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lossanyn flames: my reih ad berreen meinn-ghone v'eh orroo lheimmey three keayrtyn erskyn ny lossanyn, ny roie trooid ny lossanyn three keayrtyn dy ve shickyr jeh troar mie. Dhoor

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flames (npl.) lossaghyn, losseryn, lossyryn; lossanyn: He beat back the flames - Chast eh ny lossanyn. DF idiom

lossan (f.) aurora, light, phosphorescence; pl. lossanyn blaze, flame, flare: V'ad soie ny brasnagyn er aght crossag as va fer jeh ny deiney goaill daa vrasnag jeh darragh as ren eh rubbey ad dy gheddyn lossan. Dhoor

maarleeys marauding, stealing, theft: va sleih ny beiyn goll trooid lossanyn ny h'aileyn Voaldyn shirrey lheihys, ny slaynt vie, ny palchid, ny coadey veih drogh spyrrydyn, buitchyn, na'n vooinjer veggey, ny noi maarleeys nyn sonnys as nyn stock as stoyr. Dhoor


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