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maidjey geer gear lever

maidjey (=Ir.,Sc.G. maide) 1 bat, club, cue, lever, pitprop, pointer, pole, rod, stick, straddle a: goym's maidjey Yoseph t'ayns laue Ephraim Bible; 2 (in stable) bail; 3 (on doorway) bar; 4 boarding; 5 wooden: Ny my nee eh bwoalley eh lesh wappin-maidjey Bible [O.Ir. maide]

Inexact matches:

armee maidjey (f.) toy army

cabbyl maidjey hobbyhorse, wooden horse

cur maidjey bar

geay-ghreienyn maidjey woodwind

grainney maidjey woodcut, wood engraving

lheim maidjey pole jump

lhieen maidjey stick net

maidjey Alpagh alpenstock

maidjey billiard billiard cue

maidjey boogh bow oar

maidjey breagagh stool pigeon

maidjey brisht wooden tongs

maidjey cammag cammag stick

maidjey cassee steering oar

maidjey chiu stout stick

maidjey chroshey (=Ir. maide croise) holy rood

maidjey connee gorse stick

maidjey coonee brace

maidjey corragh see-saw

maidjey corrym ski stick

maidjey coshey stilt

maidjey crammanagh knobstick

maidjey curtan curtain rod

maidjey dean goalpost

maidjey drineagh blackthorn

maidjey drommey roof-tree; rooftree

maidjey drum drumstick

maidjey eaddagh clothes prop

maidjey fendeilee cudgel, quarterstaff

maidjey geinnee sandblaster

maidjey gloasee buff-stick

maidjey golf golf club

maidjey greeish stair-rod

maidjey hockee hockey stick

maidjey jerree stern oar

maidjey keasee stern oar

maidjey kianglee stringer, tie, tie-beam

maidjey lauean glove-stretcher

maidjey leaystee balancing pole

maidjey leaystey trapeze

maidjey lhierrym third oar

maidjey liggrys liquorice stick

maidjey mastee mixing stick, pot-stick

maidjey meainey pitprop

maidjey meanagh middle oar

maidjey mestee dolly

maidjey millish liquorice stick, lollipop

maidjey mullee ridgepole, top rail

maidjey niaghan clothes prop

maidjey niaghyn pot-stick

maidjey obbee magic wand

maidjey peinteyr maulstick

maidjey polo polo stick

maidjey praase potato-masher

maidjey raue oar: Myr shen beign dooin goaill maidjey raue ayns ny laueyn ain as gymmyrt daa veeilley dys y phurt, baatyn beg as y baatey sauailagh mygeayrt y mooin. GK

maidjey seiyee punt-pole

maidjey shooyl walking stick

maidjey shugyr lollipop

maidjey skeab broom handle

maidjey stiuree control lever, joystick, steering oar, tiller

maidjey stoyrey memory stick; USB flash drive

maidjey tessen collar-beam

maidjey toshee bow oar

maidjey towse measuring staff

maidjey trome niblick

skelloo maidjey (f.) cue-rack

thie maidjey wooden house

cur maidjey coonee rish brace

fer milley maidjey carpenter

Loughan ny Maidjey Plank Lakelet

bow oar (n.) boogh, maidjey boogh, maidjey toshee

clothes prop (n.) maidjey eaddagh, maidjey niaghan

liquorice stick (n.) maidjey liggrys, maidjey millish

lollipop (n.) maidjey millish, maidjey shugyr

pitprop (n.) maidjey, maidjey meainey

pot-stick maidjey mastee; maidjey niaghyn

steering oar (n.) maidjey cassee, maidjey stiuree

stern oar (n.) maidjey jerree, maidjey keasee

alpenstock (n.) maidjey Alpagh

bail3 (n.) (in stable) maidjey

balancing pole (n.) maidjey leaystee

bar4 (n.) (on doorway) maidjey

billiard cue (n.) maidjey billiard

buff-stick (n.) maidjey gloasee

cammag stick (n.) maidjey cammag

collar-beam (n.) maidjey tessen

control lever (n.) maidjey stiuree

cue-rack skelloo maidjey

gear lever (n.) maidjey geer

glove-stretcher (n.) maidjey lauean

goalpost (n.) maidjey dean

gorse stick (n.) maidjey connee

joystick (n.) maidjey stiuree

knobstick (n.) maidjey crammanagh

magic wand (n.) maidjey obbee

maulstick (n.) maidjey peinteyr

memory stick (n.) maidjey stoyrey

middle oar (n.) maidjey meanagh

mixing stick (n.) maidjey mastee

niblick (n.) maidjey trome

oar (n.) maidjey raue; (v.) ymmyrt

pole jump (n.) lheim maidjey

polo stick (n.) maidjey polo

potato-masher (n.) maidjey praase

punt-pole (n.) maidjey seiyee

quarterstaff (n.) maidjey fendeilee

ridgepole (n.) maidjey mullee

roof-tree (n.) maidjey drommey

sandblaster (n.) maidjey geinnee

ski stick (n.) maidjey corrym

stick net lhieen maidjey

stilt (n.) corraghan, maidjey coshey

stout stick (n.) maidjey chiu

stringer (n.) maidjey kianglee, strengeyder

third oar (n.) maidjey lhierrym

tie-beam (n.) maidjey kianglee

top rail (n.) maidjey mullee

toy army (n.) armee maidjey

wooden (adj.) fuyghagh; fuyghee; maidjey

wooden horse (n.) cabbyl maidjey

wooden house (n.) thie maidjey

woodwind (n.) geay-ghreienyn maidjey

brace bann: Brace a drum - Dollan y hionnaghey. DF idiom; beemyl; brash; brashlagh; brashlagh drommey; chionneyder; cubbyl, jees, piyr; maidjey coonee; quing; tead king; (v.) chionnaghey, cur bann er, cur maidjey coonee rish, cur quing er, cur tead king er, niartaghey

