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lorg reeoil sceptre

lorg (=Ir. lorg) pl. luirg, lorgyn club, pole, sceptre, singlestick, staff, stave: Agh trog uss seose dty lorg, as sheeyn magh dty laue er yn aarkey Bible; spoor, trace, track, trail, vestige; urge on

reeoil (=Ir. ríúil) kinglike, monarchy, regal, royal: heeyn y ree magh yn lorg airh reeoil gys Esther. Bible

Inexact matches:

lorg aghlish crutch

lorg aspickagh crosier, crozier

lorg baatey boat pole

lorg brattagh flagpole

lorg eeymey churn-staff

lorg gaal vapour trail

lorg howshan measuring rule

lorg immanagh goad

lorg lheimmey jumping pole

lorg niart sceptre: Ta t'aenyds o iih faraghtyn erson gybragh : ta larg gniart dy ririyghts larg gniart kayragh Psalm1610

lorg reill (f.) sceptre: Ta dty stoyl-reeoil, O Yee, son dy bragh as dy bragh; lorg reill dy chairys lorg reill yn reeriaght t'ayd's. Bible

lorg shelgeyragh hunter's staff

baare y lorg end of the rod: shen-y-fa heeyn eh magh baare y lorg v'echey ayns e laue, as hum eh eh ayns kere-volley, as hug eh e laue gys e veeal Bible

sceptre (n.) lorg: For the sceptre of the ungodly shall not abide upon the lot of the righteous - Son cha jig lorg ny mee-chrauee er cronney yn vooinjer chairal Bible; lorg niart; lorg reeoil: So Esther drew near, and touched the top of the sceptre - myr shen hayrn Esther er gerrey, as venn ee rish kione y lorgreeoil Bible; lorg reill: The sceptre shall not depart from Judah - Cha jean y lorg-reill failleil veih Judah Bible

churn-staff (n.) lorg eeymey

hunter's staff (n.) lorg shelgeyragh

jumping pole (n.) lorg lheimmey

measuring rule (n.) lorg howshan

singlestick (n.) lorg

spoor lorg; lorgey

vapour trail (n.) lorg gaal

vestige (n.) lorg

crutch (n.) cammag; goal; lorg aghlish

fingerprint (n.) lorg-mair, mairlaf

soundtrack (n.) cassan-sheean, sheean-lorg

lorg-mair fingerprint

sheean-lorg soundtrack

boat pole (n.) lhoo baatey, lorg baatey

club1 (n.) bad, lorg, maidjey; (v.) bwoalley, cheet ry-cheilley

crosier (n.) croagane aspickagh, lorg aspickagh, tersyn

crozier (n.) croagane aspickagh, lorg aspickagh; baccal; tersyn

end of the rod (n.) baare y lorg

flagpole (n.) croan, croan cullee, lorg brattagh

stave (n.) bad, claare, cleeah, lorg; loogh

trace cowrey; lorg; lorgey; tayrn; tayrnal

trail1 farbyl; lorg; raad; sleayd; sleaydey

urge on (v.) lorg, lorgaghey, sleeanee, sleeaney

goad (n.) brod, brod immanagh, lorg immanagh, sleean, sleeanag; (v.) broddey, greinnaghey, sleeaney

heeyn stretched: heeyn y ree magh yn lorg airh reeoil gys Esther Bible

hold out (v.) cummal magh; shassoo; sheeyney magh: the king shall hold out the golden sceptre - nee yn ree sheeyney magh yn lorg airh reeoil Bible

paddle (v.) keaysley, spaagaghey, spaagey; (n.) ploddanagh; spaag: And thou shalt have a paddle upon thy weapon - As bee spaag ayd er dty lorg Bible

pole ard; croan: Make thee a fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole - Jean ard-nieu ailagh, as soie seose eh er croan Bible; lhoo; lorg; luir; maidjey; poull; sthouyr; sthowyr; queig dy lieh stundayrtyn

staff (n.) skimmee, fwirran; builteen; cleeah; lhoo; loogh; lorg; obbreeyn; sthouyr, sthowyr; (v.) cur fwirran ayn, cur obbreeyn ayn

track1 (n.) lorg, rane; raad: On the right track - Er y raad kiart. DF idiom; (v.) lorgey, shelg er

ayns peeshyn piecemeal: Nee uss ad y vroo lesh lorg reill dy yiarn: as brishey ad ayns peeshyn myr saagh-craie. Bible

ceau sheese depress, throw down: Gow dty lorg, as ceau sheese eh fenish Pharaoh Bible

cheet fo come under, come within, seepage: jeh cre-erbee ta cheet fo'n lorg Bible

clatt See slatt :1 (y) rod: Kys tan lorg-reill lajer brisht, as y clatt aalin! Bible

daa cheayrt doubly, twice, twice over: As hrog Moses e laue, as lesh e lorg woaill eh yn chreg daa cheayrt: as roie yn ushtey magh dy palchey, as ren y pobble giu, as nyn maase myrgeddin. Bible; double

Jordan Jordan: cha row aym agh my lorg tra hie mee harrish yn Jordan shoh Bible

meeiley (=Ir. míle) (f.) pl. meeilaghyn mile: howse eh yn ard-valley lesh y lorg, meeiley dy lieh Bible

meeylyn lice: Sheeyn magh dty lorg, as bwoaill joan y thallooin, dy vod eh cheet dy ve meeylyn, trooid magh ooilley cheer Egypt. Bible

mirrillyn signs, wonders, marvels, miracles: As nee uss goaill yn lorg shoh ayns dty laue, lesh nee oo mirrillyn y yannoo Bible

quoi s'lesh whose: quoi s'lesh ad shoh, yn fainey, ny braceletyn, as y lorg. Bible

shooyl magh walk out: My nee eh girree, as shooyl magh er e lorg, cha bee cooilleeney er ny ghoaill er (myr dunver:) Bible

sluggey sheese drink off, gobble, polish off, quaff, swallow up, wolf: ren lorg Aaron sluggey sheese ny luirg ocsyn. Bible

spaag (=Ir. spag) (f.) pl. spaagyn foot of bird, hoof; paw: As cre-erbee ta goll er e spaagyn, mastey ooilley ny beiyn kiare-cassagh Bible; club foot, clubfoot; club; (of clock) finger, hand; (cards) club; paddle, spattle: bee spaag ayd er dty lorg Bible; claw

strooanyn streams: Sheeyn magh dty laue lesh dty lorg harrish ny strooanyn, harrish ny hawinyn, as harrish ny loghanyn Bible

venn touched: hayrn Esther er gerrey, as venn ee rish kione y lorg-reeoil Bible

woirrin See bwoirrin female: Er- lheh raad va sleih Catoleagh ayns ny hInshyn Goal v'ad geddyn bunney- phlaggad, coamrey ee ayns cullee woirrin, cur ee ayns bascaid as lorg lioree as v'ad g'emnys shen 'lhiabbee Vreeshey'. Dhoor

Chaayr (f.) (Yn) Chester: Fooar ad eh ny hoie er chaayr ard reeoil, as ayns e laue yesh cummit seose lorg-reill; myr v'ad nyn shassoo er dagh laue dy chiu, 2020 lesh goan bane brynnagh myr shoh loayr eh ro PC

eiyrit shickyr fastened: Ta goan deiney creeney myr lorg-immanagh, as myr treinaghyn eiyrit shickyr liorish mainshtyryn y cho-chruinnaght Bible

fer-toyrt y leigh lawgiver: Cha jean y lorg-reill failleil veih Judah, ny fer-toyrt y leigh veih e luight, derrey nee Shiloh cheet: as huggeysyn, vees ny ashoonee er nyn jaglym stiagh. Bible


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