha berchagh as mish. JJK idiom; costallagh; dowin; lajer; mea; menoyr; menoyragh

thick1 chiu, choo: The ink is too thick - Ta'n doo ro hiu. JJK idiom; er cheeid, mea, neuhoiggaltagh, vooar rish y cheilley; roauyr: The snow fell thick - Huitt y sniaghtey roauyr. DF idiom

Welcome to X Failt erriu gys X, Ta X cur failt erriu, Ta X bannaghey nyn mea

ard-eunys ecstasy; bliss: cre va'n red mie shen, va son ard-eunys cloan gheiney, lhisagh ad y yannoo fo niau ooilley laghyn nyn mea. Bible

craueeaght (f.) devoutness, devotion, godliness, piety, religion, virtue: Ayns craueeaght as cairys kiongoyrt rish, ooilley laghyn nyn mea Bible

follanys haleness, healthiness, salubrity, soundness, wholesomeness: Ta carrey firrinagh follanys nyn mea, as adsyn ta ayns aggle y Chiarn yiow ad e lheid. Apoc

geuley pl. geulaghyn bond, chain, manacle, shackle: ooilley laghyn nyn mea fo geuley bondiaght Bible; fetter

hashoonee (ny); (the) peoples: Son s'lioar dooin son y traa jeh nyn mea t'er n'gholl shaghey dy ve er n'yannoo aigney ny Hashoonee Bible

voïnyn from us: Ta shin guee erriu, vraaraghyn, as coyrlaghey shiu liorish y Chiarn Yeesey, 'naght myr ta shiu er n'ynsaghey voïnyn kys lhisagh shiu nyn mea y ymmyrkey? PB1765

fat blennick; eeh; geirr; keish; maa, mea; riurey, roauyrey; sahll: Spread fat on a fat pig's arse - Slaa sahll er thoyn muc roauyr. DF idiom; smuirr; roauyr: He is as fat and stupid as a wether - T'eh cha roauyr as ommidjagh as mohlt. DF idiom; riurid: Ye eat the fat - Ta shiu gee yn riurid Bible

leeidit conducted, led: hee oo e h-aigney mooar, foast imlee, meein, graihagh, cur geill da'n phooar va er erskyn, gyn loght as kinjagh kiune, imneagh jeh 'curr'm, as leeidit lesh resoon, ooasle, ard-chreeagh, dwoaiagh er anvea ayns goo as jannoo; s'maynrey va nyn mea! PC


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