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louse (n.) dreeym-lheeah, meeyl

Inexact matches:

bat louse (n.) meeyl chraitnagh

beanplant louse (n.) meeyl phoanrey

bee louse (n.) meeyl hellanagh

book louse (n.) crooag lioaragh

chicken louse (n.) meeyl chirkey, meeyl ny giark

crab louse (n.) meeyl vaaigagh, thollag

dog louse (n.) meeyl voddee

horse louse (n.) meeyl ny gabbil

human louse (n.) dreeym-lheeah

louse egg (n.) snieg, snieng

plant louse (n.) meeyl ny lossreeyn

sheep louse (n.) carthan keyrragh, crouan, meeyl cheyrragh

sow louse (n.) meeyl ny muick; sar

wall louse (n.) meeyl voalley

wood louse (n.) collagh saggyrt, meeyl cheylley, muc ny ferrishyn

dreeym-lheeah human louse, louse

crouan sheep louse

meeyl cheylley (f.) wood louse

meeyl chirkey (f.) chicken louse

meeyl chraitnagh (f.) bat louse

meeyl hellanagh (f.) bee louse

meeyl phoanrey (f.) beanplant louse

meeyl vaaigagh (f.) crab louse

meeyl voalley (f.) wall louse

meeyl voddee (f.) dog louse

sar sow louse

snieg (f.) louse egg

snieng (f.) louse egg, nit

thollag (f.) crab louse

carthan keyrragh (sheep tick) ked; sheep louse

meeyl cheyrragh (f.) (sheep tick) ked; sheep louse

meeyl ny gabbil (f.) horse louse

meeyl ny giark (f.) chicken louse

meeyl ny lossreeyn (f.) plant louse

meeyl ny muick (f.) sow louse

crooag lioaragh (f.) book louse, book worm

muc ny ferrishyn (f.) sow slater, wood louse

collagh saggyrt pl. collee saggyrt parson's pig, wood louse

meeyl (=Ir. míol, Sc.G. mial) (f.) pl. meeylyn gnat, insect, midge: Foddee dy row druight er, ny praddag ny meeyl ghlass. Dhoor; louse [O.Ir. míol]


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