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madness (n.) baanrid; baanrys; builley; eulys; jiarg-eulys; keogh; keoieid; keoieys; meecheeayllid; rouyl; mee-hushtey

Inexact matches:

baanrid craziness, frenzy, madness

keogh frenzy, madness: Va keogh orroo. DF

eulys (f.) ferocity, fury, indignation, madness, rage: Chyndaa veih eulys dty yymmoose Bible

jiarg-eulys (f.) great fury, madness, terrible rage: va mee geadaghey moee lesh jiargeulys. Bible

rouyl frenzy, madness: t'ad er-rouyl son ny jallooyn oc Bible

reproaching (v.) oltooanagh; (v.) goltooaney: In their madness reproaching God Himself - Ayns nyn geogh goltooaney Jee hene. DF idiom

baanrys dementia, derangement, fanaticism, madness: vel y lhaihder dy firrinagh geearree clashtyn mychione yn vea-chemmig dy shickoys jeh baanrys as jeh merginagh, er lheh mychione pump soydiu ayns yn 'uill. Dhoor

keoieid craziness, fierceness, frenzy, furiousness, insanity, madness, mania, rage, savageness, viciousness: deie yn ree lesh sooillyn ard-lossey magh ass y chione echey lesh keoieid, sheeyney magh e vair dys yn droyn va ny lhie fo'n chleiy. GB; (of persons) wildness

keoieys 1 madness, mania a: Dy row keoieys myr shoh ry gheddyn ayns paart dy valjyn ayns Nerin hene. Carn; 2 (of persons) wildness

meecheeayllid absurdity, absurdness, idiocy, imbecility, madness, silliness, simpleness: as dy chur-my-ner meecheeayllid as ommijys Bible

mee-hushtey folly, ignorance, madness, simplicity: Strooys dy nee trooid mee-hushtey ren shiu eh Bible

builley bash, bump, cast, clap, hit, impact, knock, pulsate, punch, slam, slap, strike, stripe, stroke, sweep, thump, whack: 2 ¦ Eshyn ta cur builley baaish da dooinney, bee eh dy shickyr er ny choyrt gy baase. Bible; (as pulse) beat, pulsation; (of voice) cadence; (on horn) toot; choosing; fervour, fit, frenzy, madness


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