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markiaght (=Ir. marcacht) (f.) 1 drive, equitation, horsemanship, horse riding, lift, ride; 2 riding a (v.): t'eh imlee, as markiaght er assyl Bible; 3 rider a: tan Chiarn dy ghra, bwoaill-ym dy chooilley chabbyl lesh atchim as yn markiaght lesh keoïd Bible

Inexact matches:

agh markiaght riding horse

mainshtyr markiaght riding master

markiaght tonn (f.) surf-riding

markiaght vraddagh (f.) joyride

equitation (n.) markiaght

horsemanship (n.) markiaght

horse riding markiaght

joyride (n.) markiaght vraddagh

rider (n.) markiaght; markiagh

riding markiaghey; markiaght: He has a horse for riding - Ta cabbyl chum markiaght echey. DF idiom; markiagh: I was out riding - Va mee mooie markiagh. DF idiom

riding master (n.) mainshtyr markiaght

surf-riding (v.) markiaght tonn

drive1 chlo; chennid; co-chloie; eiyr, eiyrt, clohghey, greesaghey, lorgaghey, ruightey, shiaulley roish y gheay, sheebey; gimman: Can you drive? - Nod oo gimman? DF idiom; (n.) bayr; markiaght: He went for a drive - Hie eh son markiaght ayns gleashtan. DF idiom

markiaght-chyndaa roundabout

riding horse (n.) agh, agh markiaght, eagh

lift ardjaghey, buinn, geid, troggal; ardjee: The tide will lift the boat - Ardjee yn tidey y baatey. DF idiom; (impv) irree, trog; (n.) cummaght ardjee, markiaght, troggeyder; ardjeyder: The lift is stuck - Cha nel yn ardjeyder gobbragh. DF idiom

ride (n.) cassan markee; (v.) markiagh: He lets people ride over him - T'eh lhiggey da sleih markiagh harrish. JJK idiom; markiaght; raadey; (to); (dy) varkiagh

Balley Chashtal Castletown: Ec y Chingeesh 'sy vlein 1930 ren mee markiaght er "cabbyl yiarn" dys Balley Chashtal as ayns shen veeit mee rish my charrey Bob Harrison. MB

cabbyl ruy bay horse: Honnick mee 'syn oie, as cur-my-ner, va dooinney markiaght er cabbyl ruy Bible as hass eh mastey ny biljyn-myrtle va heese 'sy choan, as cheu chooylloo va cabbil ray, brack as bane. Bible

ruy (=O.Ir. rúad) copper-complexioned, foxy, ginger, red, red-haired, sandy, tan: va dooinney markiaght er cabbyl ruy Bible [L. rufus]

roundabout chymbyl, chymbyllagh, cruinnag; mygeayrt: She went all round the garden - Hie ee ooilley mygeayrt y gharey. JJK idiom; markiaght-chyndaa


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