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mair ny fainey (f.) ring finger

mair (=Ir. meur) (f.) 1 pl. mairyn, meir digit, finger a: scruit lesh mair Yee Bible; 2 (of clock) hand; 3 tributary of river, tributary; 4 piano key; 5 prong; 6 ray

Inexact matches:

fine mair finger stall

greim mair fingerhold

leayrane mair-liauyr long-toed stint

mair chass (f.) toe

mair choshey (f.) pl. meir-choshey toe

mair chowree (f.) morse key

mair chraitnagh (f.) fin-toe

mair veanagh (f.) middle finger

mair veg (f.) auricular, little finger

mair vooar (f.) middle finger

mair Vorsagh (f.) morse key

snaueyder mair-ghiare short-toed treecreeper

Urley mair-ghiare Short-toed Eagle

cur mair er pinpoint

jannoo mair chooilleeney masturbate

mair choshey veg (f.) little toe

mair veg ny coshey (f.) little toe

middle finger (n.) mair veanagh, mair vooar

morse key (n.) mair chowree, mair Vorsagh, ogher Vorsagh

little toe (n.) mair choshey veg, mair veg ny coshey

finger (n.) mair: She has cut her finger - T'ee er ghiarrey e mair. JJK idiom; spaag; (v.) mairaghey

auricular (adj.) mair veg

fingerhold (n.) greim mair

finger stall (n.) fine mair

fin-toe (n.) mair chraitnagh

hand3 (n.) (of clock) mair, spaag

piano key (n.) mair

pinpoint (v.) cur mair er

prong (n.) gah, goullan, mair

ray (n.) goull, mair; scarrag

digit (n.) bun-earroo, lheead meir, mair

fingerboard (n.) mair-chlaare, mwannal

fingerprint (n.) lorg-mair, mairlaf

keyboard (n.) claare ogheragh, mair-chlaare

long-toed stint (n.) leayrane mair-liauyr

rapid fire mair-lauee

ring finger (n.) mair ny fainey

Short-toed Eagle (n.) Urley mair-ghiare

short-toed treecreeper (n.) snaueyder mair-ghiare

tributary2 (n.) (of river) crouw, crouw-awin, fo-hrooan, mair

tributary of river (n.) crouw-awin, mair

web-fingered (adj.) mair-scammylagh

whitlow (n.) ingyr, mair-ghorley

lorg-mair fingerprint

mair-chlaare fingerboard, keyboard

mair-chooilleeney masturbation

mair-coshey toe

mair-ghorley whitlow

mair-lauee rapid fire

mair-scammylagh web-fingered

masturbate (v.) builley y crackan, bwoalley y crackan, jannoo laue chooilleeney, jannoo mair chooilleeney

masturbation (n.) bwoalley chymmylt, caarjys ny laue, laue-chooilleeney, mair-chooilleeney

little finger (n.) mair veg: He cocked his little finger - Hrog eh e vair veg. DF idiom

erraghyn tromey heavy burdens: Son t'ad kiangley erraghyn tromey as doillee dy ve er nyn ymmyrkey, as dyn goyrt ad er geayltyn deiney, agh cha lhie ad hene wheesh mair roo dy hroggal ad. Bible

queigad fifty: D'eearree ben Finn cheet magh, As queigad ben erson gagh ooilley mair ( jeih as da'eed mraane son gagh mair eck) Coraa

goaill magh delete, evacuate, evacuation, move out, take out, withdrawal: Ayns mynphiannaghyn-sittyr, oddagh oo goaill magh y boayrd-mair as pluckey y greie lesh dty veir. Dhoor; (as money) withdraw

skirraghtyn (=Ir. sciorradh) lapse; skid: Tra va'n greie goll er cloie, va'n boayrd-mair jeant fondagh lesh daa 'reeney dy lhiettal skirraghtyn. Dhoor


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