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mannan kid: varr ad mannan jeh ny goair Bible

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crackan mannan kid leather

laueanyn mannan kid gloves

Mee ny Mannan (f.) March: Share craght ve er y cheer na Mee ny Mannan cheet stiagh meein. Dhoor

kid gloves (npl.) laueanyn mannan

kid (v.) insh breag da; (n.) mannan, paitchey

kid leather (n.) crackan goayrey, crackan mannan

aarlys will prepare: derrey aarlys mayd mannan er dty hon. Bible

March (n.) Mart: On the fifth of March - Er y wheigoo laa jeh Mart. DF idiom; Mayrnt, Mean Arree, Mee ny Mannan, Mee veanagh yn arree

boteil feeyney (f.) 1 wine bottle; 2 bottle of wine a: As ghow Jesse lught assyl dy arran, as boteil feeyney as mannan, as hug eh ad lesh David e vac gys Saul. Bible

craght (f.) depredation, devastation, disaster, foray, loot, massacre, pillage, plunder, ruin, spoil, undoing, vandalism: Share craght ve er y cheer na Mee ny Mannan cheet stiagh meein. Dhoor

raip 1 (of bull) gore; 2 rent, tore a: haink Spyrryd y Chiarn dy niartal er; as raip eh eh myr raipagh eh mannan Bible; 3 (cry) crake; 4 harsh noise; 5 tear

dam (n.) doour, loghan, ushtey stangit; moir: When a bullock, or a sheep, or a goat, is brought forth, then it shall be seven days under the dam - Tra ta lheiy, ny eayn, ny mannan ruggit, eisht bee eh er e voir shiaght laa Bible; (v.) stangey

seiy agitate, bear down, churn, churning, foment, fomentation, knife, litter, lunge, mixing, mixture, prod, propel, propulsion, protrusion, push, pushing, shove, shoving, stick, stir, stir up, thrust, tilt, tilting, transfix; (of bull) gore; upstroke; dipped: varr ad mannan jeh ny goair, as seiy ad yn cooatsyn uill Bible; troubled: ny diunidyn myrgeddin vad er nyn seiy Bible; wallow, muddy: jean aanrit-sack y chryssey mood, as seiy oo henesy leoie Bible; mingle, mix up: nee ad seiy ad hene fud sluight deiney Bible; stab: Lesh y chied seiy dy chosney yn varriaght DF; trouble: ren oo seiy ny ushtaghyn lesh dty chassyn Bible; mingled


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