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lught yn keirdey (the) profession

lught (=Ir. lucht) pl. lughtyn (of numbers) batch, cast, complement, content: slane lught e phobble Bible; bulk, burden, cargo, freight, load; (of personage) train

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Ard-lught Lhee Medical Council

gyn lught unladen

jeh lught-thie of the family

leagh lught freightage

lught breagyn parcel of lies

lught cairt cartload

lught cosnee profiteers

lught eaghtyragh authorities

lught eaishtagh audience, house, listener: Va sym dy liooar ec y lught-eaishtagh, ga dy re mish va'n loayreyder s'jerree Carn

lught eishtagh house

lught fakin audience, beholders, bystanders, onlookers, viewers, watchers

lught farrar watch

lught keirdey professionals

lught lectragh charge, electric charge

lught lhee medical profession

lught lhuingey shipload

lught maail charter party

lught mooinjer retinue

lught obbyr labour: Partee yn lught obbyr. DF; personnel

Lught Ooasle (Yn); (The) Establishment: Cha row Rennell ny e lught ooasle ayns Mannin ec y traa shen. Chron

lught raifyl gallery rifle

Lught Ratchal (Yn); (The) Turf

lught reill establishment: va reddyn stiurit dy vishaghey y lught reill ayns Lunnin. Carn

Lught-Reill Reiree Administering Authority

Lught-reill Unnaneagh Unitary Authority

lught screeuee editorial staff

lught stiuree directorate

lught-tannee cooish-laa day case overstay

lught tashtee depositor

lught thie pl. lughtyn-thie family, household, household members: Haink e lught-thie dys Sostyn tammylt beg ny s'anmey ayns bleeantyn ny feedyn. Carn

lught tuarym school of thought

lught ushtey water ballast

lught ynsee scholastic profession, teaching profession: Ta drogh ourys ec Bretnee dooie nagh vel y lught-ynsee slane ayns foayr jeh ynsaghey trooid Bretnish. Carn

sar-chostys lught freight surcharge

scape lught-thie escutcheon

armys y lught thie family crest

biggin yn lught thie (the) Benjamin

fer lught obbyr personnel officer

goaill lught er boayrd freight

leigh yn lught-thie (f.) family law

lught lhiassyn undinit vested interests

lught ny cheu cheerey countryside

lught ny crink hillfolk

lught ny faillee wage earner

lught ny Gaelgey Gaelic speaker

lught ny gerrymyn professional classes

lught ny hoaylleeaght scientific men

lught ny hobbyr working class

lught ny h-oikyn black-coated workers

Lught ny Ooashlys (The) Nobility

lught ny scannaneyn picture goer

lught ny sleityn mountain people

lught ny thieyn oast licensed victualler

Lught-Reill Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin Manx Utilities Authority

Lught-Reill Etlee Theayagh Civil Aviation Authority

Lught-reill Failley Shirveish Heayagh Public Service Employing Authority

Lught-Reill Lectraghys Manninagh Manx Electricity Authority

lught-reill ny theay public authority

Lught-reill Ushtey as Sornaigys Water and Sewerage Authority

Lught-Reill Ushtey Ellan Vannin Isle of Man Water Authority

lught thie reeoil royal family

lught traghtee marrey shipping interest

lught y bryntys smart set

lught y chelg hunt

lught y driaght chain-gang

lught y gheayil coal merchants

lught y ghorley cree heart patients

lught yn aarkey mariner, seafarers

lught yn argid moneyed classes, wealthy, well-to-do: Fo'n ennym foalsey jeh jeianaghey, ta pooaraghyn lajer er vooadaghey yn vaarney eddyr sleih boght as lught yn argid. Carn; (the) rich

lught yn chioneys (the) authorities

lught yn daa phoosey bigamist

lught yn leigh legal profession

lught yn obbyr working classes

lught yn ommidjys lunatic fringe

lught yn teaghyn (the) afflicted

lught yn toilchys meritocracy

lught yn traght trade, tradesfolk

lught yn tushtey intellectual, intelligentsia

lught yn ymmyd users

Partee yn Lught Obbyr Labour Party

rheynn reihys lught teiy constituency

Sheshaght Lught-dellal Vannin (f.) Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce

Sheshaght Lught Traghtee (f.) Chamber of Commerce

Shirveish-choonee yn Whaiyl Lught-thie Isle of Man Family Court Welfare Service

spoyrt son ooilley'n lught-thie fun for all the family

Banglane Vannin Co-lught Urrysaght Sheshaght Cheirdey ny Eirinee Isle of Man Branch of NFU Mutual

Co-lught-Urrysaght Sheshaght Cheirdey ny Eirinee National Union of Farmers Mutual

Lught-reill Penshynyn y Cherroo Theayagh Public Sector Pensions Authority

Lught-reill Ushtey as Sornaigys Ellan Vannin Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority

freight (v.) goaill lught er boayrd, lughtaghey, lughtey; (n.) lught: Taking in freight - Goaill lught er boayrd. DF idiom

audience clashtynee; eaishtaght; (n.) eanish; lught eaishtagh; lught fakin

authorities (n.) lught eaghtyragh, lught yn chioneys; lught-reill; ard-reillyn

cargo (n.) laad; lught: The ship is taking on cargo - Ta'n lhong cur er boayrd lught. DF idiom

professionals (npl.) gerrymee; lught keirdey: They are professionals - T'ad nyn lught keirdey. DF idiom

afflicted (npl.) (the) lught yn teaghyn

batch1 (n.) (of numbers) lught

beholders (npl.) lught fakin

bystanders (npl.) lught fakin

chain-gang (n.) lught y driaght

charter party (n.) lught maail

depositor (n.) lhiaghteyder, lught tashtee

electric charge (n.) lught lectragh

Establishment (n.) (The); (Yn) Lught Ooasle

freightage (n.) leagh lught

freight surcharge (n.) sar-chostys lught

hillfolk (n.) lught ny crink

household members (npl.) lught thie

intelligentsia (n.) lught yn tushtey

meritocracy (n.) lught yn toilchys

onlookers (npl.) lught fakin

personnel (n.) skimmee, lught obbyr

profession2 (n.) (the) lught yn keirdey

profiteers (npl.) lught cosnee

retinue (n.) lught mooinjer

scholastic profession (n.) lught ynsee

seafarers (npl.) lught yn aarkey

teaching profession (n.) lught ynsee

train6 (n.) (of personage) lught

Turf (n.) (The); (Yn) Lught Ratchal

viewers (npl.) lught fakin, lught-jeeaghyn

water ballast (n.) lught ushtey

lught-reill authorities, authority: ghow lught-reill ayns un cheer (Sostyn) greim er cheer elley (Nerin). Carn

aborigines (npl.) bun-lught

Administering Authority (n.) Lught-Reill Reiree

Benjamin2 (n.) (the) biggin yn lught thie

black-coated workers (npl.) lught ny h-oikyn

cartload (n.) laad cairt, lught cairt

cartridge (n.) cartoose; lught-poodyr

coal merchants (n.) lught y gheayil

freight service (n.) shirveish-lught

house (n.) chaagh, teagh; (n.) cabbane, lhiaght; thie: and the woman was taken into Pharaoh's house - as van ven goit stiagh gys thie Pharoah Bible; (v.) cur aaght da, cur stiagh; (n.) lught eishtagh; lught eaishtagh; lugh-thie: and now when shall I provide for mine own house also? - as nish, nagh vel eh traa dou kiarail y ghoaill son my lught-thie myrgeddin? Bible; (nyn) dhie

households (npl.) thieysyn; mooinjer; lught-thieyn: and the family which the Lord shall take shall come by households - as yn kynney neen Chiarn y ghoaill, hig ad cordail rish ny lught-thieyn oc Bible

house physician (n.) lught-lhee

intellectual (n.) lught yn tushtey; (n., adj.) toiggaltagh

legal profession (n.) lught yn leigh

listener (n.) clashtynagh; eaishteyder; lught eaishtagh

lunatic fringe (n.) lught yn ommidjys

Medical Council (n.) Ard-lught Lhee

medical profession (n.) gerrym-lhee, lught lhee

moneyed classes (npl.) lught yn argid

mountain people (npl.) lught ny sleityn

parcel of lies lught breagyn

professional classes (npl.) lught ny gerrymyn

royal family (n.) lught thie reeoil

school of thought (n.) lught tuarym

scientific men (npl.) lught ny hoaylleeaght

shipload (n.) laad lhuingey, lught lhuingey

shipping interest (n.) lught traghtee marrey

smart set (n.) lught y bryntys

tradesfolk (npl.) delleyderyn, lught yn traght

Unitary Authority (n.) Lught-reill Unnaneagh

users (npl.) lught yn ymmyd, ymmydeyryn

wealthy (adj.) berchagh; (n.) lught yn argid

working classes (npl.) lught yn obbyr

bun-lught aborigines: Voish yn traa haink yn bun-lught Britaanagh voish Kernow, Nerin as Bretyn thousane ny bleeaney er-dy-henney derrey'n Irree Magh Frangagh Carn

fogrey (=Ir. fógra) 1 (v.) announce, declare, herald, proclaim a: Daag lught yn FLB fogrey soilshaghey magh dy heid ad yn toor seose son yn chengey Vritaanagh. Carn; 2 (n.) announcement, declaration, bill, edict, notice, notification, placard: Daag lught yn FLB fogrey soilshaghey magh dy heid ad yn toor seose son yn chengey Vritaanagh. Carn

lught-jeeaghyn viewers: shoh yn chied cheayrt ren lught-jeeaghyn eddyr-ashoonagh fakin scannaneyn jeant ayns chengey Celtiagh as coontey ram jeu. Carn

lught-lhee house physician

lught-poodyr cartridge

lught-thie house: nee ad goaill daue hene eayn: dy chooilley ghooinney cordail rish lugh-thie nyn ayrey, eayn son thie. Bible

shirveish-lught freight service

bigamist1 (n.) fer daa phoosey, lught yn daa phoosey

Chamber of Commerce (n.) Sheshaght Lught Traghtee

Civil Aviation Authority (n.) Lught-Reill Etlee Theayagh

constituency (n.) rheynn-reih, co-heiyderys, rheynn reihys lught teiy

countryside (n.) cheu cheerey, lught ny cheu cheerey

day case overstay lught-tannee cooish-laa

directorate (n.) boayrd stiuree, lught stiuree, stiureydaght

editorial staff (n.) fwirran reagheydys, lught screeuee, skimmee reaghee

escutcheon (n.) claare enmey, scape lught-thie, scutchyn

family law (n.) leigh yn lught-thie

gallery rifle (n.) lught raifyl, raifyl cliaghtey

heart patients (npl.) lught y ghorley cree

Labour Party (n.) Partee Obbraghys; Partee yn Lught Obbyr

licensed victualler (n.) lught ny thieyn oast, oasteyder, oasteyr

Manx Electricity Authority (n.) Lught-Reill Lectraghys Manninagh

Manx Utilities Authority (n.) Lught-Reill Bun-Shirveishyn Vannin


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