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machine (n.) jeshaght

Inexact matches:

adding machine greie coontee

amusement machine (n.) greie-cloie

answering machine (n.) greie ansooragh

answer machine (n.) greie-freggyrt

balancing machine (n.) meiheyder

bottling machine (n.) jeshaght voteilagh

calculating machine (n.) greie earrooagh, jeshaght earroo

cultivating machine (n.) jeshaght reuyree

drying machine (n.) greie cheeree

duplicating machine (n.) coip-ghreie

fruit machine (n.) jeshaght vess

knitting machine (n.) jeshaght nittal

machine gun (n.) gunn jeshaght; (v.) lhiggey gunn jeshaght

machine gunner (n.) greie-ghunneyder, gunneyder jeshaght

machine operator (n.) obbree jeshaght

machine shop (n.) seylann yeshaght

milking machine (n.) greie blieaun

milling machine (n.) jeshaght walkee, jeshaght wyllaragh

numbering machine (n.) jeshaght choearrooee

packing machine (n.) jeshaght chianglee

penny-in-the-slot machine (n.) jeshaght phingey

printing machine (n.) jeshaght chlouderagh

punching machine (n.) jeshaght sthampal, towlleyder

reaping machine (n.) jeshaght vuinn, obbraghey jeshaght er

sewing machine (n.) greie whaaley

shelling machine (n.) greie skillee

slot machine (n.) greie scoltan

slotting machine (n.) greie scoltee

sowing machine (n.) greie correy

stamp machine (n.) jeshaght chlouag

sweeping machine (n.) greie skeabee

tape machine (n.) telegraf rybbanagh

threshing machine (n.) mwyllin bwoallee

voting machine (n.) jeshaght reihys

washing machine (n.) greie niaghyn; greie-niee

weighing machine (n.) meihaghan

winnowing machine (n.) mwyllin fasnee

working a machine (v.) gobbraghey jeshaght

coip-ghreie duplicating machine

greie ansooragh answering machine

greie blieaun milking machine

greie cheeree drying machine

greie-cloie amusement machine

greie coontee adding machine

greie correy sowing machine

greie earrooagh calculating machine

greie-freggyrt answer machine

greie-ghunneyder machine gunner

greie-niee washing machine

greie scoltan slot machine

greie scoltee slotting machine

greie skillee shelling machine

greie whaaley sewing machine

gunneyder jeshaght machine gunner

gunn jeshaght machine gun

jeshaght chianglee (f.) packing machine

jeshaght chlouag (f.) stamp machine

jeshaght chlouderagh (f.) printing machine

jeshaght choearrooee (f.) numbering machine

jeshaght earroo (f.) calculating machine

jeshaght nittal (f.) knitting machine

jeshaght phingey (f.) penny-in-the-slot machine

jeshaght reihys (f.) voting machine

jeshaght reuyree (f.) cultivating machine

jeshaght sthampal (f.) punching machine

jeshaght vess (f.) fruit machine

jeshaght voteilagh (f.) bottling machine

jeshaght walkee (f.) milling machine

jeshaght wyllaragh (f.) milling machine

meihaghan balance, weighing machine

mwyllin fasnee winnowing machine

seylann yeshaght (f.) machine shop

telegraf rybbanagh tape machine

towlleyder punch, punching machine

machine-made (adj.) jeshaght-jeant

machine-turned jeshaght-deillit

gobbraghey jeshaght working a machine

greie niaghyn washer, washing machine

greie skeabee sweeper, sweeping machine

jeshaght-deillit (f.) machine-turned

jeshaght-jeant machine-made

jeshaght vuinn (f.) mower, reaping machine

lhiggey gunn jeshaght machine gun

meiheyder balancing machine, weigher, weighman

obbraghey jeshaght er reaping machine

obbree jeshaght machine operator, machinist

mwyllin bwoallee threshing machine, threshing mill

ard-ennym eminence, fame, renown, title: As va'n caslys shoh troggit rish bleeantyn er y woalley syn Ollay lesh yn ard-ennym, "The Eskdale Pay-counting Machine. GB

jeshaght (=Ir. deasacht) (f.) contraption, engine, instrument, locomotive, machine, utensil: Hug eh towse corrym dy airh, son dy chooilley nhee dy ve jeant lesh airh, son dagh jeshaght cour dy chooilley hirveish Bible


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