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loo (n.) premmee, thie beg, thie-veg

loo affidavit, oath, swear, swearing: Loo-jee dou nagh jean shiu hene tuittym orrym. Bible; fewer, least, little, littler, minimum

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by loo (comp./sup.) smallest: va niist mynayn tammyl mei vei, jeaghyn er: nan masky va Morre Malen, as Morre meier Iames by' lu, as dy Ioses, as Morre Salom. PB1610; less; fewest

fo loo sworn in, under oath: Ta mee cur oo fo loo dar y Jee bio. DF

jesh-chliaghtey loo swearing-in ceremony

loo er swear by: Dy jean eshyn ta bannaghey eh-hene er y thalloo, eh-hene y vannaghey ayns Jee yn ynrickys; as eshyn ta loo er y thalloo, nee eh loo liorish Jee yn ynrickys Bible

loo noi abjuration

by loo eh it was the least

cur fo loo adjure, attest, attestation

loo dy reill jeh swear off

loo oaiagh y ghoaill perjure

screeuyn fo loo affidavit

affidavit (n.) loo, screeuyn fo loo

falsely (adv.) dy breagagh: Thou speakest falsely - T'ou loayrt dy breagagh Bible; dy foalsey: And ye shall not swear by my name falsely - As cha jean shiu loo liorish mennyms dy foalsey Bible; dy molteyraght: Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely - Cha jean shiu geid, ny dellal dy molteyraght Bible; dy oaiagh: Or all that about which he hath sworn falsely - Ny ooilley shen, my-e-chione teh er loo dy oaiagh Bible; oaiagh: and hath testified falsely against his brother - as dy vel eh er goaill loo oaiagh noi e vraar

adjure (v.) cur fo loo: I adjure thee by the living God - Ta mee cur oo fo loo dar y Jee bio. DF idiom

fewest (adj.) (yn) chooid sloo; earroo sloo; by loo: You were the fewest of all people - Va shiuish yn ashoon by loo jeh dy chooilley ashoon. DF idiom

littler (adj.) loo; (ny) sloo

oath (n.) loo, looee, mynney

swearing-in ceremony (n.) jesh-chliaghtey loo

under oath fo loo

chenn See shenn (yn) old: as eshyn ta loo er y thalloo, nee eh loo liorish Jee yn ynrickys; er-yn-oyr dy vel yn chenn seaghyn jarroodit, as dy vel ad keillit veih my hooillyn. Bible

abjuration (n.) loo noi; mynney noi

oath-breaking loo-oaiaght

perjure (v.) loo oaiagh y ghoaill

smallest (adj.) by loo: That was the smallest nation - Va shen yn ashoon by loo. DF idiom; sloo: This book is small, that is smaller, and that is the smallest of all - Ta'n lioar shoh beg, t'ee shen ny sloo, as t'ee shen y nane sloo jeh ooilley. JJK idiom

sworn in (v.) fo loo, looit

loo-oaiaght oath-breaking

oaiaght (f.) perjury: Loo-oaiaght. DF

attest (v.) cur fo loo; jarrooaghey; ymmyrkey feanish

attestation (n.) cur fo loo; gymmyrkey feanish; jarrooaghey

it was the least by loo eh

swear by (v.) guee er, loo er

swearing drogh chaaynt; guee mollaghtyn; loo

thie-veg (f.) earth closet, lavatory, loo, toilet

minimum (n.) cooid sloo; keim s'inshley, keim sloo; towse sloo; (adj.) inshley, loo

swear breearrey; guee er; guee mollaght; guee mollaghtyn; loo; mynney

swear off (v.) dy staaney voish; loo dy reill jeh

cright knight: Dty loo dy ammys 'na gollrish Cright ard-ooasle Dhoor

less (adj., adv.) agh; looid, by loo; (ny) sloo: It grew less and less - Dirree eh ny sloo as as ny sloo. DF idiom; gyn bree, gyn kiarail, gyn shalee

quit (v.) faagail, scughey; ymmyrk: Quit you like men - Ymmyrk shiu hene myr deiney. DF idiom; feayshlit: then we will be quit of thine oath - eisht vees shinyn feayshlit veihn loo Bible

works2 (npl.) (of clock etc) obbraghyn: This was not the least of his works - Cha by loo shoh yn chooid jeh e obbraghyn. DF idiom

bing (f.) (pl -aghyn, pl -yn) committee, jury, tribunal: Cre ta currym dooinney t'er ny loo ayns bing? CS; (adj.) melodious, musical, shrill, sweet, tuneful: T'ee cha bing as yn ushag. DF [O.Ir. bind]

brack pl. brick trout: loo eh as vreear eh nagh d'aagagh eh broogh ny h- Awiney derrey veagh yn brack echey. Coraa; speckled: cheu chooylloo va cabbil ruy, brack as bane. Bible; brindle; spotted; streaked; bracket

