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lost cailjey; cailt, caillit, caillt: There is much lost between the hand and the mouth - Ta lane cailt eddyr y laue as y beeal. JJK idiom; chaill: You lost your temper - Chaill shiu nyn dappey. JJK idiom; chailjey; er shaghryn

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lost object (n.) cailjagh

lost property (n.) cooid chailjey

lost sheep (n.) keyrrey chailjey: I have gone astray like a sheep that is lost - Ta mee er ngholl er-shaghryn myr keyrrey chailjey Bible; (npl.) kirree cailjey: My people hath been lost sheep - Ta my phobble er ve kirree cailjey Bible

cooid chailjey (f.) lost property

cailjagh lost object, privative, strayer

caillit (=Ir. caillte) lost: te follit vouesyn ta caillit Bible

cailjey lost, strayed, wandered: Ta my phobble er ve kirree cailjey Bible

chailjey astray, lost, scattered: Ta mee er n'gholl er-shaghryn myr keyrrey chailjey Bible

chaill lost: chaill ad dy bollagh nyn gree Bible

appetite (n.) jollys, mian; mian-bee: He has lost his appetite - T'eh er choayl y mian-bee echey. DF idiom; gailley: I haven't much appetite - Cha nel monney gailley aym. DF idiom

books (n.) (collection of) lioarlagh; (npl.) lioaryn: He has lost his money, his watch and his books - T'eh er choayl e argid, e ooreyder as e lioaryn. JJK idiom

forest (n.) keyll: They lost their way in a very dense forest - Chaill ad nyn raad ayns keyll feer dorraghey. JJK idiom

Henry (n.) Inry: Henry has lost mine, but he'll lend you his - Ta Inry er choayl y penn ayms agh eeasee eh y penn echeysyn dhyt. JJK idiom

lustre (n.) gillid; skell; soilsheanys; sollyssid: This thing has lost all its lustre - Ta'n red shoh er choayl ooilley e hollysid. JJK idiom

shame (v.) cur nearey er; naaraghey; nearaghey; (n.) nearey: He is lost to all sense of shame - Cha nel keeall erbee da nearey echey. DF idiom

their (pron) nyn: They lost their way in a very dense forest - Chaill ad nyn raad ayns keyll feer dorraghey. JJK idiom; oc: They waste most of their time - T'ad jummal yn chooid smoo jeh'n traa oc. JJK idiom

caillt (=Ir. caillte) See caillit damned, defunct, lost, perished, shipwrecked: Ta'n Reiltys caillt ayns y phoggad dowin jeh'n cherroo argid Carn

cailt forlorn: Yeeagh ee dy ve follym as cailt agh va ymmyrkey dramadagh eck neesht. Dhoor; lost: Quoid d'argid ta cailt eu? JJK; missing: Un cheayrt te caillit ta cailt son dy bragh. Dhoor

er coayl lost: veagh shoh'n cooilleen smoo baillish noid y ghoaill, Jee hene dy akin 'chroo noa goll er coayl! PC

er shaghryn (=Ir. seachran) adrift, astray, betrayed, bewildered, deviating, erring, erroneous, lost, stray, strayed: ta gioot cur yn cree er-shaghryn Bible

keyrrey chailjey (f.) lost sheep: As bee eh myr feeaïh ta shelgit, as myr keyrrey chailjey Bible

kirree cailjey lost sheep: AYR Ooilley-niartal as smoo lane jeh dty vyghin; Ta shin er n'gholl ershaghryn veih dty raaidyn casley rish kirree cailjey. PB1765

fortune (n.) aigh vie, faaishnys, sonnys, speeideilys, haghyr; fortan: She has lost half her fortune, but that doesn't make her less happy - T'ee er choayl yn derrey lieh jeh'n fortan eck, agh cha nel eh shen cur urree ve ny sloo maynrey. JJK idiom; sheean

lot lab, lansh; cronchor, cronney; cuht; ronney, cron; lot: The whole bag of tricks - Yn clane job-lot. DF idiom; ram: He has a lot of money - Ta ram argid echey. DF idiom; mooarane: The engine consumes a lot of oil - Ta'n greie ceau mooarane ooill. DF idiom; lane: There is a lot lost between the hand and the mouth - Ta lane caillit eddyr y laue as y veeal. DF idiom; skyoll: They got a lot of herring last night off the Shoulder - Hooar ad skyoll dy skeddan riyr mooie jeh'n Gheaylin. DF idiom

many1 (adj.) mooaran; mooarane: I have a great many recommendations to you - Ta mooarane moyllaghtyn aym diu. JJK idiom; ram; shimmey; shymmey; ymmodee: Many sheep were lost in the snow - Va ymmodee kirree er nyn goayl 'sy sniaghtey. JJK idiom

much kuse vooar; lane: Shouldn't we have much pleasure? - Nagh beagh lane taitnys ain? JJK idiom; monney: Have you lost much money? - Vel shiu er choayl monney argid? JJK idiom; mooaran; mooarane: With much pleasure - Lesh mooarane taitnys. JJK idiom; mooarrane; niart; ram; weight: And Edom came out against him with much people - As haink Edom magh n'oï lesh weight sleih Bible


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