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main1 ard-linney; ard-nheeagh; mooar-vooir

main2 (n.) (gas) ard-phiob

Inexact matches:

main axle (n.) essyl vooar

main body (n.) trome-chooid

main boom (n.) croanscoidey ard

main course (n.) ard-choorse

main deck (n.) ard-voayrd

main homepage (n.) ard-duillag-thie

main idea (n.) bun-smooinaght

main issue (n.) bun-cheisht

main man (n.) ard-dooinney, dooinney toshee

main point (n.) ard-red

main road (n.) bayr mooar, raad mooar

main source (n.) ard-vun

main street (n.) ard-straid

main yard (n.) slat vooar

water main (n.) ard-phiob ushtey

back to main home page er-ash dys yn ard-duillag thie

in the main (adv.) son y chooid smoo, trooid as trooid

main areas of concern (npl.) preeu-chooishyn boiragh

main-oie midnight: As ec main-oie va eam er ny choyrt Bible

ard-choorse main course

ard-dooinney main man

ard-duillag-thie main homepage

ard-nheeagh main

ard-phiob (gas) main

ard-phiob ushtey water main

ard-straid main street

ard-voayrd main deck

ard-vun main source

bun-cheisht (f.) main issue

bun-smooinaght (f.) keynote, main idea

croanscoidey ard main boom

essyl vooar (f.) main axle

mooar-vooir (f.) main

slat vooar (f.) main yard

bayr mooar highroad, main road, public way

preeu-chooishyn boiragh main areas of concern

trome-chooid (f.) main body: Yn trome-chooid jeh'n armee. DF

mainspring (n.) ard-lheimaghan: The main spring is broken - Ta'n ard-lheimaghan brisht. JJK idiom

rigging (n.) cullee lhuingey; riggin: The main rigging - Yn riggin mooar. DF idiom

dooinney toshee main man: Yn dooinney toshee 'sy chooish. DF

er-ash dys yn ard-duillag thie back to main home page

issue1 behrt; cur magh, roie magh; ingan; mess; sheel; sheeltaght; sliught; toar; cooish: This is the main issue - Ta shoh yn chooish hoshee. DF idiom

ard-linney (f.) headline: Art ayns y chur-magh jerrinagh jeh Earishlioar Arraghey Vannin, lesh yn ard-linney 'Y Traa ry Heet: Madran Noa ny Jerkallys Foalsey? BS; main, trunk, trunk line

ard-red main point: Ta sleih dy liooar credjal nish dy re shoh yn ard-red cheu-heear jeh'n varganey eddyr Lunnin as Divlyn. Carn

raad mooar COMPARE raad-vooar highway, main road, major road, public way, trunk road: Veih Ballakilpheric ghow mee y bayr ta goll seose da'n raad mooar er y clieau, faggys da'n tholtan aynsyn va Thom Dipper baghey Coraa

son y chooid smoo chiefly, in general, in the main, mostly: ta dy chooilley red son y chooid smoo er ny ghlenney lesh fuill Bible

trooid as trooid altogether, broadly speaking, implicit, implicitly, in the main, on the whole, roughly speaking, taken all round: T'eh ro olk trooid as trooid! DF

midnight (n.) mean oie, main-oie; meanoie: He's been obliged to burn the midnight oil, in order to write his book - Beign da lostey yn ooil meanoie dy voddagh eh screeu e lioar. JJK idiom


This is a mirror of Phil Kelly's Manx vocabulary (Fockleyreen). It contains over 130,000 entries. This mirror was created 2 December 2014.

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