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maase 1 cattle, kine a: Beiyn as maase jeh dy chooilley cheint Bible; 2 goods

Inexact matches:

maase Albinagh Scottish cattle

Maase Beg Little Ridge

maase doo-chassagh black-legged cattle

troggal maase cattle breeding

maase feïe yn vagher wild beasts of the field: Shione dou ooilley ny eeanlee ter ny sleityn: as ta maase feïe yn vagher ayns my hilley Bible

maase y vagheragh beasts of the field: as y fooilliaght oc, nee maase y vagheragh gee Bible

black-legged cattle (npl.) maase doo-chassagh

cattle (n.) beiyn, bielloo; maase: The cattle are feeding - Ta'n maase fassaghey. DF idiom; ollagh: The cattle are grazing in the field - Ta'n ollagh gyndyr 'sy vagher. DF idiom

Little Ridge (n.) Maase Beg

Scottish cattle (npl.) maase Albinagh

sever (v.) giarrey; (shall) scarree: and sever the wicked from among the just - as scarree ad yn vee chrauee veih mastey yn chloan chairal Bible; scarrey: And the Lord shall sever between the cattle of Israel - As neen Chiarn scarrey eddyr maase Israel, as maase Egypt Bible

beasts of the field (npl.) maase y vagheragh

cattle breeding (n.) troggal maase, troggal ollagh

kine (n.) booaghyn, maase, ollagh, baa; sharree

wild beasts of the field (npl.) maase feïe yn vagher

buinnt sheared, shorn: arroo ny faiyr buinnt son maase. JK

fooilliaght leavings: as y fooilliaght oc, nee maase y vagheragh gee Bible

loaghtyn (of sheep) brown; (of cattle) brown: ooilley yn maase loaghtyn mastey ny kirree Bible; khaki

burnt offering (n.) oural losht: Lebanon is not sufficient to burn, nor the beasts thereof sufficient for a burnt offering - cha vel Lebanon dy liooar son aile, nyn maase ter dy liooar son ourallosht Bible

creeping (v.) snaue; snauee: cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind - maase as cretooryn snauee as beishtyn y thallooin lurg nyn ghooghys Bible

feeding (v.) coaraghey; gee; beiyhaghey; eenulter; fassaghey: The cattle are feeding - Ta'n maase fassaghey. DF idiom

goods (npl.) cooid: We get goods from Paris - Ta shinyn geddyn cooid veih Paris. JJK idiom; maase

rams (npl.) reaghyn: the rams which leaped upon the cattle were ringstraked, speckled, and grisled - va ny reaghyn va lheim er y maase, schimmeigagh, breck as spottagh Bible

ringstraked (adj.) schimmeigagh: ringstraked shall be thy hire; then bare all the cattle ringstraked - Bee yn vooinjer schimmeigagh dty aill; eisht ren yn maase ooilley brey ingan schimmeigagh Bible; (npl.) schimmeigyn

breck (f.) 1 brown trout, trout; 2 (adj.) brindle, dapple-grey, dotty, medley, piebald, pied, speckle, spot, spotty, tartan; 3 chequered, dotted, mottled, spotted, pocked, speckled, trout-coloured, variegated a: scarrey veih my-chielley ooilley yn maase breck as spottagh Bible

breckey brindle, chequer, chequering, dapple, freckle, jotting, mottle, rough, spot, variegate; dappled, speckled: Bee yn maase breckey dt' aill's Bible; bespeckle, sprinkle; embroider; variegation; sharpen

brey bear, drop, give birth, lay, litter, produce: ren yn maase ooilley brey ingan schimmeigagh Bible; (f.) (animal) uterus; womb of animal

broogh ny hawin bank of the river, brink of the river: hass ad liorish y maase elley er broogh ny hawin Bible

car y touree all summer: nee ny eeanlee tannaghtyn orroo car y touree, as maase y vagheragh car y yeuree Bible

car y yeuree all winter: nee ny eeanlee tannaghtyn orroo car y touree, as maase y vagheragh car y yeuree Bible

cragh trome great slaughter: ghow ad ersooyl y maase oc, as ren ad cragh trome ny-vud oc Bible

daa cheayrt doubly, twice, twice over: As hrog Moses e laue, as lesh e lorg woaill eh yn chreg daa cheayrt: as roie yn ushtey magh dy palchey, as ren y pobble giu, as nyn maase myrgeddin. Bible; double

dy chooilley every: As chroo Jee beishtyn y thallooin lurg nyn ghooghys, yn maase lurg nyn ghooghys, as dy chooilley nhee ta snaue er yn ooir lurg e ghooghys Bible

eiyree shall follow, shall pursue: eiyree yn cliwe ort's Bible; shall drive: As eiyree ad magh oo veih deiney, as bee dty chummal marish maase y vagheragh; shall thrust

fee1 1 (v.) braid, interlace, intertwine, knit, mat, plait, weave a: ren ad fee duillagyn figgagh cooidjagh, dy choodaghey ad hene. Bible; 2 (npl.) ravens: Ta coyrt foddyr dan maase: as beaghey ny fee aegey ta geamagh huggey Bible

gientyn 1 beget, begetting, breeding, conceive, conceiving, conception, engender, evolve, gender, generate, generation, procreate, produce, production, progeniture a: ec y traa va'n maase gientyn Bible; 2 (as plan) form

keilley match; (gen.) of sense, mental; (gen.) of the forest: Son lhiam's ta ooilley maase ny keilley

muc feïe wild boar: Ta muc feïe ass y cheyll reurey seose ny fraueyn eck as ta maase feïe yn vagher dy chur mow ee Bible

reddyn articles, things: lesh siyn ta argid, lesh airh, lesh cooid, as maase, lesh reddyn costal Bible

schimmeigagh streaky, variegated, ringstraked: ta ooilley ny reaghyn ta lheim er y maase schimmeigagh, breck as spottagh Bible

soiaghey jeh accept, acceptance, esteem, set: Ga dy vel shiu chebbal dooys ourallyn-losht, as nyn ourallyn-arran, cha jean-ym goaill roo: chamoo neem's soiaghey Jeh ourallyn-shee nyn maase roauyrey. Bible; approved

son (=Ir. ar son) (prep.) for: son yn ollagh, son y chooid, as son ooilley'n maase oc. Bible

stroie dy bollagh destroy utterly: stroie oo eh dy bollagh, as ooilley ny tayn, as y maase echey, lesh foyr y chliwe Bible

yeeilley (f.) satiety: Eisht faag-ym oo er y thalloo, as tilg-ym oo magh er y vagher foshlit, as ver-ym er ooilley eeanlee yn aer dy hannaghtyn ort, as jeed's ver-ym nyn yeeilley da ooilley maase y thallooin. Bible

grisled glass: and in the fourth chariot grisled and bay horses - as ayns y chiarroo ainagh va cabbil glass as doyn Bible; glassey: the grisled go forth toward the south country - as ta ny cabbil glassey goll magh gys y cheer-jiass Bible; spottagh: the rams which leaped upon the cattle were ringstraked, speckled, and grisled - va ny reaghyn va lheim er y maase, schimmeigagh, breck as spottagh Bible

of the forest keilley: For all the beasts of the forest are mine - Son lhiams ta ooilley maase ny keilley: Bible; keylley: He built also the house of the forest - Hrog eh neesht thie keylley Lebanon Bible; (y) cheyll: wherein all the beasts of the forest do move - ayn ta ooilley beïyn y cheyll rouail mygeayrt Bible

ard erbee any place: As quoi-erbee, t'er mayrn ayns ard erbee raad t'eh ny yoarree lhig da deiney yn ynnyd shen cooney 'choyrt da, lesh argid, as airh, as cooid, as maase, marish yn oural-arryltagh son thie'n Ch Bible; in any place

cragh (f.) booty, capture, depredation, devastation, disaster, doom, foray, havoc, loot, pillage, plunder, prize, ravage, ravishment, sack, scoop, smash, swag, undoing, ruin; catastrophe; slaughter: Ta cragh masteyn pobble, ta geiyrt er Absalom. Bible; spoil: Agh ooilleyn maase, as cragh ny ard-valjyn ghow shin son spooilley dooin hene. Bible; prey: as yn ollagh eck, nee shiu goaill son cragh diu hene Bible; despoliation


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