broomstick (n.) maidjey-skeab

dolly (n.) bwoid niaghyn, maidjey mestee

drumstick (n.) lurgey ein, maidjey drum

hockey stick (n.) cammag, maidjey hockee

lever (n.) craiu, dell, maidjey; (v.) prisal

Plank Lakelet (n.) Loughan ny Maidjey

potato masher (n.) lahneyder, maidjey-broojey

rooftree (n.) cubbyl thie, maidjey drommey

stair-rod (n.) maidjey greeish, slat ghreeish

trapeze (n.) leaystane etlagh, maidjey leaystey

USB flash drive (n.) maidjey stoyrey

woodcut grainney foiee; grainney maidjey

wooden tongs (n.) chionnchur; maidjey brisht

maidjey-broojey potato masher

maidjey-skeab broomstick

blackthorn (n.) drine airn, maidjey drineagh; airnag

broom handle (n.) cass skeaban, maidjey skeab

club1 (n.) bad, lorg, maidjey; (v.) bwoalley, cheet ry-cheilley

cudgel bad; cur bad da; maidjey fendeilee

curtain rod (n.) maidjey curtan, slat churtan

golf club (n.) maidjey golf; sheshaght golf, club golf

hobbyhorse (n.) cabbyl maidjey; eagh-veg; sheltee ellanagh

measuring staff (n.) maidjey towse; sthowyr towse

rod (n.) maidjey, persh, slat, slatt; (y) clatt

stool pigeon (n.) calmane cleaynee, maidjey breagagh

walking stick (n.) bock Yuan Fannee, maidjey shooyl

wood engraving (v.) grainney foiee; grainney maidjey

bar1 (n.) barr, bolt; barrey, sparrey; (v.) cur maidjey, cur yiarn rish uinnag

boarding claareyn, foiee, maidjey, clareyn, kiart-chlaare; oastys; (v.) goll er boayrd

holy rood (n.) crosh casherick Chreest, crosh chasherick Chreest; maidjey chroshey

pointer (n.) leeid, maidjey, snaid; moddey eeanlee, moddey feieys, moddey stronnee, moddey ushag

tiller (v.) cur reuyreyder er; (n.) greie traauee, maidjey stiuree, pinn stiuree, reureyder

bat1 (n.) bad, maidjey; (v.) baddal; (n.) craitnag: He is as blind as a bat - T'eh cha kyagh as craitnag. DF idiom

carpenter (n.) fer milley maidjey; seyr: He is a poor carpenter - T'eh bleih dy seyr. DF idiom; seyir: You are a halfling of a carpenter - T'ou uss bleih dy seyir. DF idiom

cue (v.) (n.) leeid: That's my cue - Ta shen y leeid aym. DF idiom; (n.) maidjey

narrow (adj.) beg, chion, neurheamyssagh; keyl: Narrow stick - Maidjey keyl. DF idiom; coon: The narrow glen - Yn ghlion choon. DF idiom; cooney: Narrow tables - Buird cooney. DF idiom; (gen.) keylley; (v.) coonaghey, keyllaghey

pole ard; croan: Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole - Jean ard-nieu ailagh, as soie seose eh er croan Bible; lhoo; lorg; luir; maidjey; poull; sthouyr; sthowyr; queig dy lieh stundayrtyn

see-saw (n.) laair vaidjey, maidjey corragh; (v.) leaystey: With a see-saw motion - Leaystey seose as neose. DF idiom

stern arbyl, lieh jerree; groamagh; loghtal; jerrey: She sank by the stern - Hie ee fo lurg e jerrey. DF idiom; jerree: Stern oar - Maidjey jerree. DF idiom

tie1 cheet corrym, cloie corrym; cur eiystyr er; kiangley; maidjey kianglee; sniemmey; kiangle: Tie your shoes tight - Kiangle nyn mraagyn dy-chionn. JJK idiom

pilotyn pilots: As ooilley adsyn ta loaghtey yn maidjey-raue, ny shiolteyryn, as ooilley pilotyn ny marrey Bible

raue rowing: As ooilley adsyn ta loaghtey yn maidjey-raue Bible

rowley roll: V'ad cur maidjey liauyr ayns mean yn wheeyl as v'ad rowley ee sheese y lurgagh. Dhoor

wappin pl. wappinyn instrument, weapon: Ny my nee eh bwoalley eh lesh wappin-maidjey Bible

straddle (n.) maidjey, scarrey goal; (v.) shassoo scart; soie scart: To straddle a chair - Dy hoie scart er caair. DF idiom; scarrey: To straddle a horse - Dy scarrey er chabbyl. DF idiom; bwoalley daaheuagh: To straddle a target - Dy woalley er yn daa heu jeh. DF idiom


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