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loss coayl: Profit and loss - Cosney as coayl. DF idiom; coayl uail; famman scryss; juail; juailys

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colour loss eiglaghey

dead loss coayl glen

memory loss (n.) jee-chooinaghtyn

total loss juail; juailys

constructive total loss (n.) lane cailjynys

loss of feeling kyrloghid; merriuid

loss of memory coayl y chooinaghtyn; neuchooinaghtyn

loss of voice (n.) coayl coraa

profit and loss (n.) cosney as coayl

juail deprival, deprivation, loss, total loss

juailys deprival, deprivation, loss, total loss

coayl glen dead loss

coayl uail loss

jee-chooinaghtyn memory loss

loss-leader (n.) cailjeyder beg

cailjeyder beg loss-leader

lane cailjynys constructive total loss

coayl coraa aphonia, loss of voice

coayl y chooinaghtyn loss of memory

cosney as coayl profit and loss

eiglaghey colour loss, pale, wither, withering

neuchooinaghtyn amnesia, loss of memory, oblivion

famman scryss loss: T'eh er n'gheddyn famman scryss. DF; tail-paring

ledger1 (n.) lioar choontee: Profit and loss ledger - Lioar choontee vondeish as coayl. DF idiom

of children (gen.) clienney: neither shall I know the loss of children - chamoo vees fys aym cre ta baase clienney Bible

profit jannoo vondeish da, vondeishal, cosney; lhiass; vondeish: Profit and loss ledger - Lioar choontee vondeish as coayl. DF idiom; er son foays; foays

widowhood (n.) treoghid; treoghys: the loss of children, and widowhood - baase clienney, as treoghys Bible

coayl (=Ir. caill) confound, damnation, lose, losing, loss, mislay, perish, suffer: Cha jean eh failleil ny coayl e chree Bible

kyrloghid anaesthesia, cramp, deadness, insensibility, loss of feeling, numbness, senselessness, torpidity, torpor: Haink kyrloghid er my lurgey. DF; stupidity

merriuid blankness, deadness, loss of feeling, stagnancy: cha ren eh soiaghey jeh [annooinid] e chorp hene nish gyn mioyr, tra v'eh mysh keead bleïn dy eash, ny foast jeh merriuid brein Sara. Bible

couldn't cha dod: I couldn't get any fish - Cha dod mee geddyn eeast erbee. JJK idiom; cha jarg: You couldn't sell your loss - Cha jarg oo dty choayl y chreck. DF idiom; cha noddagh; nagh voddagh: So we see that they could not enter in - Myr shen hee mayd nagh voddagh ad goll stiagh Bible; (interrog.) nagh noddagh, nagh voddagh: Could not this man, which opened the eyes of the blind, have caused that even this man should not have died? Nagh voddagh yn dooinney shoh, ren fosley sooillyn ny doail, ver lhiettal baase y dooinney shoh?


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