Chiarn Jee (Yn); (The) Lord God: Eer myr loo mee dhyt liorish yn Chiarn Jee Israel Bible

Deignee forced: Agh va'n pobble feer phaa as deignee ad shin y yannoo daue myr ta shin er loayrt, as dy ghoaill orrin-hene loo, cooid nagh jean mayd y vrishey. Apoc

dy arrymagh solemnly, soberly: Nagh jean-jee ainjys rish ny ashoonyn shoh, ta er-mayrn ny mast' eu ; chamoo loayrys shiu dy arrymagh jeh enmyn ny jeeghyn oc, ny loo lioroo, ny shirveish ad, ny croymmey shiu-hene sheese huc Bible

dy oaiagh falsely: Jean shiu geid, jannoo dunverys, as brishey poosey, as loo dy oaiagh, as lostey incense gys Baal, as geiyrt er jeeghyn elley nagh vel enney eu orroo Bible

faishnys foalsey false divination: As bee eh dauesyn myr faishnys foalsey ayns nyn shilley, dauesyn ter loo breearraghyn Bible

feayshlit clear: Eisht bee oo feayshlit veih my vreearrey Bible; lax; loose: Naphtali is a hind let loose Bible; quit: eisht vees shinyn feayshlit veihn loo hug oo orrin y ghoaill Bible; redeemed: eisht lhig jee ve feayshlit Bible

jannoo dunverys murder, murdering, slaughter: Jean shiu geid, jannoo dunverys, as brishey poosey, as loo dy oaiagh Bible

liorishyn by him: t'eh loo liorish stoyl-reeoil Yee, as liorishyn ta ny hoie er Bible

oaiagh abominable, perjured: T'ad er loayrt goan oaiagh ayns jannoo conaant: Bible; horrible; faced; falsely: son shickyrys tad goaill loo oaiagh Bible

premmee (f.) earth closet, lavatory, loo, privy, public convenience, toilet, W.C., water closet: Vel premmee theayagh ayn ayns shoh? DF

shag (f.) cormorant: Hug ad y tay da'n shag ayns meddyr, Loo yn shag nagh row eh mie, Lheim eh seose as clap eh e skianyn, As deayrt eh ooilley'n tay fud thie. Dhoor; shag

taal adze; secretion, flowing: daue shoh ren y Chiarn breearrey nagh jinnagh eh shilley dauesyn jeh'n cheer ren y Chiarn loo da ny ayraghyn oc dy choyrt daue, cheer taal bainney as mill. Bible

thie beg COMPARE thie-veg little house: T'eh baghey ayns thie beg fo'n valley. JJK; lavatory, loo

fewer (adj.) loo: They are fewer now - S'loo ad nish. DF idiom; (ny) sloo: There are fewer people here this year - Ta ny sloo sleih ayns shoh mleeaney. DF idiom; (ny) s'tiarkey: They are becoming fewer - T'ad goll ny s'tiarkey. DF idiom

least (yn) chooid sloo: It's half-past one at least - Te lieh oor lurg nane ec y chooid sloo. JJK idiom; loo; s'beg; sloo: I think he'll be able to do that, and even more, without the least difficulty - Er lhiam dy vod eh jannoo shen, as eer ny smoo, fegooish yn doilleeid sloo. JJK idiom; s'faase

little1 beggan; cooid y veggan; kuse beg: A little ham - Kuse beg dy yskid? JJK idiom; kuse veg: They must have a little more wine - Shegin ve kuse veg dy feeyn oc. JJK idiom; loo; myn-; veggan: A big head with little wit and a little head without any at all - Kione mooar er y veggan cheilley as kione beg gyn veg edyr. JJK idiom; beggey, veggey

bree (=Ir. brí) (m., f.) drift, effect, energy, essence, gist, glow, importance, initiative, inwardness, pith, power, purport, significance, stamina, substance, validity, vigour, virtue, vitality: gymmyrkey feanish er bree e loo Bible; animation, exhalation, implication, interpretation; punch; pep; tenor: as dinsh shin da cordail rish bree ny goan shoh Bible

gialdynys (=Ir. gealtanas) 1 engagement, grant, hopefulness, sponsorship; 2 bond a: My nee dooinney jannoo breearrey gys y Chiarn, ny goaill loo, dy chiangley e annym lesh gialdynys Bible; 3 promise a: dy voddagh adsyn ter nyn eam geddyn yn gialdynys jeh eiraght dy bragh farraghtyn Bible; 4 promising a: dy hyndaa veih e ghrogh raad, liorish gialdynys Bible

oaiys (f.) perjury: Son edyr t'ad ass nyn geeayll tra t'ad ayns nyn reaïd, ny phadeyrys breagyn, ny dellal dy neu-chairal, ny gyn scansh 've oc jeh loo-oaiys. Apoc


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