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lurgey (=Ir. lorga) (f.) pl. lurgaghyn leg, pace, shank, shin: Vrish eh e lurgey. DF; (of anchor) stem; (v.) search [O.Ir. lurga]

Inexact matches:

boandey lurgey puttee

Cam Lurgey Camlork

craue lurgey shin bone

lurgey akeragh (f.) anchor-shank

lurgey cham (f.) bandy leg

lurgey ein (f.) drumstick

lurgey toshee (f.) foreleg

lurgey yn-sheeynt (f.) telescopic leg

taishbynys lurgey leg show

breb 'sy lurgey hack

craue keyl ny lurgey fibula

craue ny lurgey cannon bone, pelvic, tibia

anchor-shank (n.) lurgey akeragh

Camlork (n.) Cam Lurgey

Crooked Ridge (n.) Cam Lurgey

leg1 (n.) cass: Small of the leg - Mwannal y chass. DF idiom; lurgagh; lurgey: My leg is all black and blue - Ta my lurgey ooilley condoo. DF idiom

leg show (n.) taishbynys lurgey

puttee (n.) boandey lurgey

shank (n.) lurgey, yskid

shin (n.) hough; lurgey

shin bone (n.) craue lurgey

stem3 (n.) (of anchor) lurgey

telescopic leg (n.) lurgey yn-sheeynt

tibia (n.) craue ny lurgey

Cha nel fys aym I know not: Va lurgey caillt ec y chiaullteyr shoh; cha nel fys aym row eh caillt sy chaggey ny kyndagh rish drogh-haghyrt ennagh, agh aghterbee va lurgey fuygh echey. CJ

bandy leg camlurgey, lurgey cham

cannon bone (n.) craue ny lurgey

drumstick (n.) lurgey ein, maidjey drum

pelvic (adj.) craue ny lurgey, pelvagh

fibula (n.) craue keyl ny lurgey, fibbyl

foreleg (n.) cass hoshee, laue, lurgey toshee

search 1 briaght, ronsaght, ronsagh a shir, shirrey; 2 lurgey; 3 (v.) ronsee, ronsaghey; 4 ronsey

anchor ackeragh: Anchor shank - Lurgey akeragh. DF idiom; aker: She dragged her anchor - Hayrn ee yn aker eck. DF idiom

hack breb 'sy lurgey, broillaghey; broilley; cabbyl markee, garran; giarrey, speiy; goll er cabbyl faillit

pace bieauid: Gather pace - Bieauid y hroggal. DF idiom; colheimyragh; keim: At a walking pace - Er keim hooyl. DF idiom; keimyragh; kesmad; lurgey; (v.) giarrey y vieauid da, kesmadey, shooyl; coskeim

kyrloghid anaesthesia, cramp, deadness, insensibility, loss of feeling, numbness, senselessness, torpidity, torpor: Haink kyrloghid er my lurgey. DF; stupidity


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