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mainshter pl. mainshteryn See mainshtyr boss, master, mister, Mister: My ta mish eisht yn Chiarn as y Mainshter eu Bible [M.E. maishter]

Inexact matches:

Mainshter Skeeandys Master of Science

Mainshter ny Hellynyn Master of Arts

Mister (n.) Mainshter, Mnr; (voc.) Whooinney

mister (n.) mainshter

master-hand mainshter-lauee

Master of Science (n.) Mainshter Skeeandys

mainshter-lauee master-hand

Master of Arts (n.) Mainshter ny Hellynyn

geeck (=Ir. íoc) pay: Nagh vel y mainshter euish geeck y cheesh? Bible; look

Vainshter (voc.) See mainshter master: Vainshter, nee mish eh? Bible

boss (n.) ard-er, ard-ghooinney; mainshter, mainshtyr: He stands well with the boss - Ta'n mainshtyr coontey ram jeh. DF idiom; mainshytyragh; (n.) aashag, pollag, bolg streeaney; (v.) ymmyrkey chiarnys er

master (n.) fer ynsee, fer-ynsee, mainshtyr, mainstyr; mainshter: Make haste, the master will be here presently - Jean siyr, bee yn mainstyr aynshoh ny sheyn. JJK idiom; (voc.) Vainshter; mainshtyragh; (v.) smaghtaghey, smaghtey, ynsaghey

science (n.) fys, fysseree, oalys; skeeandys: Master of Science - Mainshter Skeeandys. DF idiom; sheanse: Physical science - Sheanse fishigoil. DF idiom; oaylleeaght: Reduce to a science - Oaylleeaght chruinn y yannoo jeh. DF idiom

er cheau on the side: S'lioar da'n scoillar dy ve myr e vainshter, as y charvaant myr e hiarn: my t'ad er cheau Beelzebub er mainshter y thie, cre woad smoo nee ad e vooinjer y oltooaney. Bible

Phariseeyn Pharisees: Tra honnick ny Phariseeyn shoh, dooyrt ad rish e ynseydee, Cren-fa tan mainshter eu gee marish publicanee as peccee? Bible

pilot pilot: hug yn centurion geill smoo da mainshter as pilot ny lhuingey na da goan Phaul. Bible

rooym pl. rooymyn room: Jeant, hrog ad lhieu yn buildal slane myr v'eh, as da nyn mainshter hug ad jeh livrey; er yn eaynagh feayn ghow eh mooads jeh'n rooym, 's vasht ad e ennym Pandemonium. Bible

staghylagh awkward, clumsy: Cha jean yn mainshter cur shin ass yn schooyl cre erbee cha staghylagh as ta shin. EF

tooilliu more: Tra skeayl y choonceil, aash er-lhieu va oc dy voghe ad pooar dy yannoo tooilliu olk, veih'n treisht fardalagh hug nyn mainshter daue dy chur gys kione yn eilkin v'ayns e laue. PC


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