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mart (n.) margey; ard-vargey

Mart (f.) March; Mars

mart pl. muirt beef, store

Inexact matches:

auction mart (n.) shamyr chant

winter mart (n.) booa gheuree

mart beeyit fatling

Caair ny Mart Westport

March (n.) Mart: On the fifth of March - Er y wheigoo laa jeh Mart. DF idiom; Mayrnt, Mean Arree, Mee ny Mannan, Mee veanagh yn arree

Mars (n.) Mart

Westport (n.) Caair ny Mart

booa gheuree (f.) winter mart

shamyr chant (f.) auction mart

beef (n.) feill vart: The beef has been overdone - Ta'n feill-vart er ve rouyr jeant. JJK idiom; mart

fatling (n.) brawn, mart beeyit; baagh beiyht: the young lion and the fatling together - y lion aeg, as y baagh beiyht dy cheilley Bible

store (n.) mart, prawg, prug; shapp, stoyr; (v.) stoyrail, stoyral, tashtey; tasht: Store miser and eat little mouse - Tasht prughag as ee lughag. JJK idiom

ard-vargey mart: As liorish ny ushtaghyn mooarey ta rass Sihor, fouyr yn awin, yn cheet-stiagh eck; as t'eeish ard-vargey ny ashoonyn.; emporium, supermarket

margey pl. margaghyn emporium, fair, market, mart: Myrgeddin va resoonaghtyn ayn, margey ellynyn, brastyllyn rinkey as shooill lesh shilley er Crosh Noo Piran as e Cheeill. Carn; treaty


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