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love1 (v.) cur graih da, graihaghey; ennoilid, ennoilys; goall, kynn; shynney: Whom do you love most? - Quoi smoo shynney lhiat? JJK idiom; graihagh: I love him with all my heart - Ta mee graihagh er lesh ooilley my chree. JJK idiom; graih: My love to your children - My ghraih da ny lhiennoo eu. JJK idiom; shynney lesh: I love my father - Shynney lhiam m'ayr. JJK idiom

love2 (n.) (tennis) veg

Inexact matches:

calf love (n.) graih scollagyn

cupboard love (n.) graih ny gailley

fervent love chiass-ghraih

great love (n.) ard-ennoilys

I love shynney lhiam: I love my father - Shynney lhiam m'ayr. JJK idiom; Ta mee graihagh er: I love him with all my heart - Ta mee graihagh er lesh ooilley my chree. JJK idiom

love affair (n.) sooree

love child (n.) paitchey sooree

love film (n.) fillym graih

love knot (n.) cront sooree

love letter (n.) screeuyn sooree

love match (n.) sheshey graih

love philtre (n.) jough ghraih

love song (n.) arrane sooree

love story (n.) skeeal graih

love token (n.) cowrey graih

making love (v.) commyssey, geddyn marish, jannoo graih

My love (voc.) My ghraih

my love my ghraih: My love to your children - My ghraih da ny lhiennoo eu. JJK idiom

old love (n.) shenn vyrneen: An old love of mine - Shenn vyrneen aym. DF idiom

true love (n.) graih firrinagh

for Jesus Christ's love son graih Yeesey Creest

ard-ennoilys great love

arrane sooree love song

chiass-ghraih ardour, fervent love

cowrey graih love token

cront sooree love knot

ennoilys endearment, love, popularity

fillym graih love film

goall love

graih scollagyn calf love

screeuyn sooree love letter

sheshey graih love match

skeeal graih love story

love-in-a-mist (n.) lus yn eebyrtys

self-love (n.) hene-ghraih

commyssey making love, sexual intercourse

geddyn marish copulate, making love

graih ny gailley cupboard love

hene-ghraih (m., f.) self-love

jough ghraih (f.) love philtre, philtre

lus yn eebyrtys (f.) love-in-a-mist

jannoo graih loving, lovemaking, making love

kynn affection, love: Ta kynn aym urree. DF

paitchey sooree illegitimate child, love child

shenn vyrneen (f.) old flame, old love

Ta mee graihagh er I love

ennoilid dearness, love, popularity, preciousness; endearment: Ennym ennoilid. DF

shynney lhiam I love: shynney lhiam dty leigh Bible

hate (v.) cur dwoaie da: He will hate the one and love the other - Ver eh dwoaie da'n derrey yeh as graih da'n jeh elley. DF idiom; feohdaghey

my heart (n.) (Y) chree; my chree: I love him with all my heart - Ta mee graihagh er lesh ooilley my chree. JJK idiom

of a mother (gen.) mayrey: The love of a mother - Graih mayrey. DF idiom

cur graih da love, loving: My ta dooinney erbee cur graih da'n seihll, cha vel graih yn Ayr aynsyn. Bible

graih (=Ir. grá) (m., f.) 1 beloved, darling, dear, love, lover a: Dy vod oo graih y choyrt da'n Chiarn dty Yee Bible; 2 affection, charity; 3 dearness

graihaghey love: SHO ta mish dy harey diifs, gy bii shiu grayighy kujaght. PB1610

graih firrinagh true love: Fakin dy vel shiu er chasherickey nyn anmeenyn ayns cur biallys da'n irriney trooid y Spyrryd, gys graih firrinagh jeh ny braaraghyn Bible

My ghraih (voc.) My love: "My ghraih," dooyrt Aue rish, fakin dy vel Jee er stowal orrin palchey jeh dagh nhee, millish as mie neesht PC; Ducky

my ghraih my love: Jean my ghraih gys my naboo my lhiettal dy hirrey shen ta dy jarroo my chairys liorish leigh? CS

shynney love: Shynney lhiam adsyn shynney lhieu mee, as adsyn hirrys mee dy leah, yiow ad mee. Bible

shynney lesh cherish: Shynney lesh dy chooilley vaagh e ghooie hene, as shynney lesh dy chooilley ghooinney e naboo dooie. Apoc; love

son graih Yeesey Creest for Jesus Christ's love: Freill mee veih pooar as goanlys y Drogh-spyrryd, giall dou cadley feagh, baase bannee as irree seose reesht gerjoilagh, son graih Yeesey Creest. CS

sooree (f.) court, courtship, dalliance, dally, go together, love affair, lovemaking, philander, suit, wooing: fo'n billey-ooyl ren mee sooree ort Bible

veg (f.) COMPARE beg anything, naught, none, nothing: ny abbyr-jee veg r'ee. Bible; (tennis) love; (cricket) duck

children (npl.) cloan; lhiennoo: My love to your children - My ghraih da ny lhiennoo eu. JJK idiom; scollagyn; paitchyn: Dress the children as quickly as possible - Cur mysh ny paitchyn cha tappee as oddys shiu. JJK idiom; oikanyn; ponniaryn: I want the children to be obedient - Saillym ny ponniaryn dy ve biallagh. JJK idiom

goodness1 (n.) mie, mienys; foayr: Lord, thou art God, and hast promised this goodness unto thy servant - uss y Jee, ter yialdyn y foayr shoh da dty harvaant Bible; foays; kenjallys: but that I believe verily to see the goodness of the Lord - agh dy vel mee dy shickyr credjal dy akin kenjallys y Chiarn Bible; mieys: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith - graih, boggey, shee, surranse- foddey, ymmyrkey meiygh, mieys, firrinys Bible


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