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Mayrt (f.) Tuesday: er yn oyr dy vel aanrityn buird dy liooar sy chapp henndaght "Mantiques" ayns Purt ny hinshey raad ta Ruth gobbraghey gagh Mayrt. Dhoor

mayrt with you: Tra hed oo trooid ny ushtaghyn bee'm mayrt Bible yn kloyky dayg mi ag Troada, marish Carpus nar higg u kurr leyt mayrt e, as ny lioryn, agh erskyn ully ny kraghyn skriui. PB1610

Inexact matches:

shee dy row mayrt adieu: As dooyrt y chenn ghooinney, Shee dy row mayrt Bible

ta mee mayrt I am with thee: Ny bee aggle ort, son ta mee mayrt Bible

ta mish mayrt I am with thee: As cur-my-ner, ta mish mayrt, as neem's oo y reayll, ayns dy chooilley ynnyd raad t'ou goll Bible

I am with thee ta mish lhiat; ta mish mayrt: I am with thee according to thy heart - ta mish mayrt cordail rish dty aigney Bible; ta mee mayrt: Fear not: for I am with thee - Ny bee aggle ort, son ta mee mayrt Bible

Cha negin dou I must not: As dooyrt eh, Cha negin dou chyndaa mayrt, ny goll stiagh mayrt Bible

Vayrt See Mayrt (Yn) Tuesday

with you lhiat; lieriu, lhiu; (emph.) lieriuish, lhiuish; mayrt: Will you stay here, till I can go out with you? - Jean oo tannaghtyn aynshoh, dys oddym goll magh mayrt? JJK idiom; meriu, mêriu: I shall be with you in a minute - Bee'm meriu ayns minnid. JJK idiom; (emph.) mayrts, mayrt's; (emph.) meriuish; er nyn son eu: I do not use any ceremony with you - Cha nel mee shassoo er cliaghtey er nyn son eu. JJK idiom

Tuesday (n.) Jemayrt; Mayrt; Jymart, Jymayrt; (Yn) Vayrt

ad shen those: Quoi ad shen mayrt? Bible

eh shoh this: Eh shoh hed mayrt Bible

adieu (n.) bannaght ayd; bannaght eu; bannaght lhiat; bannaghtyn ort; dy row mie erriu; shee dy row mayrt; slane ayd: To bid someone 'adieu' - Dy 'aagail 'slane ayd' ec fer ennagh. DF idiom

shall get1 yiow: The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high - Yiown joarree, ta cummal mayrt, seose foddey er dty skyn Bible

wives (npl.) mraane: thou, and thy sons, and thy wife, and thy sons' wives with thee - uss as dty vec, as dty ven, as mraane dty vec mayrt Bible

ayns ard-foayr highly favoured: Dy vannee dhyt's ta ayns ard-foayr ta'n Chiarn mayrt; bannit t'ou uss mastey mraane. PB1765

ceau sooill er look over: ta reddyn ec Hommy as mish dy resoonagh magh mayrt mychione tholtan Ballaskeig, as lurg shen foddee hig oo marin as ceau sooill er y voayl. Dhoor

er dty chooylloo 1 behind you; 2 rereward a: as bee dty ynrickys er dty chione goll royd, as gloyr y Chiarn goll mayrt er dty chooylloo Bible; 3 rearguard

er-dty-skyn above you: Yiown joarree, ta cummal mayrt, seose foddey er dty skyn: as hig uss sheese feer injil. Bible

feed bleïn twenty years: Ny feed bleïn shoh ta mee er ve mayrt Bible

giu ushtey (drink) water: Cur lhiat eh back mayrt gys dty hie, dy vod eh gee arran as giu ushtey. Bible; drink water

gow (=Ir. gabh) (impv) go: gow magh nish, ta mee guee ort, as jean caggey roo. Bible; take: As gow mayrt Aaron dty vraar, as e vec, veih mastey cloan Israel Bible

Gow er dty hoshiaght (impv) Go: Gow er dty hoshiaght, as y Chiarn dy row mayrt. Bible

Gow magh ass (impv) Go forth: Gow magh ass yn arg, uss, as dty ven, as dty vec, as mraane dty vec mayrt. Bible

jiulean cotler, husbandman, lodger for short time, temporary resident, vassal, sojourner: myr sharvaant failt, as myr jiulean vees eh mayrt Bible

lesh taitnys admiringly; with joy: Ta'n Chiarn dty Yee, niartal mayrt: nee eh sauail, gowee eh boggey harryd lesh taitnys Bible; willingly

lhiggey'n raad da let go: Agh nee oo dy shickyr lhiggey'n raad da'n chenn ushag, as nee oo goaill ny hein, dy vod eh ve mie mayrt, as dy vod dty laghyn 've beayn. Bible

mast'eu (ny) amongst you: Nee eh cummal mayrt, eer ny mast'eu, 'syn ynnyd nee eh reih, ayns unnane erbee dy naillish jeh dty ard-valjyn Bible

mooarane sleih much people: Son ta mish mayrt, as cha soie-ee dooinney erbee ort dy yannoo aggair dhyt: son ta mooarane sleih aym's 'syn ard-valley shoh. Bible

ny jean don't: Ny jean giu feeyn ny jough lajer, uss, ny dty vec mayrt, tra ta shiu goll stiagh ayns y chabbane-agglish, Bible; do not

ro hionn overtight, too tight: My ver oo argid er eeasaght da veg jeh my phobble, ta fo boghtynid mayrt, cha jig oo ro hionn er, chamoo hroggys oo thack jeh. Bible

shenndeeaght (=Ir. seanduidh) seniority, ancients: gow mayrt paart jeh shenndeeaght y phobble as jeh shanstyr ny saggyrtyn Bible

surdremagh trustworthy: Eisht dooyrt eh, Eie er hym, dy vod fys ve aym cre'n tribe t'eh jeh, as vel eh dooinney surdremagh dy gholl mayrt. Apoc

vel (interrog.) am, are: Vel mish ayns ynnyd Yee, ter vreaylley void mess y vreïn? Bible; are: Vel oo cheet dy sheeoil? Bible; Is: Vel eh dy mie mayrt? Bible

I will not go cha jem: I will not go in with thee - cha jem stiagh mayrt Bible; (emph.) cha jems: I will not go up in the midst of thee - cha jems seose ny masteu Bible; cha jean-yms goll: then I will not go - eisht cha jean-yms goll Bible

nurse bondeyr, boandyr, bondyr: But Deborah Rebekah's nurse died - Agh hooar Deborah boandyr Rebekah baase Bible; boanderey; boandyrys: Take this child away, and nurse it for me - Gown lhiannoo shoh mayrt, as jean eh y voandyrys er my hons Bible; cur keeagh da, jiole

boghtynid (f.) jargon, nonsense; need, poverty, want: hig y meshtyllagh, as y glutterey gys boghtynid Bible; penury: Ayns dy chooilley laboraght ta vondeish: agh cha vel agh boghtynid ayns taggloo ny meillyn. Bible; spareness; nakedness: As dooyrt eh roo, Cha nee, agh dy akin boghtynid y cheer ta shiu er jeet. Bible; poor, shabbiness: My ver oo argid er eeasaght da veg jeh my phobble, ta fo boghtynid mayrt, cha jig oo ro hionn er Bible; poorness

cum sojourn, dwell: Cum 'sy cheer shoh, as beem's mayrt Bible;: Cummee my laue eshyn dy-shickyr: as nee my roih eh y niartaghey. Bible Cum shickyr huggey, as ny scugh dy lhiattee, dy vod oo ve er dty  vishaghey ec y jerrey. Apoc

ennym ooasle famous name, great name, renown, worthy name: As va mish mayrt, raad erbee dy jagh oo, as ta mee er yiarey jeh ooilley dty noidyn ass dty hilley, as er choyrt dhyt ennym ooasle, goll-rish enmyn ny deiney mooarey t'er y thalloo. Bible; gentilitial


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