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maynrys (f.) happiness: nee ad baarail nyn laghyn ayns maynrys Bible; rapture; felicity; fruition

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Cronk Maynrys Hill of Happiness

Glion Maynrys Vale of Happiness

maynrys vraa (f.) eternal happiness

Thie Maynrys House of Happiness

maynrys gyn scaa unalloyed happiness

happiness (n.) maynrys: All happiness will have vanished - Bee maynrys ooilley er skellal roish. JJK idiom

eternal happiness maynrys vraa

fruition (n.) soylley; maynrys

rapture (n.) eunys; maynrys

Hill of Happiness (n.) Cronk Maynrys

House of Happiness Thie Maynrys

unalloyed happiness (n.) maynrys gyn scaa

Vale of Happiness (n.) Glion Maynrys

felicity (n.) eunys, sonnys; flaunyssid, traaoilid; maynrey; maynrys

vaynrys See maynrys (dy) of prosperity: Ayns y laa dy vaynrys gow boggey Bible

baarail 1 expend, spend, lay out, bestow a: nee ad baarail nyn laghyn ayns maynrys Bible; 2 (f.) expenditure, spending

booie honour, triumph, victorious, victory; (f.) buoy; (corn) beating; more pleased: Myr shen dy vel sleih ny s'booiee ooashley gheddyn ayns y teihll shoh, na t'ad er graih Yee ny ve ayns maynrys 'sy teihll elley. CS

dy bra See dy bragh, gy bragh ever: myr shen dy nee dtoill hene vees eh, mannagh bee oo ayns maynrys son dy bra. CS; never

dy kiune quietly, soft, softly: Agh ny-yeih sheign maynrys Phargys 'aagail son ny ta jeant ayd, shen vees aym jeh dt'aill; ymmyrk dy kiune nish ny ta Jee er harey, son sheign dooys dt'akin goll magh roym veih'n gharey. PC

furnish (f.) furnace: Haink chingys king orrym 's my ghailley myr furnish, My vellyn va teaymey magh maynrys my chree. GB

pargys paradise: Jeeagh, shoh ny ooylyn slayntoil millish v'aym dhyt's son jinnnair, dy voddagh oo goll lhiam 3765 gys maynrys smoo na ta ain ayns Pargys, raad ta ny ainleyn chebbal nyn shirveish. PC

Shoh slaynt (intj) Cheers; Here's health: Shoh slaynt as shee: dy bishee Jee E vannaghtyn dagh laa, As cur diu fea ayns eash dy vea, Lesh maynrys son dy bra'. Coraa

surrym I will suffer: Nee shid y stock oc ta dy ghoaill my rooym ayns rheam ny maynrys; torchagh, aile as pian neem's choiee y hurranse, roish my surrym shen. Bible

teaymey drainage; pouring: Halnk chingys king orrym 's my ghailley myr furnish, My vellyn va teaymey magh maynrys my chree. GB; pour

tryit tried: Agh ree ny maynrys, keiltyn rieau e niart, er nagh row fys ain, gys y traa ve tryit, ren shin y woalley. PC

tuittym ayns peccah fall into iniquity: Cha bee ny smoo dy hrimshey oc, cha bee miolaghyn, cha bee gaue tuittym ayns peccah, cha bee jerrey er nyn maynrys. CS

eternal (adj.) beayn: The eternal verities - Ny feeridyn beayn. DF idiom; braa: Eternal happiness - Maynrys vraa. DF idiom; bragh beayn; er dy rieau: My eternal friend - My charrey er dy rieau. DF idiom; dy bragh farraghtyn; dy bragh; er-dy-rieau

pursuit (n.) cloh, keird, shalee, shelg; eiyrt: We are in pursuit of them - Ta shin er nyn eiyrt. DF idiom; eiyrtys: They are in pursuit of my soul - T'ad jannoo eiyrtys er my annym. DF idiom; lorgey: In pursuit of happiness - Lorgey maynrys. DF idiom


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