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March (n.) Mart: On the fifth of March - Er y wheigoo laa jeh Mart. DF idiom; Mayrnt, Mean Arree, Mee ny Mannan, Mee veanagh yn arree

march carr caggee; cosheeaght: To march along - Dy chosheeaght er oaie. DF idiom; troagyraght; march; (v.) co-hooyl; marchal: the Egyptians marched after them - va ny Egyptianee marchal er nyn eiyrts Bible

march march: tra chlinnys oo feiyr mastey ny biljyn-mulberry myr sheean sleih er march Bible

Inexact matches:

dead march (n.) bardoon

March Hill (n.) Cronk yn Arragh

route march (n.) cosheeaght vollee

slow march (n.) moal-ghleashagh

wedding march (n.) cosheeaght vanshey

line of march (n.) strane co-hooyl

co-hooyl march, marching

cosheeaght vanshey (f.) wedding march

cosheeaght vollee (f.) route march

Mart (f.) March; Mars

moal-ghleashagh slow march

carr caggee march, military air

Cronk yn Arragh March Hill

Mee veanagh yn arree March

strane co-hooyl line of march

marchal march: Ren oo marchal trooid y cheer ayns jymmoose Bible

onward (adv.) er oaie: The onward march of the nation - Goll er oaie yn ashoon. DF idiom

quick1 (adj.) bieau; tappee: To march in quick time - Dy ghleashagh dy tappee. DF idiom; bioal; gastey: He is quick on the uptake - T'eh gastey dy hoiggal reddyn. DF idiom

bardoon See burdoon coronach, dead march, doleful song, elegy, funeral dirge: Ta shoh yn bardoon, as bee eh son bardoon. Bible

cosheeaght (f.) gait, march, pacing, pedestrianism, procession, promenade, walk: As ren eh cosheeaght vie, as hayrn eh er-gerrey. Bible

dy gastey apace: As tra chlinnys oo feiyr mastey ny biljyn-mulberry myr sheean sleih er march, dy jean oo eisht gleashagh oo-hene dy gastey Bible

Mayrnt (f.) March: Ayns ny laghyn shen va faill eeckit da ny fir obbree er y ghowaltys daa cheayrt 'sy vlein - ayns Mayrnt as Mean Fouyir. Dhoor

Mean Arree March: Hig claare dy chooney son y Vretnish as cultoor ta er-mayrn ayns Patagonia, ta feeu £130,000 (202000 euro), gy kione ayns Mean Arree 2003. Dhoor

Mee ny Mannan (f.) March: Share craght ve er y cheer na Mee ny Mannan cheet stiagh meein. Dhoor

troagyraght (f.) hike, hiking, march, marching, tramp, trudge: Er laa ny vairagh va Candide slane riojit, as eh troagyraght gys y valley by niessey CnyO; (walk) tramp